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Green Card Report: Top Law Firms

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RankLaw FirmGreen Card PetitionsAverage Salary
51Sidley Austin Llp241$143,987
52Ellis Porter, Plc237$110,170
53Deveer Consulting, Llc236$20,745
54Work Force Llc233$26,129
55Dehai Tao P.C.229$102,460
56Quarles Brady Llp225$145,261
56Duane Morris Llp225$114,008
58Global Immigration Partners, Inc221$122,976
59Kramer Levin Naftalis Frankel Llp219$167,792
59Immigration Law Group Llp219$152,358
61Reddy Neumann P.C.218$92,879
62Chugh Llp208$122,045
64Jackson Lewis P.C.197$135,659
65Cg Immigration Law, Llc193$24,577
66Goeschl Law Corporation192$157,375
67Ruby Law Group Llc185$28,452
68Brown Immigration Law P.C., L.L.O.184$179,402
68Graham Adair, Inc.184$128,896
70Fletcher Tilton P.C.181$114,617
71Shah And Kishore179$108,963
72Kurczaba Law Offices Pc178$56,025
73Zulkie Partners Llc176$130,641
74Experienced Associates Llc175$53,076
75Cg Immigration Law Llc173$24,860
76Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen, Loewy, Llp169$145,480
77Gibney, Anthony Flaherty Llp164$151,412
78Law Office Of Ning Gan162$175,196
78Law Offices Of Corey D. Boddie, Esq., Llc162$25,026
80Law Office Of Thomas V. Allen, Pllc.161$112,284
81Usa Workforce Solutions, Llc158$29,948
82Mccandlish Holton, Pc155$109,779
83Chun Fruto Law Corporation151$172,509
84The Law Offices Of Guillermo D. Uriarte148$22,598
85Kodem Law Firm Pllc147$95,769
86Somireddy Law Group Pllc145$114,273
87Kempster, Corcoran, Quiceno Lenzcalvo, Ltd141$117,293
87Kgi Law Firm Llc141$36,640
87Eua Na Real Llc141$24,814
90Roby Law Associates, Pllc139$110,244
90Shin And Associates, Pc139$26,932
92Minami Tamaki Llp136$182,269
93Gibney Anthony Flaherty Llp135$154,874
93Madan Saigal, Llc135$110,177
95Law Office Of Tae K. Song134$31,200
96Hammond Neal Moore Llc133$59,831
97Sharma Yaskhi Associates, Llp132$114,847
97Dickinson Wright Pllc132$110,039
99Landau, Hess, Simon, Choi Doebley129$131,465
99Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm129$115,529

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Note: To obtain employment based green card in United States, most foreign workers will have to go through 3 steps: 1). Permanent Labor Certification(ETA Form 9089), 2). Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker(Form I-140), 3). Adjust of Status to a permanent resident of the United States(Form I485).

The above report lists the top Law Firms who have filed the largest numbers of permanent labor certifications under PERM in fiscal year 2021. The Green Card Petitions on the report is the number of permanent labor certifications for Green Card filed under PERM. The number includes certified, withdrawn, denied and certified but withdrawn certifications. The Average Salary is the average proffered salary on ETA Form 9089.

A permanent labor certification issued by the Department of Labor (DOL) allows an employer to hire a foreign worker to work permanently in the United States. Once received (if required), the employer then files an Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, Form I-140, with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for the appropriate employment-based preference category.

The Department of Labor must certify to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that 1). there are no qualified Americian workers(U.S. Citizens or permanent residents) able, willing, qualified and available to accept the job at the prevailing wage for that occupation in the area of intended employment, 2) employment of the alien will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of similarly employed American workers, like U.S. citizents or permanent residents.

Sometimes the green card sponsors did not enter a specific salary on ETA Form 9089, but used a salary range with minimum and maximum salary. Our algorithm uses the middle point of the range to calculate the average salary. Please review the certification details to understand the salary range.

For example, the first three records on this report mean that in fiscal year 2021, 241 permanent labor certifications filed under PERM to National Processing Centers for Green Card were Sidley Austin Llp. The average salary of those 241 permanent labor certifications was $143,987. 237 permanent labor certifications filed under PERM to National Processing Centers for Green Card were Ellis Porter, Plc. The average salary of those 237 permanent labor certifications was $110,170. 236 permanent labor certifications filed under PERM to National Processing Centers for Green Card were Deveer Consulting, Llc. The average salary of those 236 permanent labor certifications was $20,745.