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U.S Wage Estimates by Occupations

By Bill at October 22, 2014 01:15
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In September 2014, average hourly earning of all U.S. employees on private nonfarm payrolls was $24.53, which was 47 cents higher than one year ago. But how about the salary levels of those professional occupations qualified for H1B visa? Based on a national survey of employers of every size, in every state and every industry sector, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics created the 2013 Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates. Following table is a summary of H1B related occupations. ... [More]

2013 National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates

By Bill at October 21, 2014 01:37
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The 2013 Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates are calculated from data collected in a national survey of employers. These estimates are cross-industry estimates; each occupation's employment and wage estimates are calculated from data collected from employers in all industry sectors. Self-employed persons are not included in the survey or estimates. Occupation codeOccupation title Employment Median hourly wageMean hourly wageAnnual mean wage 00-0000 All Occupa... [More]

2013 National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates(Occupation Group)

By Bill at October 21, 2014 01:33
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Data on occupational employment and wages are collected from employers of every size, in every state, in metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas, in all industry sectors. These estimates are cross-industry estimates. Self-employed persons are not included in the survey or estimates.   Occupation title Employment Median hourly wage Mean hourly wage Annual mean wage Management Occupations 6,542,950 $45.96 $53.15 $110,550 Business and Financial Operations... [More]

Surge of Hiring Cuts US Jobless Rate to Six-Year Low

By Bill at October 07, 2014 04:02
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U.S. employers added 248,000 new jobs in September, a burst of hiring that helped drive down the unemployment rate to 5.9 percent, the lowest since July 2008. Many economists consider an unemployment rate of 5.5% as a healthy level. [More]

US Unemployment Rates by Occupation, Gender and Age - September 2014

By Bill at October 07, 2014 01:24
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U.S. unemployment rate and unemployed persons(in thousands) by occupation and age in September. [More]

Follow visa sponsors of interest to you

By Bill at September 30, 2014 00:31
Filed Under: Tips and Features
Myvisajobs recently introduced a new feature that enables you to follow visa sponsors you are interested in. When you follow a visa sponsor on Myvisajobs, you can be notified when there are: - new job opportunities qualified for work visa - new labor condition applications filed for h1b visa - new labor certifications filed for green card - new reviews and comments posted by users - new visa job contacts added - new updates on company profiles It is pretty... [More]

Use Wage Determination Database to Find Job Opportunities

By Bill at September 10, 2014 00:24
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U.S. Immigration laws require that the wage offered to a foreign worker(PERM, H-1B, H-2B, E-3, etc.) must be the prevailing wage rate for the occupational classification in the area of employment. The employers can obtain this wage rate by submitting a request to the National Prevailing Wage Center (NPWC). [More]

Fall is the Peak Hiring Season in the US

By Bill at September 07, 2014 01:18
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In the US, recruiting and hiring is year round. However, the busiest hiring season is the autumn(Labor Day through Thanksgiving). It is very important that you update your career profile, resume and cover letters now! In September, decision makers are back from summer vacation. Hiring managers push for an increase to take advantage of remaining budget for the year. If they don't hire before January, they might lose the allocated funds for new employees. The slowest season for hiri... [More]

Office of Foreign Labor Released 2014 YTD Reports

By Bill at September 02, 2014 18:55
Filed Under: Immigration News, Visa Knowledge
We has just obtained from the Office of Foreign Labor Certification the most recent 2014 statistics sheets on H-1B visa, H-2A Visa, H-2B Visa, PERM and Prevailing Wage Determination.

The factsheets tell you the application status, case actions, top occupations, job locations and some other interesting statistics about all 5 labor programs. The cutoff dates of the reports were June 30, 2014. [More]

Student Visa and Work Authorization in United States‏‎

By Bill at August 21, 2014 21:36
Filed Under: Visa Knowledge
The F visa(Academic Student) and M visa (Vocational Student) are non-immigrant student visas that allow foreigners to pursue education (academic studies and/or language training programs) in the United States. [More]

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