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Employers filed over 550K LCA in 9 months, but who really use them?

By Bill at September 26, 2019 05:57
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We have published all labor applications(LCA) filed by U.S. employers during the first 9 months of fiscal year 2019 through our legacy database system.

From October 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019, Department of Labor processed 552,336 LCA for H-1B visa jobs: 5,199 were denied, 16,379 were withdrawn.

As we reported on last newsletter, the Labor Department has begun publishing the names of companies where H-1B holders are working, even if they're employed by another company that provides staffing or consulting services.

You can now use the "Client" field to search for those "real employers". For example, following search will show what companies have sent H-1B workers to work for Apple Inc.

U.S. employers are always looking for skilled workers, even in holiday seasons. Please polish your resume and update your career profiles regularly