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Student Visa and Work Authorization in United States‏‎

By Bill at August 21, 2014 21:36
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United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) released on 08/05/2014 a review ofStudent and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). Following are highlights of the 31-page report:

  • There are currently 966,333 F & M students studying in the United States.
  • There are currently 232,988 J-1 exchange visitors in the United States.
  • 75% of all F & M students are from Asia
  • 72% of all F & M students are enrolled in bachelor's, master's or doctoral programs.
  • There are 8,976 SEVP-certified schools approved to accept international students.

Please click here to read the whole report

The F visa(Academic Student) and M visa (Vocational Student) are non-immigrant student visas that allow foreigners to pursue education (academic studies and/or language training programs) in the United States. 

F-1 students may engage in three types of off-campus employment, in addition to 20 hours per week on campus employment.

M-1 students may engage in practical training only after they have completed their studies. 

J-1 nonimmigrants(exchange visitors) are authorized to work only under the terms of the exchange program, but their spouses and children are entitled to work authorization(J-2 visa).