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H1B Visa Cap: Good News or Bad News?

US Employers filed 14% less H1B Visa petitions this year! 

As of June 24, USCIS received 28,700 H1B Visa petitions. One year ago(June 25, 2010), the number was 33,500. So there are still 56,300 H1B Visa available for fiscal year 2012. Please visit and bookmark our H1B Visa cap update page for more details. 

We all knew the bad news: the US economy is still not good, especially the job market. However, the good news is, there are still plenty of H1B Visa available, many more than last year! 

This actually is good news for an unfortunate reason. As a foreigner, you must be at least twice as good as your American competitors to start your career in United States. You become more competitive on the job market when the employers are cautions in hiring and only consider the best deal. However, if no more visas are available, they can do thing no matter how good you are and how much they like you! 

Another reason might be, US government is doing a better job in cracking down H1B Visa fraud. Do you still remember the old days when those consulting companies filed multiple H1B Visa petitions for one employee? 

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