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‘Notario’ is not attorney!

By Bill at September 08, 2011 18:26
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‘Notario’ is not attorney!

In many countries especially Latin America, the word ‘notario’ means that the individual is an attorney, but that is not true in the United States. 

The USCIS website notes that, “‘Notarios,’ notary publics, immigration consultants and businesses cannot give you immigration legal advice." 

The New Jersey State Division of Consumer Affairs has filed complaints against four businesses that allegedly advertised immigration assistance services that they were not authorized to perform, Attorney General Paula T. Dow announced on September 7.

Only attorneys, or certain other accredited representatives authorized by the federal government, may file legal documents such as immigration forms on a client’s behalf. 

The four New Jersey businesses allegedly employed individuals who were not attorneys to perform this type of legal work.

Non-attorneys are allowed to charge only a small fee for limited services
Corazon(photoed), one of four businesses allegedly charged legal immigrants hundreds of dollars for legal help despite not employing any attorneys

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