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1 Corporate Place South Piscataway, NJ 8854Alert: 16 LCs denied or withdrawn!
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Rate and Review Marlabs, Inc

- Too much commission and threats - - - 3/7/2022 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I tried to summarize all the cons of working with Marlabs at their Piscataway location.
First they take a percentage of your pay, starts by 40% that’s right they take 40% of your income, and gradually decreases to 20% over 1-3 years. Even 20% is too high just for filing H1B once in 3 years and running payroll. Even if you work for 100 years the 20% wont go down.
Then on top, they individually deduct taxes to be paid by the employer for Social Security, SUI, SDI,FUTA, and on top they do another 8% for payroll taxes, 2$ per hour as admin charges. If all this separate deductions are there then why take 20% of the pay too??
After you leave they harass you to make sure you don’t join the client that you worked for when you were under their employment and harass you for money if you do. They are not interested in your success, they only want to see how much money they can extract from you.
Bonus pays are delayed. (BTW the bonus is part of your regular pay which for some reason they withhold for 3-6 months and now because they pay it as bonus you basically pay more taxes on it.) During Covid they withheld bonus payments for almost a year.
You need to wait for minimum 2-4 months after leaving to get final pay and relieving documents.
If you leave within a year of joining you need to pay 9k (for the so called student training that you get) even if you were on bench and they are unable to place you.
No paid leave, No 401k match, High Insurance costs.
Most big vendors will not work with them directly and now because of this your pay needs to go through a pass through vendor who will take an additional 5-10%.

- Never Recommend to anyone : DO NOT JOIN AT ANY COST - - - 6/24/2021 - flag as inappropriate - comment
It took me 3 years to write a review about this company. If your priority is visa status do not join here. If your priority is salary do not join here. In any case Marlabs is the worst employer that I know of. They fake resumes so they can charge higher billing from their clients but you will be paid less in fact peanuts for the first two years. After that they promise you profit sharing but they never share PO from the client so we don't know what they are getting from the client never they say more than $60 p/h and again you will get the same pay as earlier. Always some issue with payments their HR team works from India and they don't respond to your emails. I am one of their victim.
      - 8/10/2021 - I recently quit the company they are harassing me for momey. Can you share ypur experience? - flag

- better place to work - - IAM - 2/15/2021 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Better place to work.

If you are following all the government rules, then this company is a better place to work.

If you are working, you will get pay... don't expect more.

Again, Better place to work.
      - 6/24/2021 - Following government rules ? Seriously ??
They follow rules as they please as long as they are making money out of their consultants they won't follow rules but once they are not making any money from their consultants (simply if their consultant contract ends) they will give lectures about rules regulations compliance etc. I am a victim of this company worked 4 years even though salary is very less for the sake of visa status and finally they just revoked my visa.
They fake resume of their consultants
no transparency in payments
never share PO from the client on how much they actually paid per hour
bonus payments always inconsistent
no benefits
charge so many taxes never knew what they were - flag

- DO NOT JOIN - - - 12/18/2020 - flag as inappropriate - comment
They will waste your time on unnecessary meetings and will keep on stalling when you ask them about any progress. Their training process is very poor with no capable tutor. Stay away from this company, do not go by the ranking.
      - 3/29/2021 - Hello
Did you quit Marlabs? Did you pay for the amount they asked? Please let me know i have few questions - flag

- Programmer Analyst - - - 6/2/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
OPT students must stay away from this fraud consultancy.
They fake your resume and send it to clients.
If you leave within 12 months then they will ask you to pay $9000.
I am trying to sue them in court.
They operate their fake legal team from India.

      - 6/10/2017 - Did you join it? What happened? They say they have lot of direct clients, isn't that true? - flag

- Reported to ICE, DOL, DHS - - - 5/9/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
This company has created fake resumes on my name without my acknowledgement and finally when I questioned them and left the company they are on my back for money. They are literally blackmailing me to pay certain amount and they warned me about legal notices.

I am going to sue them for malpractices and also informed to
ICE , DOL, DHS. I did email about this company with the signed contracts etc to REPORTH1BABUSE@USCIS.DHS.GOV. I got a follow up mail from .gov regarding this concern i spoke with them. Let them handle this black list company.
      - 5/26/2017 - Hi, Did you get any updates from DHL / DOL ?? Please tell me should I join it or not? there is mixed reviews of this company so not able to decide.

