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syed pasha

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Career Profile

Degree: Bachelor's Degree
Career Level: Fully Competent
Occupation: Architecture and Engineering
Career Title: Electrical Engineers, Electronics Engineers, Except Computer, Engineers, All Other
Target Title: senior electrical engineer, electrical engineer
Target Locations: new york, NY , washington, DC , los angeles, CA
Skills: high rize building power system; LV/MV/HT panels; Facility management; Low current or ELV system; Industrial power system; Power distribution system; Automation; PLC; Autocad; Maximo; SAP; Internet & Email; MS office; LV/MV/HT panels shutdown projects; Hospital power system; International Airport security system; IT company power system; 3200MW powerplant; Shopping Mall power system; HVAC power system; Telecom power system;
Goal: Electrical and electronics engineering professional with 16+ years of experience in Construction,Design,Site Supervision,Inspection,Modification,Testing,Commissioning,Project Management,FM,Operation and Maintenance.Excellent in Effective Leadership Skills, Good at flexibility and adoptability,Excellent in proactive management style,Ability to handle the crises and willing to make decisions,Excellent Team Skills,Excellent Negotiation Skills,Excellent Time Management,Decision maker with good motivation skill.
HighLight: High rise building power system,LV/MV/HT panels,Facility management,Low current or ELV system,Industrial power system, Power distribution system,Automation,PLC,Autocad,Maximo,SAP,Internet & Email,MS office, LV/MV/HT panels shutdown projects, Hospital power system,International Airport security system,IT company power system,3200MW powerplant,Shopping Mall power system,HVAC power system,Telecom power system,etc.
Certification: Received certificate for completing project on “FPGA BASED MOV ENERGY DECODER FOR SERIES COMPENSATION” from BHEL Bangalore. Received certificate for attending workshop on “ENERGY AUDITS,COMMISSIONING/RETRO/ RE-COMMISSION ASPECTS OF NEW AND EXISTING BUILDINGS WITH CASE STUDIES” from ISHRAE,Bangalore.
syed pasha is senior electrical engineer, electrical engineer(Architecture and Engineering) from bangalore,karnataka India.


