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Ust Global Inc. visa:3248 rank:63
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5 Polaris Way Aliso Viejo, CA 92656Alert: 16 LCs denied or withdrawn!
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Rate and Review Ust Global Inc.

- DOL AUDIT GOING ON - - - 7/26/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
A DOL Audit is going on at this employer business location. This location will be soon closing with several H1 B employees leaving. Also two disgruntled employees have complaint about the abuse and exploitation of wage/hour rules and are demanding back wages. This company only works on a percentage basis and does not follow any DOL Wage /Hour laws. It will soon be asked to pay huge fines/ penalties.

      - 10/31/2017 - DOL Audit on UST Global found serious issues. Forget your GC and Forget H1b Extension. They have been ordered to pay millions on back wages. B1 visa violations going on.

B1 issue:
They call B1 visa candidates for6 months (I94 is for 6 months), they bill client $150- $200 per hr for his/her services. They pay candidate a daily allowance of $50-$75 per day. No one pay taxes as the candidate is said to be paid as expense reimbursement. Big Scam. America Looses. America looses a JOB, America looses Taxes and Knowledge, opportunity.

- flag
      - 11/1/2017 - Being a former employee, I also received a letter from DOL, asking few questions regarding my employment with UST Global. - flag

- HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE - - - 5/23/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment

- Life time experience - - johnmichael - 9/24/2016 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I worked for UST global and It's terrible and they never give privacy to employee. UST guys always shadow me. I never suggest you guys to work in UST global. In my carrier I worked for big clients but I never see these much waste company. You will get very less pay and you will get to much work.

- dont spoil your career life here at onsite - - - 4/22/2012 - flag as inappropriate - comment
I used work here at onsite and now moved out. The delivery managers and senior management do not stand by the values. They naturally lie to you about visa/GC processing. They would delay intentionally.
     Jincy - 9/8/2016 - Tis review is about EBS Minds and iEratech. Fraud companies.
I have lodged a complaint with uscis and Department of Labor in USA so that in future companies like EBSMINDS (www . ebsminds . c om/) and iERATECH does not flourish in USA . The culprits are Manmohan Akkavaram, Brijesh Vyas and Raghu MUTUKULA. All these 3 people are responsible for taking the money from me (USD 4000) for processing the H1B Visa. After they took the mopney , they have not moved my Visa further and refused to send me for H1B Visa stamping even thought the visa was picked in lottery and Approved. I hope they are investigated by USCIS and DOL and procescuted. I am ready to be a whisteblower and provide evidence in any court of law. Please contact me in India at +91 709319 8849

EBSMinds also goes by the name of ebs-minds IT inc, so beware of this fraud company
- flag

- visa team in ust - - - 11/30/2011 - flag as inappropriate - comment
The visa team in ust think that they are running the company and the if you have any onsite dream, please dont come to this company.

- Lousy - Run away!! - - - 5/22/2011 - flag as inappropriate - comment
A very good place for a stop-gap arrangement.
Bargain hard and you will get your desired package.
Always be aware that this is just an another glorified consultancy.

The support staff (Admin/HR...) think that they are doing a favour by performing their job.
The company is very much money minded. So be aware of your Project status.
No process followed. Ad-hoc decisions and complete unaccountability at many levels.

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Employer: Ust Global
Review Result: 1.0 out of 5 stars 6 votes

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