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Kforce Inc. visa:4170 rank:38
1001 East Palm Avenue Tampa, FL 33605Alert: 58 LCs filed by Kforce were denied or withdrawn!
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Rate and Review Kforce Inc.

- Proactive support - - Vickram - 9/18/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Proactive response by the immigration team. Very knowledgeable staffs, especially the one Ms. Veronica Victor. I would personally advise in reaching out to her regarding questions related to Visa and immigration concerns and would definitely have your questions answered as fast as it would be.

- Support Engineer - - - 9/5/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Kforce helped me to land a job in one of top tech companies. I was skeptical at first considering the contractor company, but it did end well and I ended with a place I wouldn't expect before.
And the pay is better than the other consulting/vendor companies (I worked for others before), they did a great job for transferring my h1b visa as well. Much appreciated.

- The best thing to happen - - Vishwas - 9/4/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I had been working for my previous employer for over 10 years and it was a really good ride when I was with them. I decided to find another job at a time when I hardly had any time left on my Visa.

I came across Mala Sheshadri on Linked in, reached out to her mentioning about my concerns and that I was looking for a way to move out. Mala is a really humble, patient and friendly recruiter who got me in touch with Sana Gunnoe from the Immigration department. Sana spoke so frankly and in a very friendly manner that I felt a genuineness in her. I had spoken to so many people over the previous 4 months, but Mala and Sana felt so much authentic. Sana explained everything related to Visa transfer process in a detailed manner and she was extremely patient with all my questions.

Mala helped me find really good opportunities to attend interviews and Sana helped me out with Visa process. Gordon Drijver and his team have been very helpful in answering any of my concerns and they keep you updated constantly with your Visa status and progress. They started my Green card process from day one as promised and it made me feel so grateful to Kforce. Bob White and his team who are the attorneys have played a very crucial role in filing green card as well. They do really great paper work.

I now work for a really good client with an approved Visa. The visa approval took 3 months of time in a regular process thanks to all the hard work Kforce did with the paperwork.

The quality of work and dedication from every person here is to be trusted and admired. If you or someone you know is looking for an opportunity, then Kforce should really be on top of the list.

Thank you Kforce!

- excellent experience - - Shakun - 9/3/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Kforce has great recruiting and immigration team. They have taken good care of my case and as promised they took care of GC application immediately after joining. I was working with "Dweep Shah" for whole of the time. As I was close to finishing my 6 years in H1B visa, so he helped in getting proper plan in place to handle my case. He was very helpful through the process and in addressing any issues/concerns that I had.

- Wonderful Professional Journey - - Samir Karki - 8/28/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
If and only if there would be a word more than "Thank you", I would have used to display how Kforce family had helped me with my professional carrier. From the time , I submitted my resume to till now, my experience with Kforce has been wonderful. I received all kinds of supports for achieve my professional goals.

My h1b was taken care , green card process started on time and got great clients to work with. All this wouldn't have been possible without with the help of Sana Gunnoe. I can focus more on my day to day professional work , all because Sana worked so hard to make sure I have smooth transaction. I got more than I asked for . Thank you Sana.

Come , Join and experience yourself.

- Thanks to Kforce! - - Hem - 8/15/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working for Kforce since October 2018 and it has changed my life for good.

While working for my previous employer, my H-1 visa amendment was denied and I was looking for a way out. I got in touch with Irnya from Kforce, who not only keep pushing me to keep applying for the jobs to get an interview but also followed up meticulously regarding my questions on visa and immigration and was very responsive to my questions or concerns.

I am now working for a client that I really like as a Senior Software Developer and my status is sorted out. Kforce started my
Green Card application as soon as possible. Kforce has a strong network of local recruiters all over the States who will genuinely try to land you on the job that you like. I see no reason to not join Kforce if you're looking!

- Dedicated and hard working Immigration Team - - Fernando A. - 8/1/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I'm a Kforce consultant for almost a year now. Anthony Mitchell, my Re-deployment Manager (Roshane H.) and the rest of Kforce's immigration specialist team provided exceptional support for the extension of my H1B petition. Despite the short notice from the client for my extension, Anthony and his team were able to file the petition extension right on time. As a result, I was able to continue reporting to the client. The team is very knowledgeable with the required documents needed for the process. They were also very responsive and helpful in answering my queries. Kudos to the Kforce immigration team!

- KForce has excellent Immigration Team - - Salman - 7/21/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
In my whole IT career KForce tops the list and is the best staffing agency I have worked with. They are very professional and have a great immigration and recruiting team. They are very transparent about the whole process right from the beginning and every step of my immigration process has been completed on time and as promised.

While in my Job Search I have been working with the amazing ITS Resource Manager Ashley Murillo, and worked with her throughout the process right from the beginning from circulating my Job profile to getting a job. Ashley has been very kind, helpful, motivating and supportive at every step. Ashley got back to me on every question I had very quickly and has helped me to secure the perfect job matching my skills at a good location.
Gordon Drijver is genius with the immigration process and has been very helpful and responsive with all my immigration related matters and he is very informative.
Yue Yamani is the kindest and most helpful KForce Client Relation Exec I have worked with. She has always kept myself and the client both happy and fulfilling all my needs from the client when needed.

As a full-time contractor I am really very happy and hopefully will build a long term career at KForce. They are a huge staffing company so they do not have problems if they need to relocate you to a new project.

- Excellent Employer with Honest Employment Practices - - Ken Fernandes - 7/17/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working with Kforce Inc. since May 1, 2018 and I have nothing but good things to say about them.

Having worked with a few staffing companies over the last 11.5 years and seen the worst of the lot, I always believed that consulting and staffing companies were solely targeted towards one goal only – making the most amount of money in the shortest time possible with scant regard to the talent, welfare and concern of their onsite people. This opinion was not just based on my own experiences but also those of my colleagues and peers over the years.

