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85 Lincoln Highway Edison, NJ 08820Alert: 21 LCs denied or withdrawn!
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30 reviews or comments about Zylog Systems Limited have been flagged as inappropriate and are under investigation.

- Which consulate is good for s - - - 7/27/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment

      - 7/27/2013 - Which consulate is good for stamping anyone any idea? - flag
      - 7/29/2013 - As along as we are employed in this company, no consulate is good for stamping. I did not get paid on bench and they do not give pay stubs. One of my friends known guy said he got back-wages from the company. He called DOL and they paid him the salary after quitting that company.

It is a terrible company to work for. I am planning to apply for jobs in india now as there are no hopes of coming back.
- flag
      - 7/29/2013 - What documents were missi g in ur case during stamping n which consulate did u go?
I m scared to go.please can u give some advice. - flag

- Anyone after getting visa went for stamping? - - - 7/2/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment

      - 7/3/2013 - I went for india or stamping. Still stuck there - flag
      - 7/9/2013 - zsl stock price RS. 15.75. are they going to close the company ? what will happen to my H1B . - flag
      - 7/13/2013 - What query did you get.since I m planning to go in many layers between ur client n Zsl - flag
      - 7/15/2013 - I had only 1 layer inbetween. But still its of no use. This company has bad reputation and if you go o any us consulate in india, when they see you are from zsl, they get suspicious and do not approve visa. - flag
      - 7/15/2013 - Thanks for replying.Sorry to hear that ur stuck in indiA.zsl dint help to comeback.mine too one layer but now I'm too scared. - flag
      - 7/15/2013 - So you are in India ? Have they rejected ur H1 visa? How r u coming back? - flag
      - 7/16/2013 - I'm in US n planning for long ru been stuck there.
Thanks. - flag
      - 7/24/2013 - Which consulate did u go - flag

- SEBI - Order in the matter of dealing in the shares of Zylog Systems Ltd. (ZSL) - - - 6/14/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Please check SEBI website and read the article. The company is in terrible shape. Not sure if they will ever come up.

      - 6/14/2013 - SEBI bars Zylog chairman, 5 others from capital market
The Securities and Exchange Board of India, on Thursday, barred Chairman and five others of outsourcing firm Zylog Systems from the securities market on charges of fraudulent trading activities.

- flag
      - 6/14/2013 - Sebi bans chief of Zylog Systems
Sebi investigation found that Zylog Systems, its promoters and directors allegedly made 'false, misleading and distorted disclosures repeatedly'
- flag
      - 6/15/2013 - Staping stamping forgot about stamping. If anyone goes to India they will be stuck. - flag
      - 6/17/2013 - Anyone has any trouble getting salary in us ? What happens to the gc processing. All the time spent with this company goes down the drain - flag

- I 140 approved ! - - - 6/5/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Got my I 140( for GC) approved today without any queries ! Great work from the legal team !
      - 6/7/2013 - Congrats!! how long you have been working with them?? - flag
      - 6/7/2013 - Good for you. But this company we need to beg and constantly remind as if i am their assistant. My labor is still not filed. The hr gives some excuse. We will do this december. If december comes they will say their is slight budget prolem. If the money is there then they will say attorney is. On vacation ... They will all reason not to file my case. I have completed 1 yr with them.

I hope some day they go through the pain of gc process. Nobody gives a damn. - flag
      - 6/11/2013 - Yes have been with them for 2 years. Lot of my friends working with them for more than 1 to 2 years have had their GCs fled. Have had no issues with the HR or the management. - flag
      - 6/11/2013 - Not even one employee whose is filed has got GC. They take money for GC filing from me. they say situation is bad and we will surely file the case if i pay the money - flag
      - 6/11/2013 - Not heard about all this, overall have a good experience for me and my friends too - flag
      - 7/2/2013 - Is there any condition like we need to have 5 yrs of prior exp to ZSL to qualify for EB2 category?? Can anyone confirm on this?? - flag
      - 7/3/2013 - Yes, we need to have 5 yrs of prior exp to ZSL to qualify for EB2 category . Two weeks back they filed my labor on EB2. - flag

- Got Placed ! - - - 6/5/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Got placed ASAP after joining. They have lots of contacts.Have good marketing and HR team.
      - 6/7/2013 - Marketing is good. But Hr is bad. All my claims are pending. No proper response. Hr if responding too dull and not listening in what I have to say. Looking for a good time to move from this useless company. They lack professionalism - flag
      - 6/11/2013 - I disagree, have a good experience with the HR and the management, they have acted swiftly on my RFEs and their legal team is also strong. - flag
      - 6/11/2013 - i follow-p with HR for any issue, they are very slow and give words they dont keep up. in the height of frustration no other go than to switch company and let DOL know what they are doing. - flag

- Terrible company - - - 6/3/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I waited long enough. I am calling DOL and getting my full wages. They hired me in H4 and did H1B, Did not do anything after that. No pay since Oct 2012. If i ask for paystub, they are asking to give money to run payroll. Some of my friends paid money in cash and got their paystub. I wasted so much time. Now there is no job and they are cancelling my H1B.
No response for anybody. I wasted time and money. I feel cheated and what a bogus these people are
      - 6/4/2013 - Are they cancelling H1?? - flag
     abc - 6/4/2013 - I don't think this is true. I am also an H4 to H1 and they placed me immediately and ran my payroll too from Day 1. - flag
      - 6/4/2013 - This is a false allegation. I have been with this company for a long time and seen lot of people convert from H4 to H1 and get placed. Never missed single pay cycle... - flag
      - 6/5/2013 - Yes they cancelled my visa..very disappointing - flag
      - 6/7/2013 - I know a person who h4 for long time. Not a single paroll run and not placed too. The stock of this company also very bad and people are very unhappy. No salary paid to indian bhranch. I read all employee are quitting because they dint pay since 4 months.

