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How to Find H1B Visa Sponsor?

By Bill at August 10, 2010 21:12
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How to Find a Visa Sponsor? has recently launched its beta version of Immigration Forum. It is not a surprise that the hottest topic is How to Find a Visa Sponsor? 

As we discussed recently, not all jobs are created equal. If you apply for jobs the same way as other American, you will waste most of your time on jobs that are never meant to be yours. Instead, you should concentrate your efforts on those companies that have sponsored H1B Visa for people with the similiar skill sets and education background. 

This is the reason we spend so much time and energy analyzing millions of H1B Visa and Green Card petitions, and present to you H1B Visa and Green Card Reports every year. In the reports, we categorize all visa sponsors in 93 occupations, 99 industries, 17 economic sectors and 50 states. 

Some information on the reports might be surprising. Can you believe that Microsoft is the largest H1B Visa sponsors in Psychology field, and Goldman Sachs was the top 1 sponsor for mathematician in several years? If you do not read those reports, you might never know who are really in need of your skill sets. 

To help you navigate the reports, we have just added a H1B Visa Report Filter on the top left corner of every report. It is pretty straight forward, and we will write a Blog on its functions. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to ask on our Immigration Forum, this is the quickest way to get responses from us.

Who are the top h1b visa sponsors in your occupation?

By Bill at July 20, 2010 01:00
Filed Under: Tips and Features August 2009 Newsletter!Who is the No. 1 H1B Visa Sponsor in Mathematics? Harvard University? NASA? Oak Ridge National Lab? No, none of them! The winner is Goldman Sachs! Since 2001, Goldman Sachs has submitted 1,022 H1B Visa petitions in Mathematics.

Who is the No. 1 H1B Visa Sponsor in Psychology? Johns Hopkins Hospital? Yale University? NIH? No, none of them! The winner is Microsoft! Since 2001, Microsoft has submitted 111 H1B Visa petitions in Psychology.

Why? Goldman Sachs needs Mathematician to develop quantitative models to manage pricing and risks. Microsoft needs Psychologist to design user friendly software. Have those Quantitative Analysts done their job in controlling financial risks? Have those User Experience Researchers presented us a user friendly Windows Vista? We as job hunters do not care. We only care WHO ARE HIRING H1B WOKRERS IN OUR OCCUPATIONS? Opportunities slip away if we do not know the answer. We waste our time sending resumes to employers not hiring H1B workers in our occupations.

The answers are H1B Visa Report 2009 and H1B Visa Solution Wizard. To help its members land ideal visa jobs quickly and efficiently, is launching customized H1B Visa Solution. Create an accountlog into your account if you already
or have one. Fill your professional profile, we will send you a FREE H1B Visa solution in PDF format based on your degree, occupation and location preferences.