----- URGENT ----- - flag
     Kedar Kulkarni - 7/21/2018 - Hey... can you please share your email address with me. I really want to talk to you. - flag

- Nice Work Enviornmentt - - - 1/24/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
The management was very supportive in providing the solutions.
The work ethics are perfect.

- Stay away from this vendor or company - - SAMBA - 9/3/2015 - flag as inappropriate - comment
They super cruel and blood suckers.
Never get paid properly. They cheat each & every employee. Finally they are cheating themselves.
Better stay away, Now they profession at cheating client, employees and contractors.

- Cheater MARLABS - - Cheater MARLABS - 4/29/2014 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Worse than the Worest i never ever worked such kind of companies till now my bad luck.

never ever take offer from marlabs. will create policies insatntly

- most disgusting company and ceo - - - 7/23/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Seems CEO of marlabs is deaf and blind. Does not care on the reviwews so many employees have written.
Not sure if he also knows to run an organisation as in todays world employees matter a lot.

I would blame the CEO rather than anyone else as he does not have any guts to take respective actions on management who are fradulant, un ethical. Un professional and above all highly ill manner.

Jago Mr. CEO else its not too long when u will loose good clients and employees.

You have had enough cozy attitude now be professional and help your employees.

I personally feel US government should blacklist this company.

- Never Recommend to anyone - - - 6/9/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Pays partial salary on time to employees

Pays only partial salary ontime, rest of the pay comes once the client pays to Marlabs (90-120 days)
The immigration lawer is very bad, screwed up lot of applications, so very bad company for GC
The Wyoming office is only opened to run the payroll for labor so got a query from INS regarding this and INS found out that
Marlabs using the wyoming office just to run the payroll. So rejected so many labor applications.
Never gives labor certification/I-140 copies to you. So even after you leave company you are depend on them.
They will ask you pay the employer tax
Never find any project to you when you are on bench.
No bench pay
Always ask you to work on percentage basis and ask you to pay the employer tax


Please treat employees with respect and dont forget that company runs only because of employee's hardwork.
Be open on green card process

- Comparatively good than other horrible Desis - - Architect - 4/26/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I would say it is comparatively doing well and with fairness. I have not gained a much, but it is same when I joined and maintaining the payroll perfectly till today.

I am witht his company for more than 6 years and all are fair.

- This company is horrible - - - 4/4/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I'm sure everyone will fall into their trap with the way they treat you. Once you signed their contact, then passing each day you will realize the problems one by one. Please avoid this company.
      - 5/26/2013 - It's very bad - flag

- They sucks your Blood - - - 2/20/2013 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am big victim of this fradulant firm. Please stay away with Marlabs. a Horrable and ruthless firm with professionally cheaters ...

Once you enter into this firm, your life is misarable...
I am writing this with my expereince. Hope to save some people at least
      - 7/23/2013 - Totally agree.. [name removed] who leads india sales is biggest fraud and disguesting person. - flag

- Asked the money for Labor filing - - - 2/6/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Asked for the money to file labor (, Just go ou without paying.
      - 7/20/2018 - What happened after you just left? I did the same and they are threatening me that they take legal action against me. - flag

- It worked for me - - - 1/12/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I am ex marlabs employee and I was with them almost 5 and half years. I used to look my projects and marlabs paid 80/20 which same for all the consultants. My recruiter (now vice president) is very professional and lot of my friends also worked with the company without meeting any marlabs staff in person. Coming to 80/20, I paid payroll tax for my chunk which is 80 percent. That’s most of the companies do. It depends, lot of company’s promise 90/10 and you end of not getting the actual amounts some time. My case my labor is denied because of some address reasons and marlabs attorney professionally handled my case and they gave me a preapproved labor where I got my GC in quick time. I had never had any issues with the payroll. Yes they hold the money for 3 month because they are paying that money as quarterly bonus without taxes which I liked it. It’s good for the people who are on H1b so that their payroll can be run without any gaps when you don’t have the project. After I resigned from marlabs they sent my final check and relieving letter without any issues. Well…. May be it depends on the recruiter? In my case and my friends who are with the same recruiter it worked good and everyone got their GC’s and no one had any complaints against them.

- Horrible Consulting Firm - - - 10/26/2011 - flag as inappropriate - comment
Very manipulative people. Never keep their promise. They will make you go thru every kind of trouble. They will never give you full information about payment details. Your payment check will get get reduced suddenly and they will say your account is in ddef How much is your balance in in deficit. They never showed me the correct balance information. I was remote so I could only communicate over the phone or e-mail and even after 2 years I ever got the my correct account information, they will say the vendor payments are pending, bonus is only due 6 months, etc they will never pay you in full. I could go no but stay away from them.

