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April-June petitions for work visa released with original copies

By Bill at August 02, 2013 00:33
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We have just obtained from Department of Labor all labor certifications and prevailing wage determinations filed by U.S. employers during first 9 months of fiscal year 2013. 

The most exciting new feature is the linkage between the new LCAs and their original copies. Just click on the LCA links to find out who hired those foreign workers and how to contact them!

We are now adding thousands of new labor certifications every business day. Please use following two links to try our beta version of new LCA and LC search engine(We apologize if you are confused by the "big data" on

The above updates include not only new applications, but also decision changes due to employer appeals. A small percentage of determinations are subject to change due to appeal or redetermination decisions on employer applications.