Kforce Inc. has drastically changed this opinion of mine. They have been very honest and upfront with me from day one and this has not changed in the slightest over the last 15 months. All the terms and conditions as negotiated to me have stood accurately until today. Not once have I felt in this period that I have been shortchanged or misled in any form in my dealings with Kforce.

During this whole time, I have been in constant communication with Robin Schonert who has been a very valuable contact. She has been very diligent and easily approachable and responded to my queries in a timely manner. I could not have asked for a better contact from my employer. Anthony Mitchell has been a godsend when it came to responding to immigration queries and planning my immigration documentation submission and international travel plans.

Overall, I’d say Kforce Inc. has been a lifesaver for me after my job change early last year and I could not have found a better staffing company as my employer. I’d definitely recommend them, not only to people who are looking to transfer visas, but also to those who are out in the consulting field and not keen on seeking FTE positions.

- Immigration help - - Nidhi Vadiwala - 7/14/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
My sincere thanks goes to kforce team especially Conor McElhearn. I am pleased with the outcome and the handling of the case. Process was challenging. I heartily appreciate your candor and honesty. You made a critical difference in my career. The extra time and effort put forth on your behalf until the end was truley appreciated. I will gladly recommend kforce services to any of my friends who ever need. Thank you once again kforce team for your all help.

- Great Company for H1B/GC Sponsorship - - Farouk Samu - 7/10/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Kforce is a great employer if you are looking for an IT job with H1B/GC sponsorship. Kforce team are very professional, great immigration and recruiting team.

My immigration point of contact - Iryna Zankovska, was always in touch with me and helped me with documentation.
She helped me from the beginning during my onboarding process and to answer all my visa related questions.

I am very happy to be a part of Kforce family and will recommend others to join Kforce as well.

Special thanks to my recruiters Iryna, Klaudia and Gordon for making everything easier for me.

- Advanced Business Analyst - - Praveen - 7/10/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I just want to Thank Kforce and Sana Gunnoe for all the help that was provided to complete the visa transfer process. Like any other H1B candidates i was also little bit skeptical about the overall transfer process. Sana did a great job in answering all the queries on time and providing regular updates.

- Senior Business Systems Analysts - - Sri Lakshmi - 7/9/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
It's been a year that Kforce is my employer. Thanks to Anthony Mitchell for making the transfer process so smooth by answering all my questions and clarifications at any point in the day. He took utmost responsibility in asking and collecting all the documents and updating me with the status as in when required.
Kforce team is always on time when it comes to responding or answering any emails. They are pretty smooth with any process.

- Good Company - - Chandra - 7/8/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am glad that I joined Kforce. The work culture has been excellent so far.
Policies are good.
My special thanks to Klaudia Kolakowski for going over and beyond , to get my immigration process done.
She was so good with the process and helped me with answering any and all immigration related questions. It would always be "her" chasing the candidates not the other way :-), which is exceptionally good.I would definitely recommend anyone to join KForce.

- Best consulting company for H1B sponsorship - - Srithej - 7/4/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Kforce is a great employer if you are looking for an IT job with H1B sponsorship. The whole recruiting and marketing process is very professional and I got 2 interviews in first week and got an offer in second week. Once I accepted, the paperwork for H1B transfer was very quick and efficient. They were mostly transparent about the whole process.
Unfortunately, I got an RFE issued but they took care of responding to it effectively and I got approval in 2 months. They offer good health care plans and their pay schedule is very prompt and you never have to worry about getting your salary on time. Special thanks to my recruiters Iryna, Kim and account manager Paul for making everything easier to start my new assignment.

- Amazing responsive team - - Quinn - 7/3/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Kforce got me a good job with decent pay. They made the whole process smooth and easy. Tye is very responsive and supportive. Will definitely recommend this company to my friend!

- Amazing Immigration Team - - Sanjiv Singh - 6/25/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Kforce immigration team is one of the best in the business. They are very immaculate and perfect in their documentation.

I received RFE from USCIS 2 months ago. Kforce team worked really hard on it and got it approved in the first attempt. My immigration point of contact - Iryna Zankovska, was always in touch with me and helped me with documentation.

I am very happy to be a part of Kforce family and will recommend others to join Kforce as well.

- KForce is Great Company & Excellent Immigration Team!! - - Jayant Kawadkar - 6/20/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment

Kforce is really one of the best company to work with. It has impressively helpful and cooperative immigration and recruiting team.

I had H1B 2nd rfe Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID) from USCIS , but Kforce immigration team really work hard on my case and finally got approval!! , Kudos to Kforce immigration team
The Immigration Specialists that is supporting my process. " DWEEP SHAH", he is always keeping you informed in every step and is completely transparent through the whole process.
I always got respond very fast to my queries which is very appreciative

I am very excited to be a part of Kfoce family and I have also recommended my friends to join KForce.

- KForce - Great Company & Excellent Immigration Team - - Lax - 3/20/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Kforce is one of the best staffing agency, very professional, great immigration and recruiting team. While in my Job Search I had some timeline related to my VISA/H1B. I came in contact with "POLINA CONKLIN”, and worked with her throughout the process from circulating the profile to getting the job, filling H1b Petition and on-boarding. Polina was very focused and understood my timelines and circulated my profile aggressively with various recruiting team. Then I came in contact with Gazal and Cindy from recruitment team, they were very focused, they set up my first interview and it went thru :). Thank you Gazal & Cindy! for help during recruitment process

As I am foreign worker, visa documentation is very important for me which is handled by POLINA very well. She is very professional, focused, clear in communication and cooperative. Special THANKS to Polina for all the help on this, You are awesome! Polina. I got approval for my petition.

I definitely would like to recommend Kforce to my family and friends.

- Software Developer - - - 2/22/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Kforce recruiter will ask to join on H1B receipt. It is very very risky in current world. I don't need to explain it :). The recruiter will try to convince you with all best offers ..But I know few cases where they terminated the employee of H1b just because they couldn't travel back on time to US due to stamping issue (229 form). Your first project would be great. But if you don't get new one soon you are done. So think trillion times before changing your current stable employer.