Some bench pay of $ 520 is also not paid on time. they are extremely unorganized. Before the company gets closed, people should be careful and quit on their own. They talk like they are running a tea shop. One recriter called who was working before and mentioned that the situation is too bad.

- flag

- Is any one got job on in Jan month - - Rupesh - 1/21/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Is any one got job on and web development in Jan month
     KJ - 1/21/2013 - still searching - flag
      - 1/22/2013 - yes .. got prjct in .net a month back! - flag
      - 1/23/2013 - I am still searching in java field but i know one person in my field has already started working. - flag
     KJ - 1/24/2013 - How many INT you attendant, you placed through ZSL or any other references ? - flag
      - 1/31/2013 - look for anyother company..This is a goon company. your life will be in trouble from driving license to H1 extension to experience letter. This one is just money eater. - flag
      - 2/1/2013 - What happened ? - flag
      - 2/6/2013 - Is there any body like me who still dint get a project ? - flag
      - 2/6/2013 - How are they running ur payroll if ur in usa - flag
     sr - 3/27/2013 - Anyone still searching for projects who got their visa's approved via ZSL? I am still searching for one. If anyone has already found then which technology and did ZSL actually help in that? - flag
      - 5/22/2013 - Bad company to work. They don pay the actual salary but only some allowace amt. no paystebs are given. All employees resign in chennai office. accounts people treat me like begger. expense claim pending for long time. extremely unhappy that i came and joined here.

please be aware of this fraud company. i hope dol find what these people are doing.

did any get paysteb during bench ? i want to leave this company as soon as possible - flag
      - 5/24/2013 - same here. they hired me and kept me on bench for long time. recruiter did not find any job. they paid some allowance and then one day they told me they are cancelling my h1. i dint have much time to convert to h4.I felt very bad. no wonder this company is drowning. i cruse this company. - flag

- Finally got project - - - 12/4/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Guys keep trying dont loose hope.
      - 12/4/2012 - Congrats!! Was it really tough with the interviews and stuff ? - flag
      - 12/4/2012 - congrats!! it by ur effort or zylog found u? - flag
      - 12/4/2012 - Thanks.I tried plus zsl also helped.It was tough to get,answered many interviews and finally got one.
After answering many interviews it was easy for me to get one.
Good luck guys. - flag
      - 12/4/2012 - Yes its really tough to get an interview at this point of time. Any way All the best !! - flag
      - 12/4/2012 - nice that you had hot many interviews before..have not landed with a single interview till now:( - flag
      - 12/4/2012 - all the very best for ur new venture! - flag
      - 12/4/2012 - Strange to know that u dint answer single interview.Apply through dice corp to corp.time flies like anything.dec is full of holidays.dont worry guys try n try ul get.
Thanks for the wishes. - flag
      - 12/5/2012 - So I have a doubt .. I have been applying only the openings which the marketing team sent me.So should i apply more than that ? - flag
      - 12/5/2012 - Obviously yes but then u need to check whether position is corp to corp then only u Can apply.secondly talk to your marketing team n discuss with him.third u shd inform ur marketing team about the jobs that u have applied.fourth find jobs on corp to corp.
Good luck. - flag
      - 12/11/2012 - Can you briefly tell what happened ? - flag
      - 12/11/2012 - Please can you enlighten us on the situation, so we can also be a bit careful. - flag
      - 1/3/2013 - Any body else got projects ? - flag
     abc - 1/9/2013 - i got 221g slip..still in proces.anybody already working with zylog in US pls share your this company really good or not...r they paying slary or not??? - flag
     KJ - 1/17/2013 - Still searching - flag

- Being paid - - - 10/22/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Please let everyone know if anyone got any update about getting paid while finding projects.
I have heard that they give 1000$ while you are not on project.
Did anybody talk to HR or got confirmation?
      - 10/22/2012 - Ya that was actually written in offer letter but i dont think so. - flag
      - 10/24/2012 - R u sure?i havent got any project. - flag
      - 10/25/2012 - me neither! - flag
      - 10/25/2012 - Even me also. I think by now, nobody got into project - flag
      - 10/25/2012 - so did you guys talk to HR about getting paid?
Its not only about the money, but maintaining the H1 status too right? - flag
      - 10/30/2012 - anyone got project????
Are they really helping to line up interviews??? - flag
      - 11/1/2012 - Is there anyone who has not got into project n got paid?im worried about maintaining status.

- flag
      - 11/5/2012 - has everyone got into project? - flag
      - 11/7/2012 - Has evryone got into project or still searching.Someone reply? - flag
      - 11/7/2012 - still searching..wat abt others??? - flag
      - 11/7/2012 - same here - flag
      - 11/7/2012 - no! still searching!
Also, they are not gonna pay 1000$ while you are not on project. - flag
      - 11/7/2012 - Did anyone ask them about paying or maintaining status? - flag
      - 11/9/2012 - Yes they pay on time if you are in project... - flag
      - 11/15/2012 - Yes I called them to ask about payment..
They say we are in grace period right now, once you get a project we can how that salary got delayed and provide salary slips of previous months...
So we aren't getting payed until we find project :(
Search is still on... :( - flag
      - 11/15/2012 - Thank so much for the still searching.most jobs r asking full time.hope u guys also get soon.all the best to people who haven't got. - flag
      - 11/20/2012 - Can anyone let me know abt salary process,when we get into project?? - flag
      - 11/21/2012 - have u got project ?
- flag
      - 11/21/2012 - does any body you guys know got project?
They are asking the effing high rates after all interviews.
I don't know what will happen! - flag
      - 11/26/2012 - no projects yet ..really worried now - flag
      - 11/28/2012 - Me too don't have project.really frustrating and worrying situation.wat about u guys - flag
      - 11/28/2012 - guys what is the situation in your cases. - flag
      - 11/28/2012 - yea same here!
and they will not pay till the 3-4 months grace period is over! - flag
     anonymous - 11/28/2012 - are they really marketing?..getting worried abt status..still no projects! - flag
      - 11/28/2012 - did anybody get projects? - flag
      - 11/28/2012 - Ru guys getting calls ?I tried in my state no luck now trying in differn states, - flag
      - 11/29/2012 - I am getting calls but they have false projected my exp. I am unable to justify my exp. to the recruiters :(
and also the visa status i was working on before. - flag
      - 11/30/2012 - If you were working before than visa status should not be a problem right? - flag
      - 12/4/2012 - lets count how many without projects...i ll start with mine..
1..please add to it - flag
      - 12/4/2012 - no 2 . - flag
     TJ - 12/4/2012 - no 3! - flag
      - 12/6/2012 - only 3??..anybody else got project?..hows the scene at ur end guys? - flag
      - 12/7/2012 - I think many are not active as they were doing so during RFE - flag
     Spm - 12/7/2012 - Hello guys,

