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Please search current system for labor petitions filed after fiscal year 2019.

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Your search returned 27 results. This page listed result 1 to 25

EmployerJob TitleStatusLocation
1Pfizer IncSenior ScientistCertifiedLake Forest, ILLCA
2Pfizer IncSenior ScientistCertifiedCambridge, MALCA
3Pfizer IncSenior ScientistCertifiedCambridge, MALCA
4Pfizer IncSenior ScientistCertifiedCambridge, MALCA
5Pfizer IncSenior ScientistCertifiedAndover, MALCA
6Pfizer IncSenior ScientistCertifiedGroton, CTLCA
7Pfizer IncSenior ScientistCertifiedChesterfield, MOLCA
8Pfizer IncSenior ScientistDeniedChesterfield, MOLCA
9Pfizer IncSenior ScientistCertifiedChesterfield, MTLCA
10Pfizer IncSenior ScientistCertified-WithdrawnChesterfield, MOLCA
11Pfizer IncSenior ScientistDeniedSan Diego, CALCA
12Pfizer IncSenior ScientistCertifiedSan Diego, CALCA
13Pfizer IncSenior ScientistCertifiedCambridge, MALCA
14Pfizer IncSenior ScientistCertifiedMcpherson, KSLCA
15Pfizer IncSenior ScientistCertified-WithdrawnChesterfield, MOLCA
16Pfizer IncSenior ScientistCertified-WithdrawnNew York, NYLCA
17Pfizer IncSenior ScientistCertified-WithdrawnCambridge, MALCA
18Pfizer IncSenior ScientistCertifiedCambridge, MALCA
19Pfizer IncSenior Scientist - Cell Culture Process DevelopmentCertifiedChesterfield, MOLCA
20Pfizer IncSenior Scientist - LyophilizationCertifiedChesterfield, MOLCA
21Pfizer IncSenior Scientist Chem-AnalyticalCertifiedAndover, MALCA
22Pfizer IncSenior Scientist Downstream Biochemical EngineerCertifiedKalamazoo, MILCA
23Pfizer IncSenior Scientist Translational Modelling And SimulationCertified-WithdrawnCambridge, MALCA
24Pfizer IncSenior Scientist, BiosensorCertifiedSan Diego, CALCA
25Pfizer IncSenior Scientist, Biosensor & Library MaintenanceCertifiedSan Diego, CALCA

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