- Excellent staffing company and outstanding counselor - - Surendra Maharjan - 2/18/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Kforce is one of the best staffing agency to work it. It has impressively helpful and cooperative recruiting and immigration team. It's clearly seen that Kforce's main motto is to place their consultants in the job ASAP and solve all the visa related concerns.

Most of the recruiters are motivating and supportive. "Jackson Scalzo" is a friendly and cheerful recruiter who helped me a lot in bringing new opportunities and submitting me for those roles. So that I could purely focus on preparing for an interview. Likewise, "Veronica Victor" from ISS immigration team with whom I worked with is talented and well-knowledged professional on the immigration-related part. She helped me from the beginning during my onboarding process and to answer all my visa related questions. Any time if I have any doubts I call her or leave a voice message and she will reply within an hour which is quite impressive and appreciable.

I am very excited to be a part of Kfoce family and I have also recommended my friends to join KForce.

- Immigration team rocks! - - Roberto R - 1/9/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Highly recommended, the immigration team responds very fast and they will help you with GC petition ASAP.

I am surprised with the assistance of one of the Immigration Specialists that is supporting my process. "Katrina Medina", she is always keeping you informed in every step and is completely transparent trough the whole process.

As a full-time contractor I am really happy and hopefully will build a long term career at KForce. They are a huge staffing company so they do not have problems if they need to relocate you in a new project.

**The only downs I see is that there is no PTO and no paid holidays. All other benefits are great (401K, health insurance).

- Kforce - Great company with great immigration team. - - ErKavi2007 - 1/8/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am working with Kforce from last seven months. They have great recruiting & immigration team. I have worked with immigration specialist "Katrina Medina" and recruitment manager “Ashley”. They both are very good in responding to queries. I always got respond very fast to my queries which is very appreciative. As I am foreign worker, visa documentation is very important for me which is handled by Katrina very well. I got approval for my petition. I definitely would like to recommend Kforce to my family and friends.

- Kforce - great company - - Fernando - 11/5/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Kforce is a great company to work for. The people are honest, transparent, friendly and very positive. Their recruiting and immigration team are well experienced and knowledgeable. They’ve helped me transitioned for an opportunity with a great client in California smoothly.

My experiences with my international talent representative are exceptional. Anthony Mitchell knows his job and is genius with the immigration process. I have a lot of questions and uncertainties in having my visa transferred. Anthony helped me to get those questions answered and have a peace of mind. He is also aware of the risks with every actions in employing foreign workers and would not let both the company and the employee to be in a position that would jeopardize their business and your career. I commend Anthony for doing his job exceptionally and for the Kforce for giving talented people with the opportunity to be successful.

- Excellent Company for H1b's - - Abhilash Ravula - 10/18/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
It's been more than a year now with Kforce. The staffs are very helpful, friendly, and professional.K-Force is a great company to work for. The immigration department and the recruiters were amazing. ‘KATRINA MEDINA’ helped me with the immigration and she is more than awesome and had in-depth knowledge on immigration process and all related matters. Any question about the immigration, she is always available and explains it in detail. They are very transparent about the whole process right from the H1 application till it gets approved.

- Wonderful Company For H1b's - - Mani Duggireddy - 10/1/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I was in the Time period of week to find a new employer and the new job, For an immigrant this is nearly an impossible task, But K Force is a company With Pre-loaded, and fastest anyone can think of, With the Great team they have, and the great resources,Kforce worked very well, and landed me in the job in a week, Inspite of hefty paperwork, I cant thank enough Kforce for their process and the hard work.

- Best Immigration and Recruiting Team - - Akshay Reddy - 9/11/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
KForce is the best consulting firm. Hats off to the immigration team. International employees will face different types of visa issues while working in USA. However, immigration team at KForce is very responsible and helps you in every possible way to provide best resolution. They are constantly in touch to know how is everything at work and take immediate action if we have any questions or concerns.

I would recommend working here.

- Great company which cares for its employees - - Sandeep J - 9/10/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
K-Force is a great company to work for. The immigration department and the recruiters were amazing. Nouha helped me with the immigration and explained the whole process before joining the company. Any question about the immigration, she is always available and explains it in detail. They are very transparent about the whole process right from the H1 application till it gets approved.

The recruiters were great too. They help you find the project which fits just right for you. They pay attention to every candidate and check the progress with the on going assignment. My manager was great and she used to meet me every week to see how things are going on and keeps us updated with the changes going on with the company.

One great thing about K-force is when I was given a full time opportunity with the client they made the transition go very smoothly and kept the whole process very clear. I would highly encourage someone join this amazing company which truly values its employees.

- Excellent company with excellent immigration and recruiting team - - Nilesh - 9/5/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Kforce is a reputed and reliable organization. It has great immigration and recruiting team. Specially I had great experience working with their immigration specialist "KATRINA MEDINA". She is more than awesome and had in-depth knowledge on immigration process and all related matters. She handled any situation very calmly as considering current Visa situation many visa candidates may get freaked out. Kforce immigration team not only handled my case well but also presented well and result is I got smooth visa approval as outside there are many rejections now days. It is really great work. 5 start to all team. The recruiters are friendly and will find projects with our expectation.Last but not least they are Transparent, competitive in pay and support their staff very nicely.

I'm happy with KForce. I would recommend KForce for people who wants there immigration process to be transparent and on time.

- Best Consulting Firm - - Swetha - 9/5/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
i joined Kforce couple of months ago and trust me , it has been an amazing experience. The immigration team , on-boarding team have been very proactive and helped me with smooth transition.
I would happy to recommend Kforce to all and tanks for being very helpful :)

- Great Immigration and Recruiting team - - - 8/29/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Kforce is a reputed and reliable organization. It has great immigration and recruiting team. They were very helpful to me in finding a project. The interview process is very transparent. The recruiters are friendly and will find projects with our expectation. I would specially thanks immigration team and I would be happy to mention this person from immigration team, who helped me finding project and directing me with many recruiters for an opportunity with my expectation.