I m going for stamping next week. What is minimum time period to fly after getting visa, plz share u r exp. Best luck


- flag
      - 12/9/2012 - ^Shashikant .. you can fly even the next day after getting visa! - flag
      - 12/9/2012 - When zsl normally plan for US after getting visa..??. Ideally we can fly after holding visa... That's not issue....... - flag
      - 12/11/2012 - if anybody wants to process H1B through this company strongly recommend PLEASE DO NOT...!..they have absolutely no direct is worse than can end up having no projects and can affect ur status issues!...this is one useless company who get ur h1b processes and cant find you projects! - flag
      - 12/13/2012 - anybody else got projects? long are you guys sticking on without payroll ?? it may affect status - flag
     abc - 1/9/2013 - i got 221g slip..still in proces.anybody already working with zylog in US pls share your this company really good or not...r they paying slary or not??? - flag
      - 1/31/2013 - I would suggest to not join this company in US. You will be in trouble. If you have been trapped then try to get another job and kick the bloody agents and his two HR.

Now its upto u and after that if u want to be with this company ...u will recall my suggestion one day. - flag

- Omg can't believe status shows it got approved - - - 9/20/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment

      - 9/20/2012 - It shows post decision the case with others too?

- flag
      - 9/20/2012 - Please someone reply.i m too scared, - flag
      - 9/20/2012 - Updated on site but no email from this case with anyone? - flag
      - 9/20/2012 - Mine is still in decision only. But i got a confirmation email from ZSL. I am also little confused - flag
     dhinka chika - 9/20/2012 - Hey congrats man ... I think we should organise ourselves in a better fashion , like a mailing list or smth to help each other better, what say ? - flag
     dhinka chika - 9/20/2012 - Yup, i have been checking every one hour .. no change, its still in response review..... feeling tense as - flag
      - 9/20/2012 - Dhinkachika: I know wat happens.but urs will get approved.i haven't got email,zsl said it will 3-4 days. - flag
      - 9/20/2012 - So shocking my status changed from post decision to decision. - flag
     dhinka chika - 9/20/2012 - i think that could have been a bug on USCIS website. Chill and relax with a beer . i know its easier to say than its done... i m so anxious... - flag
      - 9/20/2012 - Are you'll guys in the US.. any news on the visa stamping process? - flag
      - 9/21/2012 - I am in US. - flag
     dhinka chika - 9/21/2012 - Me tooo.. - flag
     JP - 9/21/2012 - Got confirmation email from zsl. - flag
     LO - 9/21/2012 - Anyone whose start validity date is other than October 1, 2012? I hear this year the start dates are different for everyone. Is this the case every year? - flag
     JP - 9/21/2012 - I got start date as oct 1 2012 and to my knowledge every year it's the same. - flag
     Dhinka Chika.. - 9/22/2012 - Mine is still stuck in the same state , - flag
     dhinka chika - 9/25/2012 - Yipeee - yi - ao , mine is approved they say they have sent an email notice? Yipeee... - flag
      - 9/25/2012 - I hope so, everybody got their visa approved. :) - flag
     JP - 9/25/2012 - Dhibka chinka: Congrats.Enjoy now. - flag
     dhinka chika - 9/25/2012 - So whats next ? - flag
     dhinka chika - 9/25/2012 - Thanks JP , So whats happening at ur end ? When are u putting your papers? when do we put them ? - flag
      - 9/25/2012 - So do u guys already work here in US? - flag
     dhinka chika - 9/25/2012 - Yup i m here working on a diff visa. How abt u ? - flag
     sree - 9/25/2012 - Hey Guys, do you applied for visa in premium process or regular. Mine is regular still showing as initial review. Please some one reply me.
Thanks. - flag
     dhinka chika - 9/25/2012 - Mine was premium.. i think all the approvals that have come in now must be in premium. - flag
     dhinka chika - 9/27/2012 - Hey guys what next after approval , i m not seeing any mails from HR ? How do i get to know the effective date ? - flag
     TJ - 9/27/2012 - dhinkachika, I guess everyone's effective date is 1st Oct only. - flag
     dhinka chika - 9/27/2012 - If thats the case, how can we report there on Oct 1 . i dont have much time left to put in my papers(charge of $6000 if i dont report there on Oct1) . Kindly let me know how are u going abt doing this ? Did you put in ur papers ? - flag
     JP - 9/27/2012 - I think we should expect to get approval notice by mail this week.did anyone collect the same from them?after that I don't know wat is to b done? - flag
     Dhinka Chika - 9/27/2012 - Guys I think we all should get a mail chain running instead of posting it here. What say? - flag
     Dhinka Chika - 9/27/2012 - Anyone applied h1b through change.of.status here ? - flag
      - 9/28/2012 - COS is approved. - flag
     Dhinka Chika - 9/30/2012 - Hey , So when are u planning to put down ur papers? i hope u r aware that from Oct 1 we can no longer ocntinue to work with our previous employers....

