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2017 H1B Visa Report: Top H1B Visa NAICS Industry

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RankNAICS IndustryNumber of LCA *Average Salary
151Hog and Pig Farming 148$44,206
152Converted Paper Product Manufacturing 147$73,632
153Dairy Product Manufacturing 146$86,678
154Railroad Rolling Stock Manufacturing 144$98,747
155Spectator Sports 142$81,946
156Deep Sea, Coastal, and Great Lakes Water Transportation 141$87,341
157Architectural and Structural Metals Manufacturing 140$66,508
158Iron and Steel Mills and Ferroalloy Manufacturing 139$87,628
159Automotive Parts, Accessories, and Tire Stores 137$75,478
160Metal Ore Mining 136$117,264
161Home Furnishings Stores 135$97,243
161Chemical and Allied Products Merchant Wholesalers 135$76,903
163Direct Selling Establishments 131$95,215
164Jewelry, Luggage, and Leather Goods Stores 130$78,712
165Other Specialty Trade Contractors 129$64,271
166Ship and Boat Building 127$89,120
167Lessors of Real Estate 126$78,056
168Clay Product and Refractory Manufacturing 118$84,973
169Vocational Rehabilitation Services 117$55,279
170Household and Institutional Furniture and Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing 116$67,624
171Fruit and Vegetable Preserving and Specialty Food Manufacturing 115$80,395
171Junior Colleges 115$59,603
173Hardware, and Plumbing and Heating Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers 114$61,739
174Agents and Managers for Artists, Athletes, Entertainers, and Other Public Figures 113$138,164
174Bakeries and Tortilla Manufacturing 113$72,369
176Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Hospitals 111$145,761
176Metal and Mineral (except Petroleum) Merchant Wholesalers 111$69,702
176Performing Arts Companies 111$54,143
179Sporting Goods, Hobby, and Musical Instrument Stores 109$83,409
180Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing 108$69,820
180Building Finishing Contractors 108$69,055
182Grain and Oilseed Milling 106$106,654
182Insurance and Employee Benefit Funds 106$96,024
182Animal Slaughtering and Processing 106$78,355
182Office Furniture (including Fixtures) Manufacturing 106$71,671
182Support Activities for Water Transportation 106$67,205
187Services to Buildings and Dwellings 102$65,358
188Rail Transportation 99$93,578
188Steel Product Manufacturing from Purchased Steel 99$72,749
190Support Activities for Air Transportation 96$74,061
191Beer, Wine, and Distilled Alcoholic Beverage Merchant Wholesalers 95$84,685
192Gasoline Stations 93$59,958
193Justice, Public Order, and Safety Activities 91$86,654
194Satellite Telecommunications 90$96,186
194Warehousing and Storage 90$79,601
196Automotive Equipment Rental and Leasing 88$98,246
196Furniture Stores 88$72,026
198Shoe Stores 87$104,142
198Natural Gas Distribution 87$96,320
198Limited-Service Eating Places 87$82,858
The above report lists the top 100 NAICS Industry submitted by US emplloyer in fiscal year 2016. The H1B Visa Petitions is the number of Labor Condition Application(LCA) for H1B Visa. . The number includes new, renew and transfer of LCA. The Average Salary is the average proffered salary on LCA or Form 9035. Sometimes the visa sponsors(employers) does not enter a specific salary, but a salary range. Our algorithm uses the middle point of the range to calculate the average salary.

For Example, the first record on this report means that in fiscal year 2016 148 LCA submitted for H1B Visa are Hog and Pig Farming 1122. The average salary of those 148 LCA is $44,206.

*: The number of LCA includes renewed, transferred and cap-exempt LCA. Department of Labor(DOL) typically certifies more than 3 times the number of foreign work requests than the number of H-1B visas issued by USCIS.

A new LCA is needed if the foreigner worker changes his or her work location(even within the same state and same company), because the prevailing wage of the position depends on geographic location. However, if the new location is within the same Metropolitan Statistical Area or normal commuting distance, no new LCA is needed.

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