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Search Labor Certification for Green Card(Legacy System)

Please search current system for labor petitions filed after September 2019

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Your search for Status: Certified-Expired Company ID: 137256 in fiscal year 2019 returned 46 results. This page listed result 1 to 25

EmployerJob TitleStatusLocation
1Cummins Inc.Industrial EngineersCertified-ExpiredShoreview, MN
2Cummins Inc.Electrical EngineersCertified-ExpiredColumbus, IN
3Cummins Inc.Electrical EngineersCertified-ExpiredColumbus, IN
4Cummins Inc.Computer Systems AnalystsCertified-ExpiredColumbus, IN
5Cummins Inc.Marketing ManagersCertified-ExpiredColumbus, IN
6Cummins Inc.Accountants and AuditorsCertified-ExpiredColumbus, IN
7Cummins Inc.Electrical EngineersCertified-ExpiredColumbus, IN
8Cummins Inc.Chemical EngineersCertified-ExpiredColumbus, IN
9Cummins Inc.Chemical EngineersCertified-ExpiredColumbus, IN
10Cummins Inc.Chemical EngineersCertified-ExpiredColumbus, IN
11Cummins Inc.Chemical EngineersCertified-ExpiredColumbus, IN
12Cummins Inc.Mechanical EngineersCertified-ExpiredArlington, TX
13Cummins Inc.Mechanical EngineersCertified-ExpiredColumbus, IN
14Cummins Inc.Marketing ManagersCertified-ExpiredColumbus, IN
15Cummins Inc.Accountants and AuditorsCertified-ExpiredIndianapolis, IN
16Cummins Inc.Computer and Information Systems ManagersCertified-ExpiredColumbus, IN
17Cummins Inc.Computer and Information Systems ManagersCertified-ExpiredColumbus, IN
18Cummins Inc.Computer and Information Systems ManagersCertified-ExpiredColumbus, IN
19Cummins Inc.Computer Systems AnalystsCertified-ExpiredColumbus, IN
20Cummins Inc.Electrical EngineersCertified-ExpiredColumbus, IN
21Cummins Inc.Mechanical EngineersCertified-ExpiredShoreview, MN
22Cummins Inc.Mechanical EngineersCertified-ExpiredFridley, MN
23Cummins Inc.Mechanical EngineersCertified-ExpiredColumbus, IN
24Cummins Inc.Financial ManagersCertified-ExpiredNashville, TN
25Cummins Inc.Computer Systems AnalystsCertified-ExpiredColumbus, IN

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