So whats ur plan ? - flag
      - 10/1/2012 - It is from h4 to h1, so no need for notice. - flag
     dhinka chika - 10/1/2012 - Aah i c , lucky u .... - flag
      - 10/2/2012 - Guys,whoever status has been changed from h4 to h1..Anybody into project???How is it going on??Any update?? - flag
      - 10/2/2012 - No not yet !! just now they have mailed to come and collect the documents .. what about others ? - flag
     dhinka chika - 10/2/2012 - Proj search is going on , very anxious. Zsl marketing team is amazing, a big thumbs up to them. - flag
      - 10/2/2012 - How do u know that they have started all these proj searching ? - flag
      - 10/2/2012 - Did any one receive their docs.. Converting from H4 to H1 need to get my SSN done. - flag
      - 10/5/2012 - Please before joining this company, think 100 times. And if you join do not stay more than 2 months. If you stay more than two months than you will know what mistake you have done...just an advice.

Inside this company someone bad is working. believe it or not....but one day you will know. - flag
     TJ - 10/6/2012 - could you please give more details?
as in what should we look for or take caution? - flag
      - 10/11/2012 - Guys,conversion from H4 to H1,anybody got into project?? Are u getting interview calls??
- flag
      - 10/11/2012 - ^
How about you? Are you getting calls? What if they can't find a project in this month? - flag
      - 10/11/2012 - no not yet. I am just getting requirement abt u guys??? will they pays us or only when we get into project?? - flag
      - 10/11/2012 - I just got my document and yet to apply for SSN. I dint get any mails regarding project. In what stage are u guys ?
- flag
      - 10/16/2012 - Any body got into project ? - flag
      - 10/17/2012 - trying .. trying .. and trying! - flag
      - 10/19/2012 - Do u guys know if they provide paycheques to keep us in status while we r not on projects
This will verify our H1 status - flag
      - 10/19/2012 - How long can you be on H1 status and not have a paycheck coming in your account? Are we not suppossed to be paid by ZSL from day1 of H1 approval - Oct 1st - flag
      - 10/19/2012 - I guess in their offer letter, it was written that they will pay us on 1st and 15th.
They didn't ask for any account details yet. - flag
      - 10/19/2012 - Guys , Any idea if zsl will pay the lca amount when we search for project? Otherwise we will be out of status. - flag
     SPM - 10/22/2012 - HI GUYS,

How many of you travelled to US in last 3 or 4 months???. Just want to know wether people are flying or not?? Thanks - flag
      - 10/22/2012 - Hi Guys, Anybody ay New Jersy/New York got into project??? - flag
     Shashikantpmore - 10/22/2012 - Dear all

Please start the chain mail, so we can communicate effectively to know what is happening across processing of visa, US travelling, project allocation etc.

Please paste over here ur ids, I can start to send mail. My I'd is

Thanks .... - flag
      - 11/18/2012 - Try a little bit more and work for a good company. ZSL is just to eat your money ..40 to 60%. Do not get confused by GC.ZSL will earn money in the name of green card by deducting $200 per pay check till it reach to 5000 and at the end there is nothing for you because they will file your GC in lower category and you will never get....Just wasting of time....

Leave this big fake as sson as possible... - flag

- Status change from RFE to RFE response review. - - - 9/13/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment

      - 9/13/2012 - TJ did u came to know abt yrs of approval??? Guys anybody else got it approved ???????? - flag
      - 9/13/2012 - No Not yet !!! It has changed from RFE to RFE response review .. Hope it changes in few days - flag
      - 9/13/2012 - when did it change to RFE response review??? Can you please let me know when it changes to decision????? - flag
      - 9/13/2012 - It changed on Sept 11th for me from RFE to RFE response. I assume this is the case with others also - flag
      - 9/13/2012 - Mine got changed today to response RFE....
TJ:can u plz tel how long it took to change from rfe response to decision?thanks - flag
     TJ - 9/14/2012 - it took me around 4-5 days from rfe response to decision approval.
Mine is 3 yrs approval.
Best of luck to everyone. - flag
     dhinka chika - 9/17/2012 - Any update any one ? Mine still shows RFE .. :( 2 weeks after the HR told me that response was sent to USCIS :(( - flag
      - 9/17/2012 - OMG!!!it has got Approved :) ..They have send approval notice mail..but still not updated in USCIS - flag
      - 9/17/2012 - Hi mine got changed to rfe response review on last thursday 13sep.i had got fe on 19 jun.hope this info helps. - flag
      - 9/17/2012 - Hi,
Can u plz tel wat was ur status on uscis.since u are saying that it's not updated.
Mine is still response review.did zsl send u mail?
- flag
      - 9/17/2012 - thank u..yes they have out mail on case update..but now its updated on portal too. - flag
      - 9/17/2012 - Wat was ur RFE date? - flag
      - 9/17/2012 - jun 19th... - flag
      - 9/17/2012 - Congrats !!! Did ZSL contact u in mail or phone ?? - flag
      - 9/17/2012 - thank u..they have mailed me !!! - flag
      - 9/17/2012 - One more question !! when did it change from RFE to RFE response review?
- flag
      - 9/17/2012 - OMG!!! Mine also got approved. But my doubt is mine is in Decision stage, still post decision activity is there. Is this the case with all other people whose petition got approved. - flag
      - 9/17/2012 - Can anyone tell which date was the RFE changed to rfe response review?is there anyone whose response review date was 13 sep and got approved? - flag
     dhinka chika - 9/17/2012 - Mine finally got changed to RFE response review two hours back ...

Visa reciept date : Jun 8
RFE Response date : June 19 .
RFE Response Review date:Sept 17 .


