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Russell Mascarenhas

Thane Maharashtra, India

Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Email: xxx@xxxx.xxx

  • Looking For: Retail Sales Associate, Store manager

  • Occupation: Sales

  • Degree: High School Or Below

  • Career Level: Experienced

  • Languages: English, Hindi

Career Information:

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Highlights:"Armed with a proven track record in sales, I am enthusiastic about applying my expertise to contribute to the success of your retail team. Throughout my career, I have consistently surpassed sales targets, showcasing my ability to understand customer needs and deliver exceptional service. I bring a dynamic and results-driven approach, coupled with a strong commitment to creating a positive shopping experience. Eager to leverage my sales background to drive revenue and enhance customer satisfaction in a retail setting, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute my skills and enthusiasm to your team."


Goal:"My career goal is to contribute my dynamic interpersonal skills and retail expertise to excel in a role as either a Store Manager or Retail Sales Associate. I am committed to fostering a positive customer experience, driving sales growth, and maintaining operational efficiency. Through continuous learning and adaptability, I aim to positively impact the team and contribute to the overall success of the retail environment."


Property Advisor 07/2023 - current
Elevate Capital Real Estate, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Industry: Real Estate
Revolutionized client acquisition, expanding the base by 30% and boosting revenue. Excelled in market analysis, relationship-building for a 20% referral increase, and strategic decision-making. Achieved a 25% positive feedback rise, improved efficiency with cross-functional teams, and integrated cutting-edge tech tools. Adept in negotiation, contract supervision, and sales planning, surpassing targets by 25%. Elevated client confidence by 30% through market education. Led in market intelligence, achieved a 20% sales performance boost, and mentored junior professionals for growth.
• Implemented targeted client acquisition strategies, resulting in a significant 30% expansion of the client base and a corresponding revenue upswing. • Suggested market analysis initiatives, identifying emerging trends and leveraging opportunities that contributed to increased success in property transactions. • Fostered key relationships, leading to a notable 20% increase in referral business and establishing a reputation as a trusted advisor in the real estate community. • Used effective negotiation skills for relationship building, contributing to increased revenue from high-value transactions. • Played a key role in strategic decision-making by implementing robust sales forecasting methods, consistently exceeding targets • Improved customer service standards, resulting in a noteworthy 25% increase in positive client feedback and a 20% improvement in client retention. • Worked along seamlessly with cross-functional teams, significantly improving overall sales process efficiency. • Supervised contract preparation and negotiations, leading to reduced contract turnaround time and minimized legal risks. • Educated clients through comprehensive education on market conditions, resulting in a 30% increase in client confidence and informed decision-making. • Spearheaded the integration of cutting-edge technology tools, resulting in improved operational efficiency and enhanced client communication. • Led efforts in gathering and analyzing market intelligence, ensuring the organization stayed ahead of industry trends and competitive activities. • Developed and executed strategic sales plans, surpassing revenue targets by a noteworthy 25% and achieving key business objectives. • Provided training to junior sales professionals, fostering a high-performance team environment, and contributing to career growth. • Established and exceeded key performance indicators (KPIs), achieving a 20% improvement in overall sales performance.--
Business Head 12/2018 - 06/2023
Aditya Realty, Thane, Maharashtra India
Industry: Real Estate
Led 360-degree sales & marketing, overseeing P&L, operational efficiency, and achieving annual sales targets. Implemented ROI-focused strategies, optimized pricing, and managed resources for increased profitability. Executed cost-saving measures, directed digital strategies, and maximized online visibility for enhanced lead conversions.
• Heading 360 degrees of sales & marketing function which included sales, marketing, brand management, revenue generation, lead acquisition • Steering full P&L and operational responsibility with focus on achieving desired annual sales projection • Devising and implementing strategies aimed at ensuring effectiveness of operations, realization of sales & business promotion targets, with key focus on ROI • Directing profit center operations and increasing profitability and achieving business objectives within budgeted parameters • Developing, reviewing, and reporting on the business development division’s strategy, ensuring the strategic objectives are well understood and executed within time frames • Impacting organization profitability through effective strategic and tactical management decisions and new business development • Managing company's resources; ensuring maximum productivity; planning for new investment in line with Business Development & long-term strategies • Executing cost saving techniques/ measures and modifications to achieve substantial reduction in expenditures and work within the budget • Formulating optimized pricing structure that made the business proposition attractive to prospective clients without compromising on the estimated and realized revenue goals • Planning & executing digital strategies across various channels like SEO, SEM, Display, Social, Affiliates, and Content partnerships with a clear focus on maximizing online visibility with increased traffic and conversion • Directly managing all web marketing efforts and increasing quality lead conversions from all sources, including paid search, display, content, retargeting, organic search & social media--
Proprietor 08/2015 - 11/2017
Car Junxon- Car Accessories, Thane, Maharashtra India
Industry: Retail
Innovative sales strategies drove revenue growth. Exceptional customer service, high-quality product sourcing, and strong vendor relationships optimized operations for sustainable growth.
• Formulated and executed innovative sales strategies to drive revenue growth. • Provided exceptional customer service to address inquiries and resolve issues efficiently. • Sourced high-quality products to meet customer demand and enhance product offerings. • Cultivated strong vendor relationships to negotiate favorable terms and ensure timely deliveries. • Implemented effective inventory control measures to optimize stock levels and minimize shortages. • Managed various aspects of business operations to achieve operational excellence and sustainable growth.--
Proprietor 07/2014 - 11/2017
Vishesh Realtors, Thane, Maharashtra India
Industry: Real Estate
Drove real estate success through insightful market analysis, personalized client service, and strategic transactions. Advised on investments, showcased strong negotiation skills, and efficiently managed properties for optimal outcomes.
• Conducted in-depth market analysis to identify trends and opportunities in the real estate industry. • Maintained strong client relations by providing personalized service and addressing any concerns promptly. • Facilitated successful real estate sales transactions by understanding the needs and priorities of each client. • Utilized financial acumen to advise clients on investment opportunities and mortgage options. • Demonstrated excellent negotiation skills in securing favorable deals for both buyers and sellers. • Managed properties efficiently by overseeing maintenance, tenant relations, and budgeting processes.--
Customer Service Advisor 02/2012 - 10/2012
Firstsource Solutions Private Limited, Mumbai, Maharashtra India
Industry: BPO
Masterfully resolved complex issues with strategic problem-solving. Clear communication with colleagues and clients. Handled difficult customers with patience. Demonstrated deep product knowledge for effective customer support.
• Resolved complex issues and obstacles efficiently through strategic problem-solving techniques. • Effectively communicated with colleagues and clients to ensure clarity and understanding of information. • Demonstrated exceptional ability to handle difficult customers with patience and professionalism. • Displayed in-depth product knowledge to address inquiries and provide relevant information to customers.--
Sales Executive 12/2010 - 11/2011
Octopus Shipping & Cargo Services Private Limited, Mumbai, Maharashtra India
Industry: Logistics
Strategically analyzed markets for growth opportunities. Innovatively devised sales strategies, managed client relations for satisfaction, and negotiated favorable vendor contracts, enhancing overall business performance.
• Analyzed market research to identify trends and opportunities for growth. • Developed innovative sales strategies to reach target markets and increase revenue. • Managed client relationships to ensure satisfaction and repeat business. • Negotiated contracts with vendors to secure favorable terms and pricing.--


Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education 06/2005 - 02/2007
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Degree: High School Or Below
High school graduate with a major in Commerce/Accounts, equipped with foundational knowledge in financial and business principles.

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