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New EAD Application Form Approved to Include H-4 Visa Applicants

By Bill at February 23, 2015 22:10
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We reported last year that Department of Homeland Security proposed to extend work authorization to H-4 Visa holders. It is estimated that approximately 97,000 H-1B spouses will be eligible under this new rule within the first year and then over 30,000 annually after that. 

On February 13, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approved on emergency bases the revised I-765 form(Application for Employment Authorization), adding H-4 applicants. Once the Final Rule becomes effective, H-4 visa holders could use this form to apply for work authorization. view final rule

There are 9 steps in the rule making process, and we have finally reached step 8: 

Step 1: Initiating Events 
Step 2: Determination whether a Rule is Needed 
Step 3: Preparation of Proposed Rule 
Step 4: OMB Review of Proposed Rule (completed on 05/07/2014) 
Step 5: Publication of Proposed Rule (completed on 05/12/2014) 
Step 6: Public Comments-(completed on 07/11/2014) 
Step 7: Preparation of Final Rule, Interim Final Rule or Direct Final Rule (completed on 02/05/2015) 
Step 8: OMB Review of Final Rule, Interim Final Rule or Direct Final Rule (In Process) 
Step 9: Publication of Final Rule, Interim Final Rule or Direct Final Rule 

If you want to know more about H-1B visa and H-4 visa work authorization, please visit Work Visa section of