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Our service commitment: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

By Bill at August 17, 2012 01:44
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Not satisfied with our premium services? Just ask for refund! was started by a group of immigrants in 2006. They all knew from their painful experience how difficult it was for foreigners to start new lives in the New World. They wanted to use their passion, experience and expertise to help others achieve American dream. 

Today, has become the largest employment web site for immigrants. It is able to provide most of its services free, because most revenue comes from advertisement and employers. However, to make ends meet, it still has to charge small amounts for some premium services. wants to make its services affordable by everyone, and everyone is 100% satisfied. So if you are not happy with the services, just ask for refund and the refund will be issued within one business day. 

Visa Job Can Not Be Guaranteed, Satisfaction Can! Please visit following links to better understand our services:
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  4. Refund Policy
  5. Resume Blasting Service

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