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How to Find Visa Sponsors 1: Visa Report

By Bill at August 17, 2010 15:33
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Lots of users ask us how to find visa sponsors in their occupations. The answer is to use our Visa Report, Visa Sponsor Profile, Visa Search, New Job Search, Visa Solution Wizard and Smart Apply. In this article, we will introduce how to use Visa Report to find visa sponsors.

During last several years, our team of data analyst and software engineers analyzed millions of h1b visa, h2b visa and green card petition cases and present to you the H1B Visa and Green Card Reports every year.  On those reports, we categorized over 300,000 visa sponsors by occupation, industry, economic sector and locations. We have also recently added a Visa Report Filter to help you nevigate the reprots.

Example 1:  you are a software engineer, you can use Occupation filter to find visa sponsors: You first choose Occupaton as Report Filter Type, and then choose IT as Occupation, and then System Analysis and Programming as sub occupation. After clicking Go, you will get the top 100 h1b visa sponsors in programming area.

Example 2: you want to find the top h1b visa sponsors in New Jersey. You first choose State as Report Filter Type, and then choose New Jersey from the state list. After clicking go, you will see top 100 h1b visa sponsors in New Jersey.

Example 3: you are a registered nurse, you want to find all hospitals that have sponsored h1b visa. You can use Occupation filter to find all employers that have sponsored registered nurses, but you will get lots of sponsors that are not hospital, and you will also miss some hospital that have only sponsred doctors. So you can use Industry or Economic Sector to filter the reports.

By default, the reports will give you all the sponsors during last 3 years(since 2007). You can use the Year filter to limit the result to last 2 years(since 2008) or last year(since 2009). We suggest you concentrate on last year's visa sponsors as some sponsors might have changed the sponsorship policies or even out of business.

After reviewing the report, click on the names of the visa sponsors you have interests, this will redirect you to the visa sponsor profile page. We will write another articles on how to use the sponsor profile page.

Stay tuned!

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8/19/2010 2:31:25 AM #

Miss Saturday Night

Your site is the nicest.

Miss Saturday Night United States | Reply

8/23/2010 12:24:05 PM #

vishal trivedi

i am interested for USA PR visa but could not find a sponser.

i am very much interested for USA. Please help me if you can.

vishal trivedi India | Reply

8/27/2010 12:47:49 PM #

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I love to work and live in Australia or Canada. Please give me proper guide lines or help me out.

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