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2017 Green Card Sponsor by Work City: Abbotsford, WI

Rank: 1 - 25

RankGreen Card SponsorGreen Card PetitionsAverage Salary
1Abbyland Foods432 $25,240

Rank: 1 - 25
Note: To obtain employment based green card in United States, most foreign workers will have to go through 3 steps: 1). Permanent Labor Certification(ETA Form 9089), 2). Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker(Form I-140), 3). Adjust of Status to a permanent resident of the United States(Form I485).

The above report lists the top 1 - 25 employment based Green Card sponsors (Abbotsford, WI) in fiscal year 2016. For Example, the first three records on this report report that Abbyland Foods filed 432 permanent labor certifications under PERM for employment based Green Card in fiscal year 2016. The average salary of those job offerss was $25,240

The green card sponsors(employers) are sorted by the number of Permanent Labor Certifications filed under PERM to National Processing Center. The number includes certified, withdrawn, denied and certified but withdrawn Permanent Labor Certifications.

As above numbers include the Labor Certifications that have been denied or withdrawn, please click the green card sponsors' names to review the details of every certifications. If two green card sponsors have filed same number of permanent labor certifications in the same year and same category, they are further sorted by the average salary in descending order.

The salary is the average salary of all proffered salary on labor certifications filed under PERM system using ETA Form 9089. Some green card sponsors did not enter a specific salary on ETA Form 9089, but a salary range. Our algorithm uses the middle point of the range to calculate the average salary. Please review the certification detail to see the salary range.

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