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Federal Judge: Disney didn't violate H-1B visa laws in layoffs

By Bill at October 20, 2016 01:03
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(New York Times) A federal judge in Florida dismissed class action lawsuits by two American workers who were laid off byWalt Disney Company (visa rank: 1466) and forced to train H-1B visa workers as their replacements. 

The judge rejected the former workers' arguments that Disney and the two contractors had colluded to make false statements when they applied for H-1B visa: "none of the allegedly false statements put at issue in the complaint are adequate" to sustain the case. 

The outsourcing companies that were sued with Walt Disney were Cognizant Technology Solutions (visa rank: 8) and HCL America (visa rank: 9). All three companies claimed that they've properly complied with the H-1B visa process. Following links are related news and legal documents. 

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