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100 Manpower Place Milwaukee, WI 53212Alert: 41 LCs denied or withdrawn!
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Rate and Review Experis Us, Inc.

- Software engineer - - Karen - 6/24/2019 - flag as inappropriate - comment
These guys are frauds, never believe them. They will screw your career badly.
      - 9/9/2019 - Hello,

I am on my F1-OPT and going to start working for one of the companies under Experis - ManpowerGroup.
Can you please elaborate on why are they a fraud company?
It will be helpful for me in the future. - flag

- Beware, DO NOT JOIN - - Venkat - 12/9/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
They say it's full time job - Reality is you are like a freelance consultant to company who holds visa.
Medical benefits - Group plan, employee contribute 100% amount towards premium.
Salary -Company takes min $100 per hour from clients and pays at max $50 to candidate at location like CA, NY. Means company takes almost 60-70% stake.
No leaves, holidays.
Relocation assistance -They provide $400 flight ticket to consultant not to his/her family. No expense for rental car, hotel stay more than 2 days, No lease breakage or household stuff logistic expense.
Bench Pay - After 2 weeks of bench they ask consultant to go on unpaid leaves.
Termination - On bench more than 4 weeks they terminate without warning. (They send visa revocation notice to USCIS immediately, so candidate face difficulty to reinstate visa with another company ).
Projects - Very limited projects. They fires consultant because they unable to place in any client project.
Green Card/Citizenship - Lures candidates with expedite GC processing and sponsorship but it takes almost 1-2 years to get their internal approval and paper work done. They come with all non sense reason to delay actual filing as much as they can.
Most of IRMP candidates left within 6 months or even before that. Most of candidates who come to USA are unaware of facts they paid bond breakage fees to Experis.
If you are really interested to come to USA then use Experis. Get visa from them and don't travel instead decline to join them after your visa stamping and transfer your visa to another company in India itself. In that case you are not liable to pay any fees as you never traveled to USA on Experis money, so they can not ask any travel cost and legally they can not take visa sponsorship fees. If they ask you VISA sponsorship fees just drop a mail to USCIS.
Keep everything on paper or in mails. DKeep proof of all discussions and communications. If required you can record your calls with their contact persons.
     Sathish - 12/9/2015 - yes. I felt same. This company is fraud. Exploiting loopholes in the system strategically.
I wonder why candidates join together and inform USCIS about this. - flag

- very Poor Ethics - - - 10/7/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Project gets over you are out. Considered yourself informed.

- HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE - - Satish - 10/7/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I got the project confirmed through Experis in Feb 2015. They convinced me to get the visa transferred to them, My project got over on 30 September and now they have Revoked my visa . Horrible Company. They are being investigated by Department of Labor on h1b violations.NEVER NEVER NEVER JOIN THIS COMPANY. They will ruin your career in US. Once your H1b is revoked you will never be able to join any other company as you will be our of status. They screwed my life here now I have to go back to India.

- Beware H1B visa holders - - - 2/22/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
1. Never trust recruiters promises. They may convince you to put in project. They do not know any info on immigration.
2.As long as project is going good you are fine. Once its done you have to face horrible situation esp if you are married. They cant promise to get project and you don't know next proj location.
3. They will revoke your H1 after 30 days proj completed.
4. They may or may not support if you stuck at visa stamping.
5. If your GC is in middle and you couldn't get a proj on bench then your life is sacked.
6. No big benefits. 1000$ per family health ins. Its better to get insurance from bcbs or other . Dont take their plan.
7. No holiday pay. No sick leaves.
8. Its exactly similar to desi consultancy with only one positive of no layer between you and client and thousands of negatives.
      - 9/5/2015 - Why will they revoke the petition? They have spent more than 7000$ to bring you from your home country. Is there any benefit they get by revoking your H1 ? - flag
     Roshan - 12/9/2015 - They ask candidates to sign bond in India. Most of the candidates are aware of the laws and pay bond amount.

They have amended bond now, whether candidates leaves on his own will or not they have to pay bond amount which is around $10K. Visa sponsorship amount is only $2500 including lawyer fees (They don't file in premium). 10k-2500 - 2000 (Travel cost) = almost 5.5k profit after deducting travel and visa cost. - flag

- H1B visa petition revoked after getting the Visa - - H1B_Holder - 12/4/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I was offered job and I got visa through Experis. They cancelled my petition before I move. I guess they didn't get any project. Not a company to join if you want to get reliable job.

- Please do not join this comapny - - - 11/11/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
ThE experis us is not the good comapny to choose if you need to travel to us to work for them.
Salry is poor,
They will revoke the petetions.
They do not know about there business clearly.
in 2014, they sponsored h1 for 50 people and out of the 50 only 7 have travelled to US and for remaining people they have revoked petetion when they are in india it self.
Its stupid COmapnny.

- Take decision before joining - - - 7/2/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
As below said no big benefits and vacation. Its similar to hourly pay even though they say full time. They will pay one month bench period that too not your regular salary around minimal pay that H1 needs. After one month your H1 will be revoked. Join if you don't care about GC and future.

- Software Eng - - Shannon - 3/28/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Agreed, they are so rude & careless people. Warned !

- They are so rude. - - - 3/26/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment

      - 3/26/2013 - No Comments - flag

- Very high insurance costs and not paid timeoffs - - h1bVisaApplicant - 3/10/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Dont be fooled by the offer and packages. There is a huge insurance cost to be borne by you, they say these are subsidised but not, u can buy outside insurance near about the same cost. They look for cheap resources in India and pay is vague in which they dont include paid time offs as well (they say 6 days after one year but thats holiday pay for christmas, thanksgiving..)
     hibiscus - 2/11/2014 - Hi,
I've been approached by them for a job..I found them rude and ignorant about my previous work experience and skillset..
- flag

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