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Details of Every 2011 H1B Application Available!

By Bill at June 04, 2011 02:18
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During the first half of fiscal year 2011, US employers submitted 154,833 Labor Condition Applications for H1B Visa. 

Among thos applications, 133,422 were certified, 12,978 were denied, 4,501 were withdrawn. Software Programmer, Business Analyst, Research Associate, Physical Therapist and Accountant are still on the list of hottest H1B Visa jobs. Microsoft, Deloitte Consulting, Cognizant Technologies, Tata Consultancy, Wipro and Intel are the top 6 visa sponsors. If you live in New York, Philadelphia, Huston or Chicago , you are more likely to get a H1B Visa job...... 

In the past, we updated our H1B Visa database 1-2 times a year. We are trying to do it once every month! You can now get the details of many H1B Visa applications filed just several weeks ago! 

Employers are changing their hiring and sponsoring policies, we suggest you search and review the latest 2011 H1B Visa applications ASAP and adjust your job searching strategy accordingly.