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Please search current system for labor petitions filed after fiscal year 2019.

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Your search returned 25 results.

EmployerJob TitleStatusLocation
1Bank Of America N.A.Assistant Vice President / Cnslt- Systems EngCertifiedRichmond, VALCA
2Bank Of America N.A.Assistant Vice President, Programmer Prof MktsCertifiedNew York, NYLCA
3Bank Of America N.A.Assistant Vice President; Cnslt - Systems EngCertifiedRichardson, TXLCA
4Bank Of America N.A.Assistant Vice President; Production Services LeadCertifiedPlano, TXLCA
5Bank Of America N.A.Lead Consultant-Tech App EngineerCertifiedSan Francisco, CALCA
6Bank Of America N.A.Senior Vice President / Senior Team Lead Application DevelopCertifiedPennington, NJLCA
7Bank Of America N.A.Svp / Sr Tech Mgr-Sys Admin & SuppCertifiedChicago, ILLCA
8Bank Of America N.A.Vice President / Consultant Ii-System EngCertifiedCharlotte, NCLCA
9Bank Of America N.A.Vice President / Programmer Prof MktsCertifiedJersey City, NJLCA
10Bank Of America N.A.Vice President / Programmer Prof MktsCertifiedCharlotte, NCLCA
11Bank Of America N.A.Vice President / Tech Mgr-Sys EngCertifiedAddison, TXLCA
12Bank Of America N.A.Vice President, Consultant - Systems EngCertifiedRichmond, VALCA
13Bank Of America N.A.Vice President, Consultant - Systems EngCertifiedJacksonville, FLLCA
14Bank Of America N.A.Vice President, Consultant - Systems EngCertifiedJacksonville, FLLCA
15Bank Of America N.A.Vice President, Production Services LeadCertifiedCharlotte, NCLCA
16Bank Of America N.A.Vice President, Programmer Professional MarketsCertifiedNew York, NYLCA
17Bank Of America N.A.Vice President, Sr. ArchitectCertifiedNewark, DELCA
18Bank Of America N.A.Vice President; Asd Professional MktsCertifiedNew York, NYLCA
19Bank Of America N.A.Vice President; Cnslt - Apps ProgCertifiedNewark, DELCA
20Bank Of America N.A.Vice President; Lead Consultant - Tech App EnginCertifiedNewark, DELCA
21Bank Of America N.A.Vice President; Production Services LeadCertifiedCharlotte, NCLCA
22Bank Of America N.A.Vice President; Programmer Prof MktsCertifiedCharlotte, NCLCA
23Bank Of America N.A.Vp; Consultant Systems/Software QaCertifiedCharlotte, NCLCA
24Bank Of America N.A.Vp; Tech Manager - Sys Ops Main & MidCertified-WithdrawnConcord, CALCA
25Bank Of America N.A.Vp; Tech Mgr - Sys Ops Main & MidCertifiedJacksonville, FLLCA

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