I'm happy with KForce.I would recommend KForce for people who wants there immigration process to be transparent and on time.

Good luck!

- Great company with strong recruiting team, supporting staff and immigration benefits. - - biebk - 8/29/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
It's been more than a year now with Kforce. The staffs are very helpful, friendly, and professional. I never had to worry about any managerial things.

After six months, even though the project was not sure to end, I requested to apply for the new projects and got few interviews. They have a huge network of recruiters all around the US. Later I got an extension for another one and half year. Most of the projects are long term.

The most important part for me was immigration as an F1 student. They have a very good team of immigration experts. I have never heard of any other company who does Green Card so early and smoothly.

Overall, I have very good experience and recommend anyone to join this company.

- Strong Supportive Responsive and Responsible Immigration Team - - Ravi - 5/3/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have very good experience and recommend anyone to join in this company. Especially individuals who is on H1B having so many thoughts in mind can trust this company and they are on their words(If they promise something like GC, will do start on time without any reminders). Here they have a strong & Expertise immigration team who will address very fast and straight forward.

In my case, I got some inappropriate queries(which are bit difficult to answer), they helped me towards the strong documentation to get it approved. ++ITS AN EMPLOYEE COMPANY++. they will get back to you quickly on any questions/concerns raised. Its a good company to switch. Over all, Its ultra positive and didn't experience anything bad till now.

- best staffing company - - - 3/16/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
- have been working with the company for more than a year
- got an opportunity to work with great client & latest technologies
- experienced best expertise in immigration, was able to solve my visa problem by GC in 10 months, whole team have really helped to make things run smoothly.
- I must mention the company management & staff - super professional, friendly, each of them has willingness to help out wherever needed.

I'm continuously recommending lot of my friends to join them.
      - 3/26/2018 - I am on a project (approx 8 month contract period with the client). There is no official period/ term defined for the project in any of the documents I signed when I joined Kforce as an employee. If I have to leave the company, do you know if the two week notice period will suffice? Do you know if any other issues that may occur? - flag

- Senior Programmer Analyst - - Kshitij Pandya - 1/12/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
My experience has been super positive. Right from recruitment through project end, everything was smooth. Immigration wise, I think they have an extremely knowledgeable team that handles visa related cases. Each time I had a question, I would get a reply within a day or two max. I was laid off of my first project due to unfoseen circumstances but Kforce makes sure it is known well in advance which gives you enough time for a transition. I was able to get a new project within a week! There's a risk of visa withdrawal if they don't find a project after a month from your current end date but it's communicated clearly in advance. I'd recommend this company to anyone who has an offer.

- Good Experience and helpful immigration team - - Sara - 11/28/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been with Kforce for the past year and I have had a good experience with them with respect to Visa and GC process. Their immigration team is helpful and prompt with their response. The entire process is very transparent you are clearly notified of progress in every stage. There is the 2 week stipulation that some of the other users talk about, but you are informed of the current contract end date well in advance, so one has sufficient time to plan. Overall I have had a positive working experience with them.

- Good consulting company for folks on H-1B - - Ari M - 10/22/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I worked with Kforce for just shy of 3 years and my experience has been fairly decent.

1. I have always been able to reach out to my ISS (the Kforce Division that handles the Visa related things) representative as well as my recruiter (which changes based on the current project)
2. Kforce sticks to what they say upfront - rates, fees for different kinds of filing, when they would start GC processing etc. is very well laid out - helps avoid confusion
3. Kforce does not complain, rather it facilitates if a client wants to hire you; and they don't ever cancel an approved I-140
4. The people at Kforce that I have known were pretty easy to work with
5. Kforce does provide a few days leave, based on the state labor laws; also, every client holiday is paid for by Kforce as an 8 hour working day (so, these are like paid holidays); Kforce was also pretty good about paying the overtimes
6. Medical and other insurances were decent, comparable to similar consulting companies (and much better than run of the mill small consulting companies)

Few things that could be disadvantageous
1. Location - one needs to be flexible, given that Kforce has clients all over the US and that they stick to the USCIS guidelines in terms of revoking H-1B petition - again information is provided upfront even before you join - so, it's up to you to understand your constraints and the risks
2. It could be hard to get a pay raise if you are with the same client for multiple years; but while moving to a new client you generally get a raise (I got a decent one)
3. As is usual in the staffing world, Kforce does not take care of your career progression - you have to curve your own growth path

- Good choice for Visa sponsoring - - - 9/8/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I joined Kforce as a contractor. The hiring process is straightforward, and I was able to negotiate the payrate. They are very generous in term of visa sponsoring. I was at the point of getting tired of H1B process and lottery thingy, and decided to head back to my home country. After telling the recruiter that I wanted to quit the job, ISS Resource Manager, Pawida Wipawaburt, reached out to me and offered to sponsor for the green card process.

The process went very smooth and way faster than I ever expected. Another great advantage is that Kforce headquater is in Florida, so the green card applications will go to the Texas service center which is better and faster than other service centers.

So if you struggle with your visa or looking for a job, Kforce can be one of your options to considered of.

- Excellent employer - - Safi - 8/29/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I joined Kforce when I was let go from a job. I was on H1B with less than a year left to complete 6 years. Kforce was able to find me a suitable work in a week time. Also they started my green card process the first day i joined which they promised.
The attorney Kforce hired was very straight forward and no hiccups. I had all the right papers and within 9 months of joining i got my i140.
Then after that in next 3 months i also got my green card.
If you are little skillful in finding a project, kforce will do what they promised you. So good luck.

