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V-Soft Consulting Group Inc visa rank:117
101 Bullitt Lane, Suite 205 Louisville, KY, 40222Alert: 88 LCs denied or withdrawn!
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Rate and Review V-Soft Consulting Group Inc

- V-Soft is the number one fraud consultancy in the United States. - - - 10/2/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
V-soft consulting group is the number one cheat and fraud consultancy and they don't care about their employees. I worked with them for one year and as soon as my project ended they refused to place me in other project and just terminated me from the company. They have as well earned a lot of money from me when I was placed in the project. They never once supported me for any issues I was having and they never gave me the salary that was promised. They changed their words and never credited me the actual pay that was in the deal. They also never filed my H1B. All they did was loot the money that I earned and cheated me. never join this horrible consultancy. I also know a few friends to whom V-soft promised H1B and never applied even though they were on good long term projects. I really hope something is done against cheats who work in this consultancy.

- FRAUDSTER!! LOOTERS!!! LIARS !!! RUN AWAY !!! - - - 3/21/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
- Friendly advice: If you are an OPT/CPT/H1B candidate then run away from V-Soft ASAP!!

-File H1B VISA only for their close people from Andra Pradesh villages in India, who can't even speak proper English.

-Market these people after coming to the US and give them special treatment.

-Poor marketing. Worst management team ever.

-Fake promises!

-Cheat consultants and steal their money by confusing them in the contracts.

-Treat OPT/CPT people as slaves.

-They use you only for the money then throw you out.


-Huge discrimination amongst candidates. They take care of only candidates from Andra Pradesh(That also only close people). Treat non-Telugu speaking people very badly!

-Fake company size by including people from India.

-They use US phone numbers and call you from India, not the USA.

-Don't waste you hard earned money by giving it away to these looters in Suit-Boot.


- body shop company - - - 2/22/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I had very bad time with vsoft (body shop company). I was working with them for H1 transfer, they did not receive purchase order from the end client just by telephonic word approval from client they asked me to resign from current project and employer. Eventually they could not get end client purchase order they left me half way without filing H1B. They did not allow me to follow any processing timelines and made me rush. Their promise will be differ in conversation and document. Nothing guarantees they will follow their words during the employment.
I would advise you to better skip this company call.

     Jai B - 3/10/2016 - The posting states both incorrect facts and legal conclusions which have no basis in fact. The posting additionally contains an insulting and potentially libelous reference to V-Soft as a “bodyshop company”.

V-Soft did begin the process of filing a H1 B visa for the poster based upon a specific position and assignment with an end client. Based upon in a background check and the end client’s prior experience with this candidate through another vendor, the end client refused to accept this individual to work on their project.

As a requirement for any Visa application or transfer, V-Soft is required to have a “qualified” position for the candidate. In this situation due to prior issues between the poster and the end client, there was no qualified position available and therefore it was legally impossible for V-Soft to file the Visa application. V-Soft did offer to look for a qualified placement for this individual with another client but this offer was refused.
- flag

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