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Checklist for H-1B Visa Filing

By Bill at March 27, 2016 18:24
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USCIS will begin accepting H-1B petitions subject to the fiscal year 2017 cap on April 1. All H-1B petitioners must follow all statutory and regulatory requirements as they prepare petitions, in order to avoid delays in processing and possible requests for evidence. 

USCIS has developed detailed information, including an optional checklist, Form M-735, Optional Checklist for Form I-129 H-1B Filings, on how to complete and submit an H-1B petition. Please review carefully and be aware that a new law has changed filing fees for some employers

Cases will be considered accepted on the date USCIS takes possession of a properly filed petition with the correct fee. If USCIS receives an excess of petitions during the first five business days, the agency will use a computer-generated lottery system to randomly select the number of petitions required to meet the cap. USCIS will reject all unselected petitions that are subject to the cap as well as any petitions received after the cap has closed. 

Following are more tips and knowledge about H-1B petition: U.S. employers are expected to file more than 150,000 labor condition application for H-1B visa in April. It is time for you toupdate your career profile and pitch potential employers now