- Business Systems Consultant - - Lakshmi Narayanan - 7/23/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been with Kforce for the past 9 Months. Having worked with Big Bees in India as a full-timer this was my first move into contracting world. Though the initial hiring process took a month, right from the day one the support and guidance provided by the Kforce Supporting staff has been phenomenal. My client relationship representative provided me the initial support I needed followed by the relationship Manager who met me quite often to get my feedback and concerns and last but not the least the Immigration services Manager has always been my point of contact for all questions regarding Visa Process, Green card process and what not. The big difference that I found in Kforce is their prompt follow ups and the consultants connecting activities they organize enable us to meet our peers.

For anyone especially in H1B visa joining Kforce will be a good move as they do what they say unless other employers. Pros are on-time GC initiation, Proper documentation,
good salary and more opportunities for future assignments. Cons are expensive health insurance and risk associated with the cancellation of Visa in case of not getting
project on time. But these are quite common in the contracting world.

I am extremely happy about working for KForce and looking forward to continue here..!!

- Excellent Company - - Saloni - 7/19/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I worked with Kforce for 7 months and can say without any doubt that it has been the BEST experience of my overall 12yrs of being in IT. Starting from an extra smooth and speedy hiring process to working with the Immigration Team, who throughout my tenure were very transparent and available at any time of the day to answer questions or address concerns. Always received prompt response from everyone in the K force family, be it the Immigration group or the HR recruiter. Everyone is treated as family at K force and taken care of as one of their own.

Have been very lucky to have had the chance to work with K force.

- Programmer Analyst - - Akhil - 7/16/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I worked with KForce for almost 2 years and my experience with them was very good. The staff at KForce was really professional and handled all the services as per defined protocol, things here move ahead professionally as per the agreed terms without any deviation. They have some very good clients all over US and have ample of project opportunities with them for a variety of different IT skill sets. They have a dedicated and competent team for handling visa/immigration related tasks and I did not face any issue in any of my immigration related items as they engage some top of the order attorney services to handle any case. I would recommend anyone interested in joining this company to do so without any concern.

- Programmer Analyst - - Navdeep Singh - 7/13/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
“I've been with KForce for 2 years now and have had very good experience so far.
Professionals at KForce have very good processes in place, specially folks in Immigration/Visa departments are very organized and are highly skilled. Without a doubt, I can say that they leverage services of, some of the best attorneys America has to offer.
Every person they hire gets assigned to a dedicated employee who further handles their Visa/Immigration case. Prompt communication and solid VISA/Immigration documentation are some of the key benefits to name.
Insight into individual's case is always welcomed and when in doubt, one can directly reach out to the attorney. I would highly, recommend being part of this family.”

- Excellent - - Bharani - 7/11/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Jut completed a her with them and i got gem of people with me, they care for me personally and professionally. Just not me with all other consultants i spoke mentioned same. They never leave us to feel that we are in remote place.

Frequent calls, visits, getogether and also frequent followups makes us to feel that we are special for them.

Regarding joining formalities they did at ease and that proved they are pro in that. I love that they stood by their word on initiating the GC process on time and regular updates they provided.

Also when i checked for my next project, the way they assured is excellent. I wanted to mention few names here as it is not allowed m voiding those... They are gem of people and such a wonderful human being.

I still cherish and feel proud and lucky to be a part of them.

- Business Analyst - - Vijay Goyal - 7/10/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been with Kforce for 1.5 years now and at this point of time I can say that my experience with Kforce is excellent. There were no issues with Visa Transfer (visa transfer is a sensitive issue and I can understand all he anxiety that goes with it), visa extension, PERM filing as well as I140 processing. The immigration team here is one of the best and true professionals. As soon as I joined Kforce Inc., I got all the relevant support required in visa related issues and the company is proactive with an eye of detail. Coming from a large service based Indian firm and then joined a US based staffing firm here in US gave me an initial anxiety but the professionalism and care for an employee shown by Kforce helped me calm down and cleared the path. I got I140 approved in less than a year of joining and there were no immigration related issues as of now.

I would recommend this company to all and would testify that I enjoyed my time till now and will do in future. Thank you.

- Programmer Analyst - - Anush - 4/3/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Been working as a Programmer Analyst at KForce for about two years. It's been a positive experience all around for me so far.

Immigration Assistance:
KForce Visa policy is straight forward and they always keep their promises. Very few times have I had to follow up for any assistance. Immigration team is always ready to assist you with your questions or concerns.

Recruiting team:
Recruiting team was in constant touch with me initially. Not so much lately(I guess it's a two-way street. But could be much better if the recruiter reached out to me every now and then and asked how things are going in my current role and provide updates on contract end dates etc......). However, they will get back to you quickly on any questions/concerns raised.

Overall work environment = Good/Professional
work life balance = Good
Job= OK, Feels restricted at sometimes
Salary = :( - okay for starting out

- Decent staffing firm - - Vivek - 3/24/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I've worked for Kforce for over 2 years, they file H-1B and Green Card without hesitation, have an excellent immigration team backed by a great attorney firm.

Projects often tend to go on for long durations, however salary hike is next to impossible unless you change assignments. Chance of advancing your skills is next to none, just get paid hourly and work out the rest yourself. Kforce will hardly ever shift you out of an assignment until Client agrees.

Benefits are not very good, medical benefits are super costly at $800-1000 per month before tax, looks like company is not putting in any money from their pocket. 401K is measly and no PTOs or sick leaves.

- Business Systems Analyst - - Great Place to Work - I love it !! - 3/23/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been a KForce consultant for about a year, I love it! KForce's staff and international team is amazing. They will guide you and help you with any immigration questions and issues. They are easy to contact and they always respond immediately.
KForce has a ton of highly skilled consultants that are always glad to help with professional development, career goals and advice.

- So far so good - - HDedhia - 3/23/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working with them since past more than 2 years and have had nice experience so far. They are professional and have processes in place. No issues with immigration, visa, and stamping. I got my I-140 approved without any hassle. I would recommend working with them!

