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D. Langley, Immigration Attorney
701 Green Valley Road, Suite 100, P.O. Box 3463 (27402), Greensboro, NC 27408
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Gerald GoulderGreensboro, NC0M
Dalmir GrewalGreensboro, NC0M
Jeanette PhelanWinston Salem, NC24.78M
Penni BradshawWinston Salem, NC24.78M
Kenneth Carlson Jr.Winston-Salem, NC25.55M
Penni BradshawWinston-Salem, NC25.55M
Nestor KatsoudasWinston-Salem, NC25.55M
Robert Maitland, IIChapel Hill, NC42.68M
Alice GloverChapel Hill, NC42.68M
Robert Maitland IIChapel Hill, NC42.68M
Lisa BrenmanChapel Hill, NC42.68M
Martha SouleDurham, NC50.86M

The above table lists immigration attorneys near the attorney office of D. Langley, sorted by distance. The distance is not walking distance or driving distance. It is the direct line distance on map calculated by longitude and latitude. The longitude and latitude are usually the center point of the city or zip code, not the exact location of the attorney office. So if two immigration attorneys locate in the same city or zip code, the distance between them might be reported as zero.

For example, Gerald Goulder is located at 3200 Northline Avenue, Suite 130 Greensboro, NC, 0 miles away from D. Langley. Jeanette Phelan is located at 100 North Cherry Street, Suite 300 Winston Salem, NC, 24.78 miles away from D. Langley. Kenneth Carlson Jr. is located at 150 South Stratford Road, Suite 350, P.O. Box 1708 Winston-Salem, NC, 25.55 miles away from D. Langley. Nestor Katsoudas is located at 1315 Westbrook Plaza Blvd. Suite 100 Winston-Salem, NC, 25.55 miles away from D. Langley. Alice Glover is located at 120 Providence Road, Suite 102 Chapel Hill, NC, 42.68 miles away from D. Langley. Lisa Brenman is located at Building 600, 1829 E. Franklin Street Chapel Hill, NC, 42.68 miles away from D. Langley.

If the above table does not have your attorney office listed or any immigration attorneys you believe should be listed, please Contact Us to Add Immigration Attorney.

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