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White House Proposed Skills-based Immigration System

By Bill at October 20, 2017 02:14
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On Oct. 8, 2017, the White House released the promised Immigration Principles & Policies which outline the Trump Administration's position on immigration. This document is broken into three parts: 1) Border Security, 2) Interior Enforcement, and 3) Merit-Based Immigration. read full document

"The current immigration system prioritizes extended family based chain migration over skills-based immigration and does not serve the national interest. Decades of low-skilled immigration has suppressed wages, fueled unemployment and strained federal resources."

Therefore, the Administration proposed establishing a merit-based immigration system that protects U.S. workers and taxpayers, and ending chain migration, to promote financial success and assimilation for newcomers.

  1. Limit extended-family chain migration and replace it with a merit-based system that prioritizes skills and economic contributions.
  2. Establish a skills-based, points-based system for green cards;
  3. Eliminate the "Diversity Visa Lottery".
  4. Limit the number of refugees, prevent abuse of the Refugee Admissions Program.

For more information, please click to read original proposal or check our top visa sponsor reports.

U.S. employers are always looking for skilled workers, even in holiday seasons. Please polish your resume and update your career profiles regularly.   

Census Reveals Huge Impact of Immigration

By Bill at April 07, 2011 17:44
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2010 US Census Reveals Huge Impact of Immigration:  Of the total increase of more than 27 million since the 2000 census, about 56 percent of the increase, is due to growth in the Hispanic/Latino population, and about 15 percent, is due to a rise in the smaller Asian population. Both these groups burgeoned by about 43 percent last decade, and together they have accounted for 71 percent of U.S. population gain since 2000.

Enforcing a numerical goal on immigration is hard because we have to deny admission to millions of aspiring residents, not because they're bad people, but simply because their admission would exceed our legal capacity.,0406-ting.shtm

Strategic Alliance with MyTaxFiler

By Bill at February 01, 2011 15:58
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Feb 1, 2011: Mytaxfiler® from the makers of Global Value Add, Inc (GVA) has tied up with MyVisaJobs, a premium
organization and a pioneer in providing visa and work permit based job information and immigration
services through their online web portal. MyTaxFiler® is an intuitive, customized, professionally
designed service platform developed for delivery of Individual and Business service offerings in Taxation
Compliance. Backed by professionals from the tax, software development, & process outsourcing
industry, MyTaxFiler’s delivery capabilities are robust, scalable and designed to suit client needs.

The tie-up between MyVisaJobs and Mytaxfiler® will largely help the immigrant community in finding the
right Visa and Taxation solutions.

Mytaxfiler® specializes in International tax, particularly US India Tax. As per The Government
Accountability office (GAO), USA, from 2000 -2009, 46.9 per cent of the total approved H1-B VISA
Holders had India as their Country of Birth. Between Fiscal year 2000 to 2009, the majority of approved
H1-B workers (initial and the Extensions for the employers subject to the cap and cap exempt employers)
were born in Asia." said the report titled H1-B VISA program reforms are needed to minimize the risks
and costs of current program.

Mytaxfiler is an expert, and Professional services organization having a client base of High Networth
(HNI) individuals, H1 L1 Visa holders, self employed business people, business and Non-profit
organizations. Mytaxfiler provides Business Formation / Incorporation, Accounting, Bookkeeping, and
Payroll compliance services for Business organizations. Services are provided in United States, India,
and Canada. Other services include assistance with PAN, US Tax Identification numbers (ITIN), Self
Directed IRA (SDIRA),Solo 401K ,Foreign Bank account reporting (FBAR),ETPS (Early Tax planning
services),IRS forms preparation, IRS Tax representation, Expat tax services and DTAA expert. Mytaxfiler
competes with Self service tax portals such as Intuits’ TurboTax, Tax act, but the high touch offered is
comparable to the service one gets at H&R Block, or the Jackson Hewitt stores.

Mytaxfiler Tax professionals assist clients with fundamental tax planning and analysis include overseeing
tax consultants on projects which will include complex tax research projects for clients in diverse
industries. They are specialized in expat or expatriate taxes, H1b Taxes, L1 Taxes, J1, M1, F1OPT
Taxes, Itemized tax return, unreimbursed expenses analysis & 2106 preparation, 2555 and foreign
income exclusion. Over the past several years, they have helped hundreds of IT Consultants and other
temporary foreign workers in the US file for their Federal, State, and City/local Taxes.

Mytaxfiler is well known for its great incentive or REFER A FRIEND PROGRAM, paying up to 15% of
gross fees collected. Global Value Add (Mytaxfiler®) has proven efficiency in Tax Planning with individual
Tax Returns, and has saved on an average $ 1500-2000 of tax dollars for its clients. For the Tax Year
2009, Mytaxfiler launched Basic Tax Planning Package at a very nominal charge. Combining unparalleled
experience and efficient services are rendered through qualified CPA’s, Chartered Accountants, MBA
and tax experts. Mytaxfiler today is a choice for many Desi's filing US India tax returns. A proven Desi
consultant, Desi CPA with transparent form based, reasonable & low cost tax return preparation pricing,
having offices globally in Plano, TX, and Bangalore India.

To summarize this Strategic Alliance between Mytaxfiler and MyVisaJobs is going to benefit a large
immigrant community in the US, right from VISA to Tax related services – A single window offering end to
end solution!

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