- One of the Best - - Keyur Raval - 3/22/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am working for KForce from past 3 years and would definitely recommend KForce in these torrid times. Kforce Visa policy is straight forward and they always keep their promises. Very few times have I had to follow up for any assistance. 100 % VISA Assistance, Receive pay roll on time . Excellent Benefits, Immigration team always ready to assist you with your questions or concerns , many clients nation wide and field offices nation wide , Recruiting team is always in constant touch with you when you are in between projects. They have great dedication in working with the clients to resolve any issues from either end. Very honest folks and hope they keep doing the great work.

- Experience with Kforce - - - 2/13/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
For me the kforce experience has been good so far. They even helped to get a full time and due to that companies acquirement by a new one I had to get out and search new job. kforce helped me with a new project and they also helped me to get my PERM and 140 approved easily through premium process.
I see some negative comments hear it looks like those individuals rapport with the clients is not good. You can be a sitting duck until your project juice runs out and blame others on your incompetency. As an individual you need to work with the clients closely with the project closure and stuff. I understand its frustrating but that's how consultant industry work.
Overall I would say my experience is so far.

- Programmer Analyst - - Mohammed_Abdul - 2/13/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Hi Friends, I am working for kforce from past 5 years as and would definitely recommend kforce . Kforce Visa policy is straight forward they always keep up on their promises , no follow up required, 100 % VISA Assistance, Receive pay roll on time . Excellent Benefits, Immigration team always ready to assist you with your questions or concerns , many clients nation wide and field offices nation wide , Recruiting team is always in constant touch with you when you are in between projects.

- Excellent Experience and Very friendly and active service - - yogi - 2/13/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I worked with Kforce on several projects and I've been working with them for over 6 years now. They are very open and transparent about their process , highly organized and very keen to help you in every step of the way. They do clearly outline their immigration process and have an excellent immigration team that's on stand by to answer all your questions. When you are travelling out of the country, they do Generate a support package and also ensure that you don't run into any issues. Unlike some firms that are secretive about their pay package and other stuff related to immigration charges, Kforce is transparent about their Pay and any charges that you may incur , so you are well informed in advance. I've had pleasure to work with some folks who aren't hesitant to answer their phone off hours and help you. The nice thing, is they don't hold anything against you if you were to transition to a different firm or convert to full time at the client they place. This happened to me few times , I would go on a contract with Kforce and transition to full time and when I feel like changing jobs , I approach kforce and they are ready to help. Great Experience and Excellent staff.

- Kforce is a very good company - - Dharmesh - 2/2/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Kforce has been great for me. Everything they explained happens exactly as told. I have been Kforce for 4 different projects and left to another company for a short time in between.

First they do tell you they do not pay for premium on transfer which some others do. They warn that doing premium to expect RFE. They are direct vendor to all clients so getting client letter was no problem. I got RFE in premium transfer but they got client letter fast and sent back to USCIS. I got approval in 6 weeks and was already working for client when approval came. Mostly they do hour pay rate. when they do hour pay rate you get holiday and client holiday but no pay vacation. You do also get pay when you work more than 40 hr in the week. One thing that is sometimes available depending on project and client is salary instead of hour pay. On salary with Kforce, you get vacations and health insurance is cheaper. Money is a little less than hour pay and you get the same if you work 40 hr week or 45.

Kforce GC is good too. they start when they say they start not like other companies that always tell you they do it, then they dont. You do pay for I-140 but Kforce pays for all the first stuff. One good thing that Kforce does is not revoke GC if you have to leave them (like i did). Kforce will keep GC open until you come back and then the process moves forward from there.

When project ends, most of the time they will be able to find a new project fast because you do interview for other clients before project ends. They have many client in US. only 1 time I did not find project in time and I had to transfer to another company. I have many friends that work for kforce and they are happy. Their immigration team is very good and knows all the rules. They will take care of visa and will have all documents for visa stamping.

If you are H1B it is much better to work Kforce than smaller c2c company with all the immigration news stuff. I have nothing bad to say about them.
      - 4/5/2019 - I currently work in Kforce and few days back I have got my I-140 approved. I have paid for I140 processing. I would like to know, do Kforce revoke the approved I-140 if I leave the job before 6 months ?

My current project is ending in 60 days. I am trying very hard to get projects through Kforce, unfortunately, marketing team unable to find me one and infact they are not concerned also.

Also, the immigration team informed me, they will inform USCIS from day one of my bench period to revoke my VISA. After informing, for next 60 days they market my resume and if I get the project, they re enable my VISA. Otherwise need to travel back to home country.

Please let me know - flag

- RFE all the time! - - - 1/23/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
RFE all the time! no guarantee of getting through even the RFE's

- Most F*cked up company - - Kumar - 1/23/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Do not join this company ever!! Just ever!!
They will lure you in with a promise of GC , tell you that its a long term project and they have projects all over usa but will fire you as soon as the project gets over, no bench period!!! Once you finish your current project if you do not have the details of another project , it does not matter to them if your gc is in progress they will fire you! no questions about that.
Join only if you are very confident of finding a new project in 7 days after the current project ends.
      - 2/2/2017 - That is not what happens with me. This is my 4 project with Kforce and I always have 30 day bench. Also they do not revoke GC even when I have to leave for visa transfer to new project, they kept GC PERM open. Then when PERM was approved they call me back to rejoin and when I did we filed I-140. Now it is approved. Kforce is a good company who tries to treat people good. Better than the small desi company that doesn't care and just wants money. - flag
     MohammedAbdul - 2/14/2017 - This is my 4th project with kforce , they always try to find me a new project in a month most of the times , and as promised they initiated my green card process immediately after joining and did not revoke it even if I was out of country for a while. - flag

