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Webinar: How we help you succeed on job market!

By Bill at October 26, 2011 01:50
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Register for Webinar: learn the ideas and system behind myvisajobs, and how to use proactive strategy on US job market.

The founder of had worked for three Fortune 50 companies and two startups in different industries. During his career, he became a believer in three principles:
Quantitative Modeling methods could serve people on Main Street: learned from Wall Street.
Any solution should be customized to individual's needs: learned from Healthcare industry.
An organization's future behavior could be predicted from its past and current activities: learned from business school.

Based on these beliefs, myvisajobs team built a proprietary system to provide customized work visa solution to its members. Its data center runs 24X7 to collect, clean, integrate and analyze large amount of data on immigration and employment.....

Space is limited. Register for webinar now!.


We will first discuss the challenges foreigners are facing on US job market, and then show you how to use the services from myvisajobs, including Visa Reports, Labor Certification database, Visa Sponsor Profile, Visa Solution, Resume Service and Smart Apply Service.

We will also have a Q&A session at the end of webinar.

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