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10,400 H1B Petitions and 3,100,000 New Jobs

By Bill at April 16, 2011 19:37
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2011 will become another good year for H1B Visa Job Hunters! 

USCIS started accepting H1B petitions subject to the fiscal year 2012 cap on April 1, 2011. As of April 7, they received approximately 5,900 H1B Visa petitions counting toward the 65,000 cap, and approximately 4,500 petitions toward the 20,000 cap exemption for individuals with advanced degrees. 

These two numbers were much lower than the previous year. During the first week of April 2010, USCIS received approximately 13,500 petitions counting toward the 65,000 cap, and approximately 5,600 petitions toward the 20,000 cap exemption. 

Several days later, Department of Labor reported that there were 3.1 million job openings in February, up from 352,000 from January and 570,000 from year-earlier levels. It was the largest number of available positions since September 2008. 

Weather you can get a H1B Visa job depends on the availbility of H1B Visa and the number of job openings in US market. So above numbers tell us 2011 will be another good year for visa job hunters! 

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