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Super Technology Solutions Inc.
1930 Broadway 4 L New York, New York 10023

Phone:(888) 666-2052
Fax:(212) 428-6760
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NAICS Industry:Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Company Type:Privately Held
Company Size11-50
Year Founded2007

Contact PersonRaj Kumar, COO IT Consulting
Contact Phone6092141479
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AboutSuper Technology Solutions Inc. (Super TSI) is a Certified Minority & Women Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) for the States of New Jersey, PA-NY-NJ, & Virginia, a Certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE), and a Certified E-Verify company. Incorporated in 2007, Super TSI is a global provider of Engineering and Information Technology Services, and it caters to clients in the Americas, the Europe & the South Africa. We specialize in providing IT Consulting Solutions, Human Capital Management, Talent Acquisition, Training Services, and Business Technology Solutions. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of IT Consulting, Staffing, Executive Placements, Training and Solutions that help businesses advance in today's competitive marketplace. We help our clients enhance their technology staffing needs by identifying and managing the right technical resources for their organizations.
SkillsWe specialize in the following areas of recruiting & placement: Software Application Architects and Programmers IT Developers specializing in C++, JAVA, J2EE, .NET etc. Mobile and Cloud Computing Executive Placements - VP / Directors / Project Managers Enterprise Resource Planners (ERP) (SAP, Oracle, Siebel, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft) B2B Integration Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Business Analysts - Technology & Financial Services Security Experts Database Administrators Network Administrators Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Internet of Things Blockchain Robotics Natural Language Processing
Work Visa PolicyWe sponsor Visas for the right persons.
Green Card PolicyWe sponsor Green Cards for the right persons.

Rate and Review Super Technology Solutions Inc.

- Excellent company, I highly recommend it - - Asha Varma - 12/19/2017 9:54:45 PM
I had really nice experience working with Super TSI, this company has great people with good intentions doing significant, valuable work and is heading in the right direction, management provide Lots of career opportunities to make a real difference. I never had any complaints about the company or the people so, for me, it was always good to work for Super TSI. I would also like to mention that this company has a proficient legal team who understands visa process and helped me in resolving my visa issues. I highly recommend Super TSI.

- SuperTSI has the Best in-house Legal Team - - MSingh - 3/21/2019 1:09:53 PM
I have worked with couple of different consultancies and would highly recommend Super TSI. They have best attorneys who manage your immigration needs and go extra mile to keep you on active status. Also, I have never experience any accounting delays or salary issues. Super TSI takes employee employer relationship very seriously and has been very professional so far.

- The Best Consulting Firm - - Skaur - 3/21/2019 1:07:53 PM
I have been with SuperTSI for a little over two years, and by all means it’s been a pleasure experience so far. The staff is very professional. I always feel as I become a part of SuperTSI family since I took the first contract through them.I have heard stories about IT consulting firms and how they exploit their contractors, but none of that exist here. I got the best experience ever. Moreover SuperTSI’s In-House legal team’s knowledge/experience/personal attention and hard work puts in filing/managing Visa/RFEs, GC etc to next level. I am grateful for everything SuperTSI has done for me. I will highly recommend SuperTSI.

- Very Professional and Genuine - - Praveen - 5/6/2019 7:58:03 AM
I had the opportunity to work with Super TSI on a couple of opportunities and my experience with them has been very good. They are approachable and sincere in their efforts to place people. Their immigration team is also very professional. Your calls are answered promptly and you get regular status updates and good advice in general. I would recommend the company.

- Super Technology is really Super on Their Services - - Nalin - 7/16/2019 8:30:07 AM
I have worked with Super Technology Solutions while being on both side of the table (Recruiter as well as Resource) and can gladly mention that Super Technology Staff has exhibit excellent professional services on all fronts from Selection Process / Hiring and handling Immigration issues in all best possible ways. I would highly recommend Super Technology Solutions for Services as recruiter / Immigration / Resourcing Vendor with full confidence that it will always lead to best in class experience.

