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Your search for WA, 2013 returned 15 results.

Job TitleEmployerWork LocationYearStatus
1Office and Administrative Support Workers, All OtherSCANSELECT2013DENIEDdetails
2Landscaping and Groundskeeping WorkersISLAND GARDENS COMPANY2013Certifieddetails
3Coaches and ScoutsSEATTLE ROWING CENTER2013DENIEDdetails
4Chefs and Head CooksSoy House Restaurant Inc.2013Withdrawndetails
5Landscaping and Groundskeeping WorkersFour Seasons Landscaping2013Partial Certifieddetails
6Amusement and Recreation AttendantsBUTLER AMUSEMENTS, INC2013Certifieddetails
7Forest and Conservation WorkersRAMOS REFORESTATION, INC2013Partial Certifieddetails
8Landscaping and Groundskeeping WorkersTotal Landscape Corp2013Partial Certifieddetails
9Amusement and Recreation AttendantsJust For Fun Rides, Inc.2013Certifieddetails
10Coaches and ScoutsChallenger Sports Corp.2013Certifieddetails
11Recreation WorkersU.K. ELITE SOCCER, INC.2013Certifieddetails
12Nonfarm Animal CaretakersBrass Ring Farm, LLC2013Certifieddetails
13Nonfarm Animal CaretakersThumbs Up Farm, Ltd.2013Certifieddetails
14Forest and Conservation WorkersJOSES REFORESTATION2013Partial Certifieddetails
15Interior DesignersBuddhist Cultural Center of Northwest2013Denieddetails

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