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Employers filed more petitions for green card in 2019

By Bill at February 05, 2020 22:13
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For most employment based green card categories, U.S. employers starts the process by filing a permanent labor certification(LC) in PERM system. In fiscal year 2019, Department of Labor received 113,104 labor certifications(LC) for green card, a 8.3% increase from fiscal year 2018.

During the same period of time, Department of Labor processed 102,655 labor certifications(LC): 5,535 were denied and 3,971 were withdrawn. We have published all those petitions on our legacy database system.

Labor Certification Received Processed Certified Denied Withdrawn  
2019 113,014 102,655 93,865 5,535 3,971 PDF report
2018 104,360 119,776 109,550 6,255 3,791 PDF report
2017 105,034 97,603 87,609 6,413 3,581 PDF report
2016 97,504 126,143 115,933 5,560 4,650 PDF report
2015 87,644 89,151 78,938 5,851 4,362 PDF report
2014 74,936 70,988 62,633 4,349 4,016 PDF report

Please use following links to search potential job opportunities and pitch employers directly. Labor Certification(LC) is different from Labor Condition Application(LCA) . LC is for employment based green card while LCA is for H1B visa.

Our new visa job database is now updated daily with full copies of original petitions. However, we still maintain the legacy system which is updated once every quarter with case summary only. Some cases might not appear on both systems due to various reasons.

U.S. employers are always looking for skilled workers, even in holiday seasons. Please polish your resume and update your career profiles regularly.