Is anyone out there doing a visa status change? - flag
     dhinka chika - 9/18/2012 - Any updates anyone? - flag
     JP - 9/18/2012 - Still response review. - flag
     TJ - 9/18/2012 - guys! don't worry! its just a matter of time!
everyone will get the approval. - flag
     dhinkachika - 9/18/2012 - TJ and JP please drop me a mail at
i wanted to discuss a few things with u guys...
appreciate ur help .. - flag
      - 9/19/2012 - Guys,anybody got project,who has their visa approved??? - flag
      - 9/19/2012 - No !!! ZSL has not contacted yet about the procedures - flag
     dhinka chika - 9/20/2012 - Any more approvals ??? - flag
      - 9/20/2012 - still waiting. - flag
      - 9/20/2012 - Dinka chika did u check yours? - flag
     dhinka chika - 9/20/2012 - Ya i did , its still in RFE response review . no change at all .. i have been checking every one hour these days, - flag
     dhinka chika - 9/20/2012 - I have never been this anxious my entire life... :((((((( - flag
      - 9/27/2012 - when did it change to RFE response review??? - flag
     Dhinka Chika - 9/30/2012 - Around 3rd week of September - flag
      - 10/5/2012 - You will get RFE through out the duration of your stay in the company whenever you will apply for h1b extension. So, be prepare for this. ...You would not be able to go your country also beacuse you would not get legal support from this froud number -1 company... - flag

- hurray.. its approved - - tj - 9/10/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
status changed today from rfe to approved
      - 9/10/2012 - congrats..did you get a 3 yr approval or just 1 year? - flag
      - 9/10/2012 - vow..great u know when was ur RFE replied?? how many years u have got it approved ??? - flag
      - 9/10/2012 - TJ Congrats !!! So when did u u got ur RFE before or on 19th June ? - flag
      - 9/10/2012 - Congrats.what was ur RFE date?my status still shows RFE. - flag
     tj - 9/10/2012 - guys i got rfe before 19. dont know yrs of approval date. just status is changed on uscis. they replied last week.
- flag

- Anyone Any change in RFE status? - - - 9/10/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment

- Request for Evidence Response Review - - - 9/4/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Did anyone's status changed to
"Request for Evidence Response Review" ?

I suppose they have started replying to the RFEs.
      - 9/4/2012 - no..not yet..does anyone know that they have replied to RFE??? - flag
      - 9/4/2012 - Yes!!!! - flag
      - 9/4/2012 - Did they communicate?? When did they reply to RFE? Has the status changed?? - flag
      - 9/4/2012 - Probably they must have sent last Friday.we should be able to see status change this week.
So by month end or atmost 1st week of October will get to see the final output from uscis. - flag
      - 9/4/2012 - any notification thr email for reply to RFE??? - flag
      - 9/5/2012 - Did anyone get a confirmed news that they replied to the RFE?
They just keep on pushing it off every single week.. - flag
      - 9/5/2012 - They had said to me that they will be replying on last Friday or this week so that by sep end we will see the output, - flag
      - 9/5/2012 - They confirmed that RFE reply has been done yesterday.. How long will it take for the decision?? - flag
      - 9/6/2012 - Does anyone see a change in status from RFE? - flag
      - 9/6/2012 - No change as of now - flag
      - 9/6/2012 - Yes!! - flag
      - 9/7/2012 - when did the status change from RFE?? - flag
      - 9/7/2012 - I am checking it again n again but still the same RFE.I don't know wen will they change? - flag
      - 9/7/2012 - yeah..but somebody has replied with Yes.. Hope their status has been changed..Please reply when did it change ??? - flag
      - 9/7/2012 - I don't think he/ she means to say yes for status change - flag
      - 9/9/2012 - is it?????? - flag
      - 9/9/2012 - Waiting for tommorrow to see any change in rfe status.
- flag

- Any new update on RFE? - - JP - 7/30/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment

      - 7/31/2012 - I wish I could have an update.
Did you try contacting HR? - flag
      - 7/31/2012 - no updates till now.. tried contacting HR last week.they replied , company has invested huge amount of money,so they make sure to reply before the deadline. - flag
      - 7/31/2012 - oh! they actually said that?
Did they tell you what the last date was? - flag
      - 7/31/2012 - when did u get RFE??? - flag
      - 7/31/2012 - close to 50 days back.
you? - flag
      - 7/31/2012 - yes me too got it same time..actual deadline is 90 they should reply within mid of sep hopefully.. - flag
     JP - 7/31/2012 - I got it on 19 June n I m pretty sure most of u must have got on same der anyone who have got before 19 jun and they have replied to RFE? - flag
      - 7/31/2012 - I got it few days before 19jun .. but didn't get any update on RFE! - flag
      - 8/1/2012 - Hope they will reply before the deadline..Still we have time.. - flag
     JP - 8/11/2012 - Hi friends,
Any new update? - flag
     TJ - 8/13/2012 - no!
Its still the same.
Can't make any travel plans too.
ZSL, please give us some updates. - flag
      - 8/13/2012 - yeah..still no updates..frustrated.. - flag
      - 8/21/2012 - Hi friends any update on RFE?????? - flag
     JP - 8/21/2012 - No.Does anyone know the last date to respond to RFE?did anyone call them? - flag
      - 8/21/2012 - for those got RFE on jun 19th,deadline is Sep 14th..they informed like that.. - flag
     TJ - 8/22/2012 - obtuse people!
What impression do these people are managing to make infront of USCIS by submitting the missing info minutes before the deadline. That they were buying time? God help our case. - flag
      - 8/22/2012 - did anyone called them or mailed regarding this??? - flag
     TJ - 8/22/2012 - lol! I call them daily at 4 numbers of 4 different HRs and their main office number too.
Nobody .. ever .. I mean ever pick up the phone. - flag
     JP - 8/22/2012 - I was thinking of calling them but then dropped idea of calling them.i knew they will not pick n will do watever n whenever they want.did they ask anyone to submit any documents?I m so frustrated that everyday I check my status ans see its the same.i can't even make travel plan.i just pray that all our cases get approved. - flag
      - 8/26/2012 - Any updates on RFE response guys... no response on mine yet. its been close to 90 days now... - flag
      - 8/27/2012 - oh is it??when did u get ur RFE??? - flag
      - 8/27/2012 - yea me too! its been close to 90 days!
no updates on USCIS. - flag
      - 8/27/2012 - might me link is not updated.. did u check with ZSL?? - flag
      - 8/31/2012 - Guys they will send reply to RFE tommorrow or Monday
We will be able to see update in coming weekend.goodluck guys. - flag
      - 8/31/2012 - Thanks for the update. Atleast we will be relieved that they will send it before the deadline. - flag

