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Autumn is the best season for job hunting

By Bill at October 03, 2019 21:45
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In the US, recruiting and hiring is year round. However, the busiest hiring season is the fall(Labor Day through Thanksgiving). Job seekers who make contact right at the start of these cycles have the best chance of being hired!

In September, decision makers are back from summer vacation. Hiring managers push for an increase to take advantage of remaining budget for the year. If they don't hire before January, they might lose the allocated funds for new employees. CEOs also try to reduce operating profits by incurring search fees towards the end of each year, to avoid paying taxes!

The slowest season for hiring and job hunting are the holiday season(Thanksgiving through New Year's) and summertime (Memorial Day through mid-August). That's why the employers want to get new recruits in before December.

The U.S. job market is still very strong. The pace of layoffs and the unemployment rate remain near a 50-year low. Anyway, now is the best time to start job search, take actions now!
  1. Conduct a self-assessment to determine skills and talents, then update your career profile.
  2. Use real time H1B database to conduct market research, and identify employers in need of your skills and talents.
  3. Craft an industry-specific resume and cover letter, and upload them to job candidate database.
  4. Utilize Resume Blasting Service to pitch large number of employers.
  5. Negotiate and evaluate job offers by researching how similar H1B jobs are paid.

Not all jobs are created equal!