- Finally some Action against Marlabs, CLASS ACTION SUIT - - - 9/26/2011 - flag as inappropriate - comment
To all those contemplating joining this horrible fraudster company and to all the victimized employees and ex-employees

A class action suit has been filed against Marlabs last yr.

Here is the link

Pls contact the attorney ( given in the pdf link) to bolster the case against malpractices of marlabs. Individual cases, wrongful deduction of payroll taxes...anything that you can think or conversation..

- Very Worst company ever worked with - - - 6/19/2011 - flag as inappropriate - comment
This is the worst company i ever worked with. They don't have any client to place you. You have to find the project on your own. They will say 80/20 but you have to pay the payroll tax which suppose to they should pay it.

They will fix a base pay and pay you ontime monthly, but remaining portion they will hold it for 3-5 months. They will say after all the payments got from vendor only they will pay.

The lawer is the worst, he does not even know any immigration procedure. In my friends case they filed labor with low wages (very lower than what INS said) and ended up getting rejected and lot of quries they got from INS for so many candidates. Fianlly they closed the office in that location.

If you get a better opportunity and want to leave then they will threaten that they are going to cancel your I-140. I never ever recommend this company to anyone. This company should be reported to INS for collected payroll taxes from employees.

No benefit - No paid leave, No vacation, No 401k, nothing. You work at client place and they suck your money without even paying payroll taxes.

- pay and project - - - 2/3/2011 - flag as inappropriate - comment
As long as the payroll is concerned i have not received any problems and i'm with marlabs for 3 yrs and i have switched 2 projects (1 thro' vendor and another project is their direct client) , both projects Marlabs only got it for me, in my case their marketting worked :)

- A very horrible company with runs on Un-ethical and un-professional conditions - - Ravinder - 1/21/2011 - flag as inappropriate - comment
To all the folks and Clients, please be aware of their dubious tactics they are using to lure the consultants to work for a client say $50 per hour, after working for one week they remove the consultant saying the project is cancelled, and hence no money will be paid.

The next day Marlabs will place another resource in the same project and the same manager.

Now here is the catch----- the new resource will work for another 2 weeks and he will submit a timesheet for 3 weeks ( 1 week for me + 2 weeks for him) , and the manager will approve it, so the new resource will get only two weeks of salary and the remaining one week of salary the company will keep it without giving it to the first resource.

This is a neat and white collor fraud Marlabs is using to procket money from the consultants.

I have already notified most of the NJ & NY vendors to be aware of marlabs un-professional attitude.

- Vendors - - - 12/28/2010 - flag as inappropriate - comment
They have grown and so are very stringent in dealing with Vendors as they had payment problems from some vendors before. I happen to get a project through a vendor but had to let it go due to un-agreeable payment terms by the Vendor

- Payment - - - 12/16/2010 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I do agree the bonus gets delayed but never had a problem in the money part. Got my salary on time although bonus got delayed (they said quarterly) but it got paid in 4 months.

- Bunch of Liars - - Anonymous - 11/10/2010 - flag as inappropriate - comment
They lie about everything and do not help in finding projects at all. They pay very less and promise 80/20 , but pay only minimum salary. They say that they will file the GC , and then lie that the perm is still processing (3 years???) . And recently found out that nobody wants to do business with them in corp to corp community. INS should audit the company.

- bonus fraud - - Anonymous - 9/1/2010 - flag as inappropriate - comment
very rude, use a lot of scare tactics to get their employees to agree to their demands. they promise 80/20 but you pay payroll taxes. lots of fraud

- BONUS FRAUD, INCOMPETENT HR. - - Anonymous - 5/28/2010 - flag as inappropriate - comment


- Bonus fraud - - Anonymous - 5/8/2010 - flag as inappropriate - comment
They are cheaters. Will be complaing and suing the company soon. Need to collect the list of affected employees first and everyone should come forward to do something.

- Fraud & Cheat company - another typical desi company - - Anonymous - 3/17/2010 - flag as inappropriate - comment
They make their employees pay the PAYROLL TAXES which they are supposed to pay legally. INS/ IRS needs to audit this company and look into their bonus math spreadsheet which they give out to their employees quarterly.

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