- Has anyone got their status changed from RFE to decision? - - - 7/19/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment

     TJ - 7/19/2012 - No!
Its just waiting, waiting and waiting.
Do any one even know what their RFE was and whether have they responded or not? - flag
      - 7/23/2012 - Absolutely No !! i tried asking them couple of times and no proper reply - flag
      - 7/23/2012 - Yea, that is extremely worrisome now.
At least they should be able to tell whats the RFE and whether have they submitted the missing information/evidence. - flag
      - 7/23/2012 - They had told me that they are working on it one by one but don't know how far they have responded.
Its 60 days to respond back.its just worrying me. - flag
      - 7/23/2012 - They have mentioned deadline is Sep 14 2012. And they have started responding one by one.. But whenever i ask they say this will be taken care for sure..But i am very much worried.. Has anyone's status changed from RFE?? - flag
      - 7/23/2012 - I received a call from one of the HR 2 weeks back.
She told me that many of us have received RFEs and the lawyer is processing all the requests in one go (batch) and status should change in 1 week.
more than 2 weeks have been passed .. no info.
They just don't pick the phone. - flag
      - 7/23/2012 - Most of them received call from one of the HR asking for work gave me confidence that they are working on it. But still there is no change.. - flag
     JP - 7/23/2012 - I too received call from HR asking work location almost 2 weeks back.secondly she said they r processing RFE one by one but I don't know whether they r going to submit it all together in one go as one of u said.
Did they ask anyone to submit any documents?
Waiting n checking the status is too frustrating nor able to plan anythg. - flag
     TJ - 7/23/2012 - hah! I guess the work location preference inquiry/call was just a positive sentiment injector.
Either nobody knows whats happening or they are deliberately not telling the to-be employees about the RFE proceedings.

I guess they are just buying time. When the deadline will approach they will submit something, we might get RFE back asking for client letter. October will be nearing and they could obtain client letters nearing Oct. and then they will resubmit response to RFE and we will have to wait again to push our luck. - flag
      - 7/23/2012 - Has anyone got it approved from ZSL?? - flag
     Jp - 7/24/2012 - Tj: wat ur saying is right.hope we don't get rfe again.
- flag

- Has anybody received " Request For Evidence" status? - - - 6/19/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
i checked my status and it says "Request for Evidence". Has anybody got that? actually it misses some documents? and does anybody knows about it or has anybody got that ?
      - 6/19/2012 - Yes even I have got it.was not expecting.big tension.
- flag
      - 6/20/2012 - I received it too on 19th June? same with you guys? - flag
      - 6/20/2012 - Yes on same date may be all our applications were sent together.dont know wat is requested. - flag
      - 6/20/2012 - yes i also received it on 19th june. Hoping that they should send the proper documents within the date they have asked.
lets see - flag
     SPM - 6/23/2012 - RFE means consulates need more documents for the verification . Don't worry employer will take care of it no action from u r side. same was happened with me.

Best luck.
- flag
      - 6/23/2012 - Was it happened with u for this year quota?did u get approval?thx. - flag
      - 6/26/2012 - Has anybody got any news whether what documents they asked and have they send it back to USCIS - flag
      - 6/26/2012 - They said that attorney is working on he case.but if they need anything from us they would have told by it must be that they don't need anything from us. - flag
      - 6/26/2012 - Thats was the reply i got from my HR too. lets wait and see - flag
      - 6/28/2012 - Hi,
I received RFE on Jun 8th 2012 for premium processing.
I tried reaching them on call / email but no response.
I am worried. I am guessing everybody got RFE.

if any of you or your friends got their H1 approved for this year, please reply. It will be atleast some positive news we could be cheerful about. - flag
      - 6/28/2012 - Yes I know one person who got h1 approved without rfe but my case does have rfe and they said they r wrkg on it.dont know wat is the u know wat is the rfe in ur case?bye. - flag
      - 6/29/2012 - Does anybody know how many days time they will give the attorney to respond to RFE ? - flag
     TJ - 6/29/2012 - No, I too don't know what the RFE is for.
Its just that nobody from zsl picks up the phone.
The max time for responding to RFE is 60 days. I hope they do reply by then. But I don't want to wait till end of 60 days only to realize they can't provide the req. docs.
- flag
      - 6/29/2012 - Got the approval in a week from the date of filing. Filed on June 11th. - flag
      - 6/30/2012 - Got the approval within one week of submission. Applied on 8th. - flag
      - 7/1/2012 - I too applied on 8th but got RFE on 19 june.whoever got approved are very lucky no tension.congrats there anyone who got rfe and got approved? - flag
     TJ - 7/2/2012 - Congrats to all those who got approved.
^Above .. good question .. Is there anyone who got RFE and then got approved? or is there anyone who know what their RFE is? ZSL doesn't answer the phones/emails. I am worried. - flag
      - 7/2/2012 - I mailed ZSL about the RFE but they dint specify about it and also the time given to respond for REF is 90 days it seems. So i hope they will send the documents near to that. I think we have to wait for couple of months.
- flag
      - 7/2/2012 - All those whose H1Bs are approved in 2012 --Plz share the H1B validity period ..did you get 1 year validity or 3 years? - flag
      - 7/2/2012 - Do you know what your RFE is?
Do USCIS require client letter? - flag
      - 7/3/2012 - No the HR dint tell what the RFE was - flag
     Renu - 7/9/2012 - Please let everyone know if your status changes from RFE to Review.
I am still at RFE stage. - flag
      - 7/12/2012 - ya sure !! i think we have to wait couple of months - flag

- Waiting for Stamping - - SPM - 6/14/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Hi ZSL Fellows,

I had discussion with HR last month, people are getting visa's & already serving NP, just they are waiting for fly to US. Guys keep patients, people are getting visa.

