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Top 100 H1B Visa Sponsors in College and  University Education since 2001

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RankCompanyLCAAverage Salary(2009)
1University of Michigan1,29261,687
2Columbia University99165,441
3Harvard University97358,135
4University OF Florida899180,791
5Duke University89859,548
6Emory University844242,688
7Northwestern University82553,085
8The Ohio State University81150,740
9University of California Davis79357,241
10University OF California San Francisco77663,196
11The Pennsylvania State University72961,052
12Baylor College of Medicine70853,907
13The University of Chicago67773,559
14University of Iowa61771,908
15University of Alabama at Birmingham61352,686
16Massachusetts Institute of Technology600128,838
17University of Washington58662,171
18The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center56659,026
18University of Illinois at Chicago56653,360
20University of Miami55898,391
21University of Southern California544637,522
22Wayne State University528220,154
23Purdue University52565,031
24University of Illinois50553,833
25Michigan State University50054,628
26Cornell University49557,028
27The University of Texas AT Austin46670,300
28The University of Arizona45459,892
29Iowa State University of Science Technology44850,260
30Georgia Institute Of Technology43772,623
31Virginia Tech43455,984
32Boston University42771,394
33Indiana University42357,373
34University of Maryland Baltimore40260,717
35University of California Berkeley382297,083
36Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center37960,749
37Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center37555,344
38Washington State University36951,017
39Arizona State University36666,542
40New York University School of Medicine35979,648
41Texas A m University35055,779
42University of Texas Medical Branch34660,673
43Weill Medical College of Cornell University34552,013
44University of Colorado33057,099
45University of Rochester32853,564
46Florida State University32353,371
47The University OF Georgia31849,309
48University of Nebraska Lincoln31760,653
48University of Pittsburgh31777,339
50State University of New York31643,855
51Louisiana State University30754,643
52New York University306124,394
53University OF Houston29959,446
54The Trustees of Princeton University28264,464
55Georgetown University28152,430
55University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center28143,864
57University of Cincinnati28053,944
58The University of Tennessee27951,195
59University of California Irvine27659,685
59University of Hawaii27665,352
61University Of Missouri columbia27445,396
62Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University27049,110
63University of California Riverside26454,403
64University of Utah25855,823
65Temple University25461,979
66University of Texas Health Science Center253111,101
67Texas A M University25159,406
68Florida International University24477,301
69University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences239100,854
70University OF South Carolina23748,305
71University of Connecticut22260,879
72University OF Central Florida22154,008
73Tulane University21862,560
74West Virginia University21356,645
74University of Minnesota21390,538
76The Rockefeller University21052,870
77Stanford University208113,798
78University of South Florida20557,952
79University of Pennsylvania20482,173
80Kansas State University19248,751
81North Dakota State University19057,998
82State University of New York at Buffalo18966,107
83Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute184644,431
84Texas Tech University18149,780
85University of Notre Dame DU Lac17958,470
85Mississippi State University17949,972
85Oregon State University179930,355
85Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center179110,359
89Colorado State University17756,728
90Northern Illinois University17156,757
91University of Delaware16966,160
91Medical University of South Carolina and Affiliate16947,135
93Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center16654,516
94Georgia State University16462,141
95University of Kansas Medical Center1612,252,348
96University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill15978,221
97University of Oklahoma15751,725
98UNC Charlotte15661,946
99University OF Arka15248,174
99The University of Toledo15253,158

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