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David Bliven, Immigration Attorney
90-50 Parsons Boulevard, Suite 401C, Jamaica, NY 11432
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- Charges for phone calls - - Queens Divorcee - 4/23/2012 3:42:09 PM
Very expensive. I almost used him. The thing that got me was he charges for telephone calls. The only number he gave me was his cell phone and he charged by the minute. At the time he didn't have a secretary so the only way to reach him was by cell phone. He sent me a bill for charges. I eventually found someone else. He might be good, but I have never had an attorney charge for a phone call during regular business hours and I was returning his call. I was just going through divorce and lost my job. Found him via a Queens New York Bar Association referral. Like I said he might be good, but he's all about the money and I have since another attorney who doesn't charge for phone calls.

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