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Review 2011 H1B Report, Adjust Job Strategy!

By Bill at January 21, 2011 18:24
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Search and Browse 2010 H1B Visa, Adjust Your Job Searching Strategy! 

On fiscal year 2010, employers in United States submitted 127,029 Labor Conditions Applications(LCA) for H1B Visa, 100,920 of them were certified, 17,414 were denied, 8,444 were withdrawn. 

Programmer Analyst, Accountant, Business Analyst and Research Associate are still on the list of hottest H1B Visa jobs. Microsoft, IBM and InfoSys, again, are the top 3 visa sponsors. If you live in New York, Huston or Redmond, you are more likely to get a H1B Visa job ...... 

While we are still analyzing the data and preparing for more in-depth reports, we suggest you review the following reports ASAP and adjust your job searching strategy accordingly. Employers are changing their hiring and sponsoring policies these days, so we redesign our reports, and focus the analysis on most recent data. The new reports are more user friendly and informative: you can even search H1B Visa petitions by case number! 

  1. 2011 Top 200 H1B Visa Sponsor
  2. 2011 Top H1B Visa Sponsors by Status: Certified, Denied or Withdrawn
  3. 2011 Top H1B Visa Sponsors by Job Title
  4. 2011 Top H1B Visa Sponsors by Industry
  5. 2011 Top H1B Visa Sponsors by Occupation
  6. 2011 Top H1B Visa Sponsors by Work State
  7. 2011 Top H1B Visa Sponsors by Work City
  8. Coming Soon: More in-depth H1B Visa Reports
  9. Coming Soon: 2011 Employment Based Green Card Reports
  10. Coming Soon: 2011 H2B Visa Reports
  11. Coming Soon: 2011 H2A Visa Reports

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