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Tata Consultancy Services Limited visa rank:2
9201 Corporate Boulevard Rockville, MD 20850Alert: 239 LCs denied or withdrawn!
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Rate and Review Tata Consultancy Services Limited

1 review or comment about Tata Consultancy Services Limited has been flagged as inappropriate and is under investigation.

- Good Company - - - 3/18/2018 - flag as inappropriate - comment
This is the good company to work on... as it provides variety of opportunity to the employees....

- Great company but it is in India - - Java Developer - 7/10/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Taking first job with this company is great, but it is not good for a senior developer who work in USA. They don’t file Green cards, and they can send back anytime to India for their internal projects.

- Ex employee - - - 7/5/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Provides great platform to work on.
Package wise its not a great company to work in USA
India packages are on par with industry standards... USA compensation is poor ... great employees end up buying stuffs from Goodwill and craigslist :)

      - 2/25/2015 - Any chance of H1b sponsorship? - flag
      - 4/15/2015 -
this is hilarious..end up buying stuff in craigslist.
I believe this is related to everyday life not professional life.
- flag

- Extra work but NO PAY - - Java developer - 2/12/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been working on TCS project for 6 months, and working hour about 70 - 75 per week without pay. Lot of extra hours including weekend. Neither they pay nor compensate those hours later. Moreover, if anybody takes any leave they cut their salary.

- Oracle Consultant - - Sussaine - 1/7/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
The company is well known in the market but the leadership team is pretty poor at the execution. They emphasize on saving rather than giving a quality. Extra hours, week end work are very common. They don't pay or adjust these extra hours. If you are looking for pay, then this is not the right destination.

- Best company to be in US - - Champ - 6/20/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Good technologies. decent pay.
      - 6/4/2013 - I simply do not agree with it because i have been with this company for 5 years - flag

- Worst Company on the face of this planet - - US consultant - 10/20/2011 - flag as inappropriate - comment
The worst company on the face of this planet!! They don't pay you in full at the end of your contract, they are greedy and cheap as hell and always complain that we aren't doing our job right even though us workers put extra hours every day to make these @@sholes happy. I will definitely be slapping them with a law suit soon.
     louseyy - 6/20/2012 - what made u think like that? uReason may be you are not doing ur work proper.. - flag
      - 6/4/2013 - louseyy, you are saying "may be you are not doing ur work proper", which means you do not know whats going on OR you might be one of those Managers in that company. I worked with that company and whatever he said is sadly, damn right!!! - flag

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Tata Consultancy Services has been rated by 7 people, the average rating is 3.0.

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