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US to make 100,000 immigrants eligible for work visas without congress

The Department of Homeland Security(DHS) announced two new proposals to make 100,000 skilled immigrant workers eligible for work visas. It's the latest move toward changing immigration policy in lieu of Congress passing actual reform. 

The new rules will make work visas available to certain individuals whose H-1B spouses have already begun seeking permanent residence through their employer. It is estimated that approximately 97,000 H-1B spouses will be eligible to apply for employment authorization under this rule within the first year that it is enacted and then over 30,000 annually after that. 

The proposed rules will be published in the Federal Register and the public will be allowed to comment on them. This process typically takes about 60 days but DHS said "it is our intent to review the comments most expeditiously and publish the rule very quickly thereafter in light of its importance to American competitiveness and the growth of our economy." 

This proposed regulatory changes would also enhance opportunities for certain groups of highly-skilled and transitional workers by removing obstacles to their remaining in the United States. Click here to read full announcement 

The new rules will become effective within a couple of months, 
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