- KForce-Not sure good or bad continued... - - - 1/6/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
5)    My fifth bad experience was when my H1B extension was due and they didn’t apply for the extension just because my current project was ending just before the H1B date and there were still uncertainties about my project extension/next project.
6)    Kforce has an agreement that they ask the H1B employee to apply leave of absence when the project ends. This period is for 30 days within which they are supposed to search the next project. This was known to me before I joined, which is fine. But, what they don’t tell you before you join is, if you apply any leaves when you are in projects, those leave days are deducted from your 30 day period.
7)    Kforce also lied to me that when they are in relationship with a client, the client lets them know 3 months in advance if the contract is going to end and they have 3 months lead time with them to look for a different project for the consultant. They say this to trick you so that u feel safe with them and join them. I was a victim again in this trick. In reality, in my case, they don’t even know until the last day that the contract is ending. They are just a bunch of liars! Don’t believe them!!!
So if you are on H1B Visa, don’t ever join this company. You will never be safe in this company unless you have a very long term project. They lie about contract periods also, so cannot believe them when they say it’s going to be a long term project. There are a bunch of irresponsible liars at Kforce Recruiting team who will just play around with consultants and extract money!!
The only good thing about Kforce is their immigration documents and the immigration team. Their documentation is perfect and never gets you in trouble while stamping, GC processing etc. And they do not withdraw I140 if you leave them, but you need to pay for the I140 application which they will let you know before you join.
     s3105pma - 2/4/2016 - Hi, I have an offer from Kforce for a direct client. After reading your post, I am very much confused if I should join them or not. I am working on H1B and as we are familiar with their policy that they shall not continue to sponsor visa for anything more than 30 days if you are not working on the project. The offer is okay and as mentioned in numerous posts, they have promised so many things. But I still have my apprehensions about joining them. You post is definitely helpful though. - flag
     s3105pma - 2/4/2016 - Hi, I have an offer from Kforce for a direct client. After reading your post, I am very much confused if I should join them or not. I am working on H1B and as we are familiar with their policy that they shall not continue to sponsor visa for anything more than 30 days if you are not working on the project. The offer is okay and as mentioned in numerous posts, they have promised so many things. But I still have my apprehensions about joining them. You post is definitely helpful though. - flag
     suggest - 4/20/2016 - My sincere advice is please do not join this company unless you don't have any other choice.
- Few months back I didn't have any choice and forcefully joined in this company, they promised the project is going to be long term. Due to few reasons my project was ended after few months. As it is huge company with lot of clients I expected the marketing will be good but my expectations are wrong. They kept me in 30 days vacation period with no pay stubs. I got another opportunity and left this company. If you doesn't get any project within 30 days then you will be out from that company without any pay stub for that 1 month period which will screw up your H1b transfer. Marketing is also not good.
- They would say it would offer benefits but it is not true. They simply cut the health plan amount from your weekly pay.
- After joining they don't care about your concerns. Even they wont consider many things which usually H1b candidates face.
Finally my sincere advice is don't join... - flag

- Force-Not sure good or bad continued... - - - 1/6/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
3)    I had my third bad experience with Kforce when I searched a project for myself and asked them to start talking to the client and make it work. Kforce came back to me saying that they will not be able to make it happen because of H1B legal constraints, but they lied to me. I found out that they did not work it out because of rate the client enforced to give me as a consultant. Kforce always want to keep a high margin between what they get billed for and how much they can give to the employee.
So, even though you find a client/project for yourself, it may not work out for you only because they will not get a high margin and the consultant will get paid more. They are just a Profit only Organization and do not care about employees.
4)    My fourth bad experience was when I was being interviewed for a different client and my current project was ending but there was a possible extension. Kforce does not allow you to take interviews with 2 clients at the same time and choose between options just because they want to keep their profit with the client and just don’t care about employee’s choices/wishes.

- Kforce - not sure good or bad - - - 1/6/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working with Kforce for over a year now. I am on H1B Visa.
My experience with kforce-
1)    The day I joined the client office, I got to know that my project/budget will end in 3 months. It was a shock to me since the Kforce recruiter lied to me that the project is for 1 year and possible extensions after that.
So, if they say you that the project is long term, don’t believe them completely. They do lie about project contract just so that they can hire you and fulfil the client requirement at that point in time and get the money. They don’t care whether the employee will have to face problems after that.
2)    It was just my luck and NOT Kforce that helped me when I got another project with the same client just at the time when my first was getting over. I had my second bad experience with Kforce at that time when I had to get a new project and the recruiting and marketing team was not doing a good job to find a new project for me.
So, keep in mind, unless you keep following up with them, they will not search projects for you proactively. They are not responsive either. Emails/messages/phone calls are never answered. They reply to emails/messages/phone calls when they feel like and when they have a need.

- Kforce Experience On H1b?? - - - 8/7/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment

I am new to this forum, and try to be as direct as possible.
I having a h1b visa, I got a call from kforce for a job and they had schedule an interview. interview went well, now I have a offer with them, its on the W2 salary basis, package and benefits they are offering is hard to ignore for a person of my experience.
project is also long term (this what they say)
my only concern, they are saying they will only file my h1 transfer 3 days prior to joining. is it safe risk?
what if they hold the position, after I put my paper in current employer.
any user who currently on h1 with kforce,
please share your experience?
Also they are not paying for my relocation, the place is san Antonio TX.
      - 2/24/2016 - So did you took the offer? - flag
      - 4/24/2016 - Hi, Please express your experience at K-Force. I am willing to join this company but i do not know anything about thing company. - flag
     Suggest1234 - 4/28/2016 - Until you have the project you will be fine once the project is over then you come to know how they behave with you. I worked for KForce for 1 year and I knew what they offer for H1bs. They wont pay you anything everything will be deducted from your offer. Dont worry about your H1b transfer,they will take care. Finally my suggestion is go with desi employer if you have any other offer. If you decided and dont have any other choice then it is upto you...Good Luck... - flag
     Keyur Raval - 3/22/2017 - I have been working with KForce for over 3 years now and they are legitimate. They'll file your H1 transfer or visa right before starting the project inorder to avoid scamming by the employee. I have had 3 renewals with them and it has been very safe. Please go ahead and take their word for it. - flag

