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RankJob TitleNumber of LCA *Average Salary
101Applications Consultant 2506$108,485
102Full Stack Developer505$104,439
103Applied Scientist Ii501$158,900
104Sr. Software Developer498$117,696
106Senior Business Analyst485$116,810
107Software Architect481$133,485
107User Interface Designer481$91,334
110Software Engineer 3476$145,383
112Civil Engineer475$75,517
113Design Engineer474$92,503
114Manufacturing Engineer473$93,480
115Business Intelligence Engineer Ii472$127,224
117Technical Test Lead - Us469$87,874
118Solutions Architect464$137,094
119Data Engineer Ii463$140,190
120Senior Developer458$126,826
121Test Engineer452$103,457
122Technical Project Manager445$110,382
123Senior Project Manager - Us444$125,528
124Sr Software Engineer432$155,353
124Industrial Engineer432$88,531
126Application Engineer431$122,320
128Market Research Analyst414$66,277
129Clinical Laboratory Scientist405$68,306
130Product Engineer398$112,412
131Data Scientist Ii396$138,847
132Technical Lead L1395$82,110
133Technology Architect - Us392$113,729
134Software Engineer I389$112,643
136Member Of Technical Staff383$165,244
137Site Reliability Engineer382$135,648
137Qa Analyst 382$87,689
139Computer Systems Engineer381$84,481
140Qa Engineer378$92,687
141Software Development Engineer - Applications 377$200,294
141Software Engineer 2377$120,973
143System Administrator376$98,601
144Staff Scientist373$84,697
145Research Assistant Professor 369$82,410
146Elementary School Teacher363$58,092
147Senior Manager Jc45 - Computer Systems Engineers/Architects359$131,670
147Senior Systems Engineer 359$131,393
149Clinical Assistant Professor357$177,984
150Lead Engineer353$116,961
The above report lists the top Job Titles submitted by US emplloyer in fiscal year 2023. The H1B Visa Petitions is the number of Labor Condition Application(LCA) for H1B Visa. . The number includes new, renew and transfer of LCA. The Average Salary is the average proffered salary on LCA or Form 9035. Sometimes the visa sponsors(employers) does not enter a specific salary, but a salary range. Our algorithm uses the middle point of the range to calculate the average salary.

For Example, the first record on this report means that in fiscal 2024 506 LCA submitted for H1B Visa are Applications Consultant 2. The average salary of those 506 LCA is $108,485.

*: The number of LCA includes renewed, transferred and cap-exempt LCA. Department of Labor(DOL) typically certifies more than 3 times the number of foreign work requests than the number of H-1B visas issued by USCIS.

A new LCA is needed if the foreigner worker changes his or her work location(even within the same state and same company), because the prevailing wage of the position depends on geographic location. However, if the new location is within the same Metropolitan Statistical Area or normal commuting distance, no new LCA is needed.