- Best Service and Genuine Company - - Sachin - 4/24/2020 8:31:18 AM
I have been working with Super TSI for more than 1 year now and strongly say that the services they provide are best. They helped me in all the immigration related documents by going an extra mile. I would highly recommend this company for any person who is looking for new opportunities.

- Fortunate to Work with SuperTSI - - Shubhangi Inamdar - 8/20/2020 12:12:37 PM
I had a chance to work with SuperTSI, and I must say I am Fortunate to work here. To start with, the most amazing part of the company is that it does not let you feel like you are an employee. It feels like a family. Work environment is great and all the senior managers are eager to guide and advise at every steps, even in your personal matters if it comes to that. They make you feel you are in safe hands. Best HR (Eva), and knowledgeable Legal team I have worked with, considering my experience with the previous 3 Companies. One’s LCA, H-1B, I-140, Consular Visa Stamping, etc. all are well analysed and only then filed to minimize RFEs and maximize success. I was lucky to be assigned to my AM, Mr. Raj Kumar. He is very friendly and involves in your overall career building and well being. He is there to guide you at every single step. He even spoke to and convinced my parents in India when they were worried about me. I feel fortunate to work with such amazing people. I like everything about this company, and have made such beautiful relationships here. I recommend SuperTSI to anyone and all. You cannot go wrong.

- An Amazing employer which values employees - - Shubham Nigam - 10/14/2020 9:08:27 PM
Leaving a long time employer or your first job is always a tough decision to make but if you get such helpful and genuine shoulders to help you out then it becomes very much easier . I would say Supertsl is a blessing for me for a job switch in such tough conditions of Pandemic . This company is always on top of their toes to help you out be it Visa related queries , project related queries any helpful suggestions related to your job . Be it day or night my account manager responds to my queries and gives me advice on project related matters and queries . Last but not the least No one goes the extra mile with you in this fast pace life but supertsl is the extra mile which covers on your behalf .

- A High Ethics Company and People - - Abhi - 11/2/2020 12:29:32 PM
I have been so fortunate to be associated with Super TSI technology and utilized its services. People at this company carry a high standard and great moral value. This Company stands by their words and delivery commitments to their clients as well as meeting timelines for the clients especially in a crucial time like "Pandemic". The company has a great clientele for all leading technologies such as a Multi-Cloud environment. AWS, GCP, Salesforce, Genesys PureCloud, and well-established practice across these towers. If you are joining Super TSI, you cannot go wrong and can fearlessly work on advanced technologies in demand at all times. Super TSI has a great team of lawyers and immigration experts for the immigration-related consultant. I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a great & stable career path in IT, Project Management, or Program Management. WIshing SUper TSI the best.

- Amazing employer and very supportive - - Venkat - 11/10/2020 11:24:00 AM
I have been with SuperTSI for over five years, and it’s been a great experience so far. The staff is very professional. They provide a very personal care and support. Raj was very helpful to respond to any queries anytime, weekends or night time. I am very thankful for all the support he personally provided with my green card process and being there of any help needed. Moreover SuperTSI’s is very knowledge with H1B filing and green card process and they are very good at filing/managing Visa/RFEs, GC etc. I am grateful for everything SuperTSI has done for me.

- Fortunate to be a part of Super TSI - - BB - 7/26/2021 2:44:32 PM
I was associated with Super Technology Solutions Inc. for couple of years now. Mr. Raj Kumar Sir will always provide immense support, great training and he will really focus on developing your professional strengths. SuperTSI hires great people and has a very strong Immigration service team who will put in all the best efforts to make the process as easy as possible. I have nothing but great things to say about my visa experience with Mr. Raj and how much I had the opportunity to develop and progress. The best thing about working with SuperTSI is the transparency they bring in throughout the entire process, right from hiring, to get scheduling interview calls till you land up with your job and later through the visa process. Your calls and concerns will always be answered at the drop of your hat and you get regular status update and real good advice in general. I highly recommend to be associated with Super Technology Solutions Inc to all the budding and experienced IT professionals.

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