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Sam Kruglov

Contact Sam Kruglov
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From: Tallinn, 10317 Estonia
Visa Status: H1B sponsorship required
Languages Spoken: English (upper intermediate), Russian
Interests/Hobbies: New technologies in Java stack (Java 11, Kotlin, GraphQL); Data Science (enrolled in courses on Udemy, DataCamp, listening to SuperDataScience podcast)

Career Profile

Degree: Bachelor's Degree
Career Level: Qualified
Occupation: IT and Math
Career Title: Computer Programmers, Software Developers, Applications
Target Title: Java Developer, Software Engineer
Target Locations: new york, NY
Skills: java; spring; rest; graphql; sql; docker; hibernate; jpa; database; git; gitflow; tdd; bdd; kotlin; mybatis; scrum; agile; postgresql; aws; unix; kafka; messaging; caching; hazelcast; xml; jaxb;
Goal: My great goal is to become a serious professional, I value nuances, code style, best practices and try to execute any task in the best possible way. I enjoy digging very deep and aim to have a profound knowledge of what I do. I never assert anything if not completely sure but never leave relevant questions without an answer.
HighLight: I am a quick learner, in just under 2 years, I learned everything from not knowing OOP and any Java, to enough to be above junior level and move to EU.
Sam Kruglov is Java Developer, Software Engineer(IT and Math) from Tallinn, Estonia.


Monese Tallinn, Estonia
Industry: Mobile current account provider, prepaid cards
11/2018 - current
Java Developer
Gave a presentation on API development which changed company standard from REST to GraphQL. Improved code quality company-wide by introducing a highly modular microservice template. (see the “bank” project on GitHub) Currently researching the possibility to use a new language (Kotlin).
Project: payments & cards New skills: Kotlin, GraphQL API, JUnit5, TDD, Maven Archetype
Tinkoff Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Industry: Online Banking
05/2018 - 08/2018
Java Developer
Implemented a way to stream multiple files from one storage to another concurrently. Worked on a REST API for a CRM system.
Project: banking CRM for Customer Support agents. New skills: Netflix Feign, Docker, ELK (mostly Kibana), MyBatis, JHipster (mostly console usage), Multithreading / Concurrent programming
MERA Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Industry: Outsourcing
01/2017 - 05/2018
Java Developer
Refactored a poorly designed old database schema. Redesigned and implemented the main backend microservice that utilises a RESTful (with links) API and Hibernate. Designed and implemented a parser service that collects data from various sources, parses it dynamically using a custom XML configuration, and pushes the generically formatted result to internal Kafka. Took initiative and wrote 100 pages of missing documentation for an old project.
Project: Avaya Desktop Wallboard 7 (complete rewrite of the previous version and collaboration with the maintaining team). Provides a web interface for displaying received metrics in a customized manner. The clearest use case is monitoring the real-time working process of a Call Center with statistics in text and graphical formats such as "Agent Smith's average received calls per day". New skills: microservices architecture, Spring Boot, REST API, HATEOAS, JPA, Hibernate, XML parsing, JAXB, unit testing, JUnit 4, AssertJ, BDD, Unix, Bash.


Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University n.a. R.E. Alekseev Nizhny Novgorod, , Russia
10/2013 - 07/2018
Degree: Bachelor's Degree
Major:Automated systems for processing information and monitoring
4 years education, 1 year on leave.

Resume(verified employer only)

Java Developer java, developer, software, spring, microservice, rest, restful, api, graphql, hibernate, sql, mybatis, postgres, postgresql, database, kotlin, graphql, agile, scrum, docker, aws, xml, jaxb, caching, hazelcast, messaging, kafka, git, gitflow,

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