Best Luck .

     Test - 6/15/2012 - Hi guys,

Does anybody know zsl commission in percentage? Are you getting full salary as per ctc or you are getting 60/40 or 70/30 salary? Anyone has clear idea on that? I am asking if consultancy will get percentage, is it mandatory for them to mention their commission in your offer letter or not? - flag
      - 6/16/2012 - It's mostly will bento mentioned in offer - flag
      - 6/16/2012 - Typo in prev comment it will be not mentioned in offer - flag
      - 6/19/2012 - Has anyone got approved this week? - flag
      - 6/25/2012 - hi guys, what is your experience and your skill set, how much did zylog offer you ? please mail me . my id is - flag
      - 10/5/2012 - leave this company asap. There are goons inside this company. do not give any document/originals. - flag

- Replied when ever reached them - - - 6/12/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
They have replied me when ever possible, only once it was a day late and they did apologize mentioning they were busy with the filing procedure. Till now it is great, Waiting to get onboard..
      - 6/12/2012 - Ya they even did for me!! But at the crucial time when the Quota was about to get over they dint reply back at all. Thats y everybody panicked. - flag
      - 6/13/2012 - I agree that during crucial time they should have replied.atleast one common mail to all.Not receiving calls nor replying to mails is complete unprofessional on their part.i don't know in what order they have applied in my case it took more than a month when my all docs were proper.anyway just watg for approval.
- flag
      - 11/18/2012 - Yes, They reply when they want to earn money but not when you need them.... - flag

- They keep their word - - - 6/8/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
My case has been Filed!. One of my friend who also applied through ZSL has gotten approval yesterday for the entire 3 years. I too tried reaching them several times, but i got an confirmation email that the case has been filed, and i will get the receipt number next week. They gave me a FedEx tracking number too. They mentioned to me in the email that due to heavy call volume they are not able to respond to everybody at the crucial filing time.You guys are in the same position as i was, but they kept their word. Good Luck !
      - 6/8/2012 - Hi when did they file your case?So did it reach USCIS?I am asking since you have FedEx no.even mine is sent this week so was bit concerned.
- flag
      - 6/8/2012 - My case was filed this week only. I got the confirmation. - flag
      - 6/9/2012 - Just for my concern can you let me know when did the papers received USCIS by looking through FedEx.did they give receipt no who filed this week?so what confirmation did they giv?thanks - flag
      - 6/11/2012 - Even My case was also filed. But dont know when and receipt number. Hoping for the best. - flag
      - 6/11/2012 - Got my receipt number hurray.guys check with them I am sure any1 watg for it will get their number. - flag
      - 6/13/2012 - Guys, they filed my h1b application for the year 2012 in august 2011. It got approved in march 2012 only. But still now, they have not send me for stamping. it's more than a year since my approval. they will always say , they will send u for stamping in 1 or 2 months. but, they would never send u for stamping. - flag
      - 6/13/2012 - R u in US? How long they expect you to wait before going for stamping? - flag
      - 6/20/2012 - No, I am in India - flag
      - 6/25/2012 - Guys, plz share the email id or your contact details. because whenver i call zylog they always tell, we are processing for some other candidates, you will process for u next month. i think, they might be telling the same story for all. Its more than a year my petition got approved, and they are not sending for visa interview. if any of you or ur friends went for visa interview, plz post their contact details. - flag

- Just want to know if anyone got their receipt number for H1B 2013 till today? - - - 6/4/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Guys, anyone got their receipt for H1B 2013?

- Dont trust this guys - - - 5/23/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Hi Guys, these people are not at all standing on their words and if people get into critical times they dont support employees. Its dangerous to go with this company
      - 5/31/2012 - Can you please elaborate as to what exactly happened?
or what exactly is the issue with them?
I am looking forward to file an H1 with them. - flag

- I do not like them - - - 5/15/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
others are fine!

- Is it ok to file H1 through Zylog? - - jann - 4/14/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment

Just want to know whether it is good to do H1 from this company?Is there anyone from onsite who can share their experience with them
As many of them said that they take long time to reply to mail.I agree to this.Do they charge anything for filling h1?

     visajob - 5/15/2012 - Hi, just want to let you know that it is illegal to charge employees for h1b visa expenses.

I do not know this company, BTW.

Good Luck! - flag
      - 5/31/2012 - Hi,
No they didn't ask for H1 filing charges.
They asked only for Premium processing charges (1225$)

They don't pick up the phones, take ages to reply via email.
I hope they are not fraud. - flag

- My H1 documents approved - - Employee - 8/24/2011 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Dear all,

I have just got information from ZSL , documents approved & planning for stamping in 2 months....

- employee - - - 5/13/2011 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I'm working for ZSL from last 3 years and never had a problem in payments. they always pay on time on whatever they got agreed to. They do take care of your accommodation, medical, interview etc expenses while you're on bench. I haven't come across such a company like this who is providing lot of benefits. its an excellent company to work with. They do review your appraisal after 1 year and give you a good raise.

