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2010 turns out to be the best year since 2001 for foreigners to get H1B Visa jobs!

By Bill at May 16, 2010 02:37
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Job hunting has been extremely stressful for foreigners since dot-com bubble burst. They need not only a job offer from employer, but also working visa like H1B from US government. However, during the last 10 years, when H1B Visa was available, the job market was grim. When the job market finally recovered, H1B Visa depleted so quickly that in some years the goverment had to run a lottery to decide who would get it.

However, two great news and one smart technology have changed the picture.

On May 3, US Citizenship and Immigration Services released updated cap count for FY2011 H-1B Visa filings. As of April 27, only 23,400 petitions had been filed against the 85,000 H1B Visa cap. The situation has never been better since February 2004 when USCIS announced it had received enough applications to reach H1B cap.

On May 7, Department of Labor announced that employers added 290,000 new jobs in April, the largest gain since March 2006. Wow, the United States has now added jobs for four consecutive months.

So Hurry Up! The next several months obviously will be the best time for you to get a H1B Visa job. To help you achieve your dream easier and quicker, has completed beta test and officially released its
Smart Apply engine. Just spend 10 minutes to set it up, and then our engine will automatically match and apply jobs for you.

Log into you account. upload Resume and Cover Letter.
2. Enter your job match criteria like title, locations and skills.
3. Test, revise and save the setting.

Take action now, Opportunity knocks only once!

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