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Surge in Employment Green Card Not a Surprise

By Bill at February 16, 2011 17:40
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In fiscal year 2010, employers filed 81,412 permanent labor certifications for employment based green card, a surge from 51,067 in 2008, 33,165 in 2009. 

The huge increase is encouraging, but not a surprise to analysts at In their May 2010 news letter, they already predicted that: 2010 would become the best year since 2001 for foreigners to get visa jobs, click here to read. 

Another encouraging sign is, only 8,384, or about 10%, of those labor certifications were denied. The denial rate was nearly 20% in 2008. The processing time used by Dept of Labor(DOL) has also been shortened greatly. Immigration attorneys recently reported DOL approved most labor certifications within 30 days. It took them more than half a year to make decisions in 2008. 

Two thirds of those green card petitions were filed for people born in India, South Korea, Mexico, China, Canada and Philippines. While Software Engineer, System Analyst and Professors are still the top 3 green card careers, over 2,000 labor certifications were filed for Cooks and Chefs! 

Many greedy employers hire large number of foreign workers, but are reluctant to sponsor green card for their hard working employees. Which employers can you trust? Cognizant Technology Solutions, an Indian consultant company, beat Intel and Cisco and became the No. 1 green card sponsor in 2010. 

While we are still analyzing the data and preparing for more in-depth reports, we suggest you review the following green card reports together with H1B visa reports ASAP. Employers are changing their hiring and sponsoring policies, so be sure to adjust your job searching strategy accordingly. 

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