- H1B 2012 - - - 5/6/2011 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Guys, anyone got their receipt for H1B 2012?

- H1b 2011 - - - 4/28/2011 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Anyone got their receipt for this year 2011?


- Got Offer - - shrkjosh - 4/10/2011 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I got offer frm Zylog in Dec month. I have given them original documents. They told me my visa application will be filed this month i.e. April 11. Waiting for response. Any suggestions/concents as feedback is useful ... I am going on positive note.. I hope this experience should be good.

- Got Offer - - shrkjosh - 4/10/2011 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I got offer frm Zylog in Dec month. I have given them original documents. They told me my visa application will be filed this month i.e. April 11. Waiting for response. Any suggestions/concents as feedback is useful ... I am going on positive note.. I hope this experience should be good.

- H1b filling - - - 1/25/2011 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Guys, They have filed my papers in December; do you know when will I get my receipt number please?


- H1B status still initial review - - - 1/18/2011 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Same for me as well, they have filled visa on 17th august but status is still initial review. Some people told me that it takes from 2-6 months and in worst case 6 months. Not sure whether we have to wait more then that.

- Need updated H1 visa - - - 1/18/2011 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Hi,I got receipt number from ZSL and my I129 was filled during August 2010 but its still under initial riview , can any one give me idea how much time it takes to decision ?

- I got and offer from Zylog US, they are offering 60000$ package..after readingall reviews am confused..pls suggest - - - 1/2/2011 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I got and offer from Zylog US, they are offering 60000$ package, and 1000$ whenever on bench and insurance facilities.
But after reading all above posts , am confused now..pls suggest...i hv already accepted offer and my originial markesheets are with them....they hv processed my visa also....if my mind changed .if i dont want to go will i get back my certificated or not...pls suggest......anyone who is already working thru zylog pls gimme ur email id else contact no.....

- Got offer - - New Joinee - 12/19/2010 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Guys, Can you please let me know how genuine they are?

- H1B with Zylog - - Anonymous - 10/30/2010 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I got my USCIS number from them, not sure when my case will be taken. Still on USCIS site status is Initial Review. Anyone any idea how much time it will take for approval process?

- reasonably good - - Anonymous - 10/29/2010 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I have been in the USA for many years on business visa and L1. Did a lot of research before moving into ZSl on H1 2 years back. I never had any problem with payments, excellent marketing and my Green card is also under process. Seen the earlier review and looks like someone wants to tarnish their name. When you read , you can make out that the same person has written multiple reviews. 4 to 5 of my friends also working for ZSL now and they are also happy wth them.

- Info for H1B 2010 - - Anonymous - 10/26/2010 - flag as inappropriate - comment
ZSL has conveyed me my USCIS number. On follow up I was told that now the process will not take more than 1 .. 1.5months.

Can someone honestly tell me what to expect from Zylog. There is a mixed response on this page. Are they good employers? Do they pay what they promised to? Where will they place me in USA?

- Sacrifice - - Arun - 10/5/2010 - flag as inappropriate - comment

- No response from ZSL for me also - - Anonymous - 10/2/2010 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Me too got offer from zsl for h1b 2010 but haven't receieved any response from them till now. Not sure how long we have to wait; whether we will get visa or not? anybody else have any update please share.

- No Response from ZSL - - Anonymous - 9/23/2010 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Hey guys...

I got offer from ZSL in June... but still i m not getting any updates on H1B visa filed from ZSL. Please let me know if anybody offered with employer & got some updates from them...

- H1B - - - 8/25/2010 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Yes They are priving the compensation whatever they accepted

- Information For H1B 2010 - - Current Bench Fellow - 8/4/2010 - flag as inappropriate - comment
They pay whatever they agreed to. Trust me.

- Info - - Anonymous - 7/30/2010 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I got an offer from zylog on May. It's almost 2 months , but did not get any information from zylog.. Any idea when they will file our H1B visas ? Still how long i need to wait ?

- Information For H1B 2010 - - Anonymous - 6/30/2010 - flag as inappropriate - comment
please let me know the clients and Are they really pay 1000$ when you are on bench.

- Required Information For H1B 2010 - - Anonymous - 6/27/2010 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I got an offer from ZSL. They will apply for H1 and will pay a package of 60000. They have also told to pay 1000$ when you are in bench.
They have taken my 10th and 12th certificate and will tell to sign a bond of 2 years once the HIB is granted.

Please let me know if the provide the above perks.
Do please let me know the clients for which they worked.

- ZSL.. - - Anonymous - 6/9/2010 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Before submitting ur passport and the SSC HSC documents, do make their duplicate copies and hand over the same to them..
I did it that way...

- H1B stamping - - Anonymous - 12/16/2009 - flag as inappropriate - comment
They are asking me to go for client interview, then stamping. should i proceed, do they pay on bench as they say they pay 1000$/ week we are on bench. they have offered me 64000$ as my package, do they pay this? can someone who is in USA can reply and if possible share his email id, so that i can contact and get more details.

- I have my passport and document with them, how can i get it back - - Anonymous - 12/1/2009 - flag as inappropriate - comment

- I have my passport and document with them, how can i get it back - - Anonymous - 12/1/2009 - flag as inappropriate - comment

- Zsl - - ZSL_victim - 11/24/2009 - flag as inappropriate - comment
They will promise you to pay bench salary.but they never.Marketing is too bad.No direct client's they have.
They will never compromise for rates and keep you in bench (without pay) until they get good margin.please dont give then your academic certificates

- Hey... - - Anonymous - 11/17/2009 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Dude find some good employer. Once you are in ZSLs hands thats all. No way out and they will squeeze your blood.

- Please let me know more about ZSL - - - 11/9/2009 - flag as inappropriate - comment

I am planing to come USA through ZSL, Please give me more details.
      - 3/1/2013 - ???????????$549,????? 16699?com - flag

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