Pragathi bangalore, karnataka India
Industry: LV/MV/HT panels
03/2018 - current
Supervising installation, testing,commissioning,troubleshooting failures,shutdown maintenance, modification,inspect and preventive maintenance
*Supervising installation, testing,commissioning,troubleshooting failures,shutdown maintenance, modification,inspect and preventive maintenance of main LT panels,Control Panels,Fire Pump Panel,PLC panels,UPS panels,HT panels,DG sync panels,C&R panels,NGR panels,automation panels,automatic power factor correction panel,meter panel,utility panels,Busducts,PCC panels,LT kiosk panel,changeover panels,VFD bypass panels, ATS,fire suppression system *Experience in testing of earth leakage relay,earth fault relay,under voltage/over voltage relay,reverse power relay,restricted earth fault relay,master trip relay,differential relay,CT,PT,powerfactor controller,ammeter,voltmeter,energy meter,multi data meter,FDM,KWH meter,APFC capacitor/reactor,trip circuit supervision relay, Automatic change over switch,mechanical interlocks ,ETC. *Specialization in instrumentation and control system.Specialization in digital instruments and protective relays calibration.Supervising earth pit reconditioning and testing. Supervising wiring according to communication architecture. *I gain above experience while working in shutdown maintenance project in cisco,Infosys,GR tech park,Honeywell,VM ware,Salarpuria arena,prestige group,manipal hospital,microsoft and also testing,commissioning,installation project in Infosys,TCS,prestige group,ADOBE,VM ware,salarpuria sattva,SAP india,shoping malls,IT parks,sterlin & wilson.
ABB bangalore, karnataka India
Industry: power distribution Project
09/2013 - 03/2018
power distribution Project
*Supervising new transformer installation,shifting of transformer to load center,new intermediate pole erection,Extension of New 11 KV lines,Extension of New L.T. lines,restringing of existing LT lines. *Installation and commissioning of new RLMS box, earthing system installation,LT protection kit installation,Horngap fuse unit installation,AB switch installation,CBCT and Lightning arrestor installation. *Able to supervise engineers,electrician and wiremen.Preparation of Project Planning, scheduling and Monthly Progress Reports for electrical distribution projects.
zamil Rabigh, Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Industry: HVAC projects
07/2011 - 08/2013
HVAC power system in industrial project(BOSCH),powerplant project(SEC/PARSON BRINKHEROFF) and also multispeciality hospital project(ASTER) having more than 500 beds.
*Supervising installation,testing and commissioning of hvac chiller panel,vfd panel, lv switchgear,mcc panel,ddc panel,chemical dosing unit,auto ball tube cleaning system, vfd bypass panels,local control panel and disconnect switch. *Supervising VT test,PT test,relay test,meggering,hipot test,CT polarity test,milivolt drop test,contact resistance test,mechanical operation test,meter calibration,earth pit test,Primary injection test,IR/continuity test of control cable and power cable. *Supervising installation of hvac control devices like motorized fire damper actuator,flowswitch,temperature transmitter,moisture transmitter,pressure differential switch,pressure gauges,temperature gauges,motorized valves,etc. *Experience working on Package units, Split units, Window type A/C, water cooled chillers,fcu units,fan filter units,pressurization pumps,exhaust fans,fresh air fans,propeller fans,air cooled chillers,ahu,phe vfd panel,chilled water secondary vfd panel,chemical dosing unit,auto ball tube cleaning system,cooling tower,pumps,dol and star/delta starter with bms compatibility,vrv units,hiwall units and vfd bypass panels. *Supervising cabletray work and conduit installation work as per approved drawing.Supervising control cable and power cable laying/termination work as per approved cable schedule and cable interconnection diagram. *Take off Quantities from Autocad and Input into Excel.Evaluating tenders for construction or maintenance. Reviewing and also preparing electrical GA drawings,SLD and also schematic drawings using autocad.To follow up with vendors and consultants regarding Engineering activities. *I gain this above mentioned experience while working in industrial project(BOSCH),powerplant project(SEC/PARSON BRINKHEROFF) and also multispeciality hospital project(ASTER) having more than 500 beds.
ETISALAT Abudhabi, Abudhabi United Arab Emirates
Industry: Telecommunication
01/2009 - 06/2011
Telecom power system
*Installation,Testing and Commissioning of rectifier,UPS,diesel generators,LV panels,switchgears,capacitor banks,access control panel,cctv camera system,revolving door,aircraft warning light,AMF panels,battery banks,ac/dc powerplant,fire alarm system,fire fighting system, fire pumps,booster pumps,AC and DC power distribution boards etc. *Supervising preventive maintenance,AMC,shutdown maintenance,emergency maintenance and corrective maintenance of electrical equipment. *Worked in abudhabi international airport in facility management division in security system.Main duties are troubleshooting and maintenance of X-RAY machines(rapidscan make),VDGS(visual docking guidance system),cctv,metal detectors,conveyors etc. *Worked in abudhabi media company in 2454 studio of john buck international(JBI) facility management division and also worked in etisalat high rize building in abudhabi.Main duties are supervising of PM,CM,EM,CNTM of equipments like earthing system,fire fighting system,emergency lighting system,normal lighting system,fire alarm system,pdb,mdb,smdb,diesel generator,lighting relay panel,elevator,escalator,Q-management system,sliding door,revolving door,aircraft warning light,LT panels,earth pit reconditioning(normal and chemical) etc. *I have experience in creating workorders using maximo for PM,CM,EM,CNTM,PW.I attended training program of PDA.I have experience in supervising asset verification and barcoding work of electrical equipment by using PDA and uploading data into maximo.
IBC bangalore, karnataka India
Industry: Building construction
08/2005 - 01/2009
High rise building power system
*Supervise the installation, modification, testing and commissioning of SMDB,MDB,lighting panel,raw power panel,hvac panel,AC panel,UPS panel,lighting relay control panel, busbar riser,Main LT panel,DG sync panel,C&R panel,NGR panel,elevator and escalator,etc *Supervising cable laying and cable termination of lighting system,power system as per approved drawing. Experience working in BMS,water and sewage treatment plant(WTP/STP). *Managing the project operations with a view to ensure timely accomplishment of project targets within the time and cost parameters and also I am having experience in high rise building electrical power systems.


CPC bangalore, karnataka, India
01/1999 - 12/2001
Degree: Associate's Degree
Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Board of Technical Education passed out in the year 2002.
VTU bangalore, karnataka, India
01/2002 - 01/2005
Degree: Bachelor's Degree
B.E. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (NBA Accredited) from the Visweshwaraya Technological University passed out in the year 2005.

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