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Luiz Fernando de Gadelha

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Career Profile

Degree: Master's Degree
Career Level: Qualified
Occupation: IT and Math
Career Title: Computer and Information Research Scientists, Computer Programmers, Software Developers, Systems Software
Target Title: Java Developer, Data Analytics
Skills: Java; Software Engineering; Hadoop; Big Data; BI; Business Intelligence; C++; Linux; Python; Git; Scrum; Web; Python; Hadoop Solutions: Pug, Hbase, Hive, Spark;
Goal: Java Software Developer;] Data Analyst; BigData Analyst;
HighLight: Hadoop Cluster Administrator - 2018 Java/C++ Software Developer - 2014-2018 Institute of Electric and Electronics Engineer (IEEE) Volunteer - 2012-2017
Certification: Scrum Master-2017
Honor: Best Volunteer Award- IEEE Student Branch Meeting Brazil-2014
Reference: verified employer only
Luiz Fernando de Gadelha is Java Developer, Data Analytics(IT and Math) from FAIRFIELD,OH United States.


Tecnysis Brasilia, DF Brazil
Industry: IT
01/2018 - 01/2019
Hadoop Cluster Administratorq
My work was on: Hadoop Cluster Administrator, Linux Admin, Java Programmer, Big Data Analytics
Hadoop Cluster Administrator, Linux Admin, Java Programmer, Big Data Analytics In Tecnysis, I worked as a Hadoop Cluster Administrator. I was responsible for building, maintaining Hadoop Clusters on Tecnysis Clients. Usually, the clients were governmental institutions or banks and they had PentaBytes of data flow per day. In addition to installing and maintaining the clusters, I was responsible for teaching the clients on how to use the Hadoop tool: (Hive, Spark, Zeppelin, etc)
ENAP Brasilia, DF Brazil
Industry: IT
05/2017 - 07/2018
BI Analyst
My work was on: Software Developement, Java/C++,  Linux Administration, Database Administrator, Java Spring development, Business Intelligence Analyst.
Designed demographic studies with BI technologies. Tasks Performed: ? Generated and prepared reports. ? Built database for data mining. ? Created web platform for BI studies. Achievements: ? Spearheaded design of BI analysis and dashboards using demographic data. ? Contributed to development of Dynamic Web platform. Technologies Used: R, Python, SQL, Pentaho. At ENAP, I developed BI solutions to map profiles for each Distance Learning course to be developed. Later, I used data mining to make teaching/learning assessments more accurate, according to the data extracted from the students' interaction with the distance education environment. At work at ENAP, I develop solutions using PostgreSQL, and Pentaho. The product of my work is the portal INFOGOV ( which shows demographic information about the public servants in Brazil.
INOVA Brasília, DF Brazil
Industry: IT
01/2014 - 01/2017
Sofware Engineer
Java\C++ developer, Linux Administrator, Database Administrator, Business Intelligence Analyst
Software Engineer Time(2015-2017)Business Intelligence Analyst Implemented BI analysis for the ambulance public system. Tasks Performed: ? Created database for data mining. ? Developed reports. Achievement: ? Initiated analysis and optimization of the ambulance system. Technologies Used: SQL, Oracle, Python, Pentaho. INOVA's main client was the ambulance system in Brasilia/Brazil. I was responsible to work on the database system related to the system ( Oracle ), the system architecture on C++, and on building and maintaining dashboards. For the ETL processes, I used Pentaho and Hadoop tools for the data storing and Node .js for the web platform. The company could show reports more concise are complete to the governmental institutions responsible for the ambulance system using those BI-BigData dashboards. The ambulance system could have better planning and reduction of cost because of those dashboards. Intern Time(2014-2015) I started at Inova as an intern. Today I lead the Business Intelligence Solutions development project, which is closely associated with my master's theme, which is multidimensional data modeling. I was responsible as well to work as a Linux admin to INOVA systems.


Universidade de Brasilia Brasilia, DF, Brazil
01/2009 - 06/2016
Degree: Bachelor's Degree
Major:Mechatronics Engineering
Minor:Computer Engineering
Bachelors course - control and automation engineering: Calculus 1,2,3 Physics 1, 2, 3, Sofware Development 1,2,3 Automation Theory: 1,2 Control Theory: 1,2 Management: 1,2 Backend Computer Theory: 1,2
Maharishi International University FAIRFIELD, OH, United States
09/2019 - current
Degree: Master's Degree
Major:Software Engineer
Minor:Data Science
ACADEMIC PROJECTS MUI CarRent,  MIU (2020):  Developed a web platform with Java Spring to manage the car rental process. - Technologies Used: Java / J2EE,  CSS, Spring Boot,  MySQL, Git,  Maven, Ajax, JSON, JavaScript, jQuery, RESTful Web Service, XML, Spring Tool Suite. Big Data Analytics, MIU (2020): Created a presentation on Bayesian Belief Network to give examples of big data systems. Technologies Used: R Studio. Big Data  Technologies,  MIU (2020): Technologies Used: Spark Stream, Hive, Zeppelin

Resume(verified employer only)

Luiz Gadelha - Software Dev Java, C++, C, Python, Masters, Software Developer, Hadoop, Big Data, Scrum

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