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How many jobs do you apply for every day?

By Bill at July 17, 2010 00:14
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How many jobs do you apply for every day? Some feel guilty, some are blamed, for applying for only 5-10 jobs a day. But they have done their best and they do not know Smart Apply! 

Job hunting is painful, we all know that. 

You have to constantly improve your skills, update your resumes, search for new openings and fill stupid forms online…. All those efforts are only the first step: you are the perfect candidate, you tailor the resume for your dream job, but the hiring manager might never open the application you have spent so much time on! Unfair? Tell me last time job market has been fair to everyone. 

Career experts say that the most effective way of getting a decent job online is simply to submit more applications and let more hiring mangers know they are your “first choice” and you are the best match. If you have learned statistics, you know what they mean. 

This is why we developed Smart Apply engine. After you spend several minutes on your profile and preferences, it will automatically crawl, match and apply for new jobs. You have the option to review and approve every matched job before the applications are submitted. We do everything necessary to make it more effective and avoid spam. Please read the 
Smart Apply FAQ to know more about this revolutionary service and start trying it for FREE now. 

Trust me, job hunting does not have to be painful!