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Full copies of 2.5 million foreign labor certifications released!

By Bill at July 19, 2013 17:14
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We have obtained from Office of Foreign Labor Certification full copies of all labor condition applications for H-1B Visa submitted since 2009 and all labor certifications for Green Card(PERM) submitted since 2005. Totally there are over 2.5 million copies. 

Please click following links to see sample certifications(Name and address of foreign workers are redacted): 

Sample copy of labor certificaiton for green card 

Sample copy of labor condition application for H-1B Visa 

The labor certifications include details of employers, attorneys, wages, job opportunities, recruitment efforts and background of foreign workers. The phone numbers and email addresses of hiring managers or Human Resources Department are also included. 

While we still need more time to complete processing all labor condition applications for H-1B Visa(over two millions of them), you can now search 598,081 labor certifications certified since 2005 for employment based green card. 

US employers are required to submit labor condition applications(LCA) or labor certifications(LC) to Department of Labor if they want to hire foreign workers temporarily or permanently. Future certified labor condition applications or labor certifications will be available on within 2 business days of approval. Read more about labor certfication