- Kforce - - - 10/28/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I'm an European who wants to work in USA but currently I have no visa. I have talked with Kforce company and they have answer my questions. Do they sponsor H1b? Has anybody work with them?
Any tips?
      - 2/9/2015 - Kforce only sponsor new H1B for someone if they are here in USA and can work while H1B is getting approve - flag
     SK - 11/21/2015 - Hi. can you please tell me whom to contact for new H1b visa - flag

- Worst company to work as consultant on h1b - - Anti-Kforce - 6/24/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Before you join them, they say yes to everything. Lick your balls. Once you join, you are trapped.
Worst insurance plans.
They dont give a damn abt ur family. They dont pay to transfer h4s.
They dont have in house attorney. You dont get to get in touch with attorney and thus never get required help immediately.
If you travel to india and in case your h1 have issues and you travel to india, they dont support you. My friend lost h1 status bcos of them.
Initially they say they wil take care of green card. Later you will come to pay they just do labor which doesnt cost much. They trick and then ask employees to pay for their green card stage 2 and 3. Which is around $5000 total. Small companies like agreeya or technocomp pay entire green card expenses from their pockets.
Do not join this company for consulting. There are way better small consulting companies which are way better. I would not recommend this company to anyone. If you are joining, get everything written from them abt green card, h4s etc.
Long term, this company and their employees are going to burn in hell.

     Jeyagopal - 10/29/2014 - I'm with Kforce 4 years now and they have been good. they tell you the policy upfront in email. I have been for visa stamping 2 times and they gave all documents necessary for stamp and travel. They told me that they would do GC in six months and that is what they did. I did have to pay I-140 but at least I got to keep a copy of approval notice for myself. many of my friend had GC paid for all the way by their company who was small consulting company but then they not give copy of approval. - flag

- KForce Offer - - - 7/5/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Kforce has some bunch of good client to work with even if you are on H1B visa.They have good immigration team and are -very professional .As far as green card is concerned generally US based companies ,it takes 3-4 months of advertisement to file the Labor ,labor will take 3 months for approval and then 140 is filed which might take 1-2 months,approx it takes 10 -12 months,I do not understand green card filing takes 6 months,i mean there are companies which have already advertisement done and you can get the I140 approved in six months.Any company will terminate your H1 if you are out of project,even Mastech does the same thing.

They do take care of health insurance and you get 10 national paid holidays and if the client is closed they pay for it.You can't ask for the change in the client immediately ,as it jeopardises the relationship with the client until and unless client is not providing you the comfortable environment to work with.

Kforce west coast clients are good to work with compared to the east coast

- Worst place to work for H1b/F1 and foreign consultants - - Vrush - 7/1/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I had very bad experience working with kforce for all following reasons -
1) If you are indian like me on f1 or h1b visa, dont get under trap of kforce. There are way better consultant companies like cyberthink, mastech etc.

2) Main and major reason I didnt like kforce is that they are not transparent with employees. They are not telling me how much client is paying them. Also, they dont have fixed percentage like system like 75-25 where employee gets 75%. They are hiding way more things.

3) They tricked me under their terms and conditions. They asked me how much annual salary I want. I asked for 100k. I thoughts its 100k with w2 SALARY. But it was W2 hourly and I had to pay for my benefits n all which was $750/months. When I asked they said they cant change. I asked for client change, they said u have to stay for minimum 6 months etc b****it. Even I dont get paid for national holidays. The truth is they are getting $95 from my client and paying me just $50. I asked other consultant they said they can for around 70 for same job n location for this client offer.

4) Green card. They say they will start after 3 months. But after 3 months, they start process which takes around 12 more months for actually filing I140. For other companies this period is roughly around 7 months. They try to extend as much as possible so that they can earn more from u.

So my kind advice will be dont join kforce if you are looking for h1 transfer or green card.

- Never Join Kforce - - - 3/14/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment

Hello my fellow students and H1 holders,

Never ever join Kforce . IT is one of the worest company you can ever thing . Yes they have lot of direct clients what is the use ?

1. You wont get any salary hike
2. Green card and H1-- Very important is if some reason if you came out of project and if you are in bench for 15 days with out giving notice they will terminate your Green card and h1.

3. If they terminate your GC that is ok we can go to other company and start once again but H1 you will go out of status immediately the reason is in New LCA you have to mention client name and file . These guys wont give you that much time

4. I am the victim of them , i am working for them since 4 years . while you are in project look for better mid range consulting companies and join them .

5. Never trust them . I know 3 of my close friends left this country because of kforce . when they told me i didnt beleve that now i am facing

be aware of these companies. Simple thing ask them a letter that they never terminate your green card till you get it they wont give you . Just simple like this

Good luck

     Su - 5/5/2013 - I do not agree with you.I am also working with Kforce I joined their client at NJ,I came out of the project without giving 2 weeks notification .Kforce was able to place me in a project in 3 weeks and haven't done anything with my H1 and are ready to file for GC.In IT industry you won't get hike till you change the company. - flag
     Adithya - 7/1/2013 - I really feel you should have posted it few months back. I recently joined and facing same issues. I am already frustrated. Not sure what to do.

I will just say Please dont join kforce. There are way better consultants other than this. - flag
     Venkat - 8/5/2014 - I do not agree with you either. My close friend worked for Kforce and got his I-140 approve quick, the job ended and they found him a new one before that ended in a week. He got a pay hike and great clients. Then he left for desi and Kforce never cancel his GC. Now he wants to go back to Kforce because the desi company are liars and he wants out to get GC current next year. He is really worried now about denial and going home on H1 with the small desi. - flag

- Don't get fooled by the offers - - Samir - 2/22/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I regret joining kforce on h1b visa.
Very high health insurance cost.
Dont expect to get a pay hike.
You will be paying the cost for green card filing cost by yourself unlike what they say when you join.
Very hard to get their ISS team to renew a visa.
They take huge percentage from companies.
     Kumar - 5/2/2013 - Very true.. I had the exact same experience from Kforce. Bunch of liars. Do not join this company. - flag

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