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94 Willis Avenue, Mineola, NY 11501
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- A Sham Operation Ran By A Fraud - - Charles B - 6/4/2017 11:17:05 AM
Henry Lung is irresponsible, unethical, unprofessional, and not trustworthy. His office is a mess with piles of client files laying around on the floor, and if you ask him for a document, he will make you wait until he or one of his secretaries can find it in the mess. He is not committed to any consistent schedule and his work product is rushed and sloppy. He wears basketball shorts and t-shirts to work on the days he does come in, and he regularly meets with clients in said attire. He has even misses court appearances with no legitimate excuse. He boasts about working long nights, but that is only consequent of his inability to manage and complete work. His court filings are often rejected, and I am convinced he has very little knowledge of criminal, immigration, business, torts, and civil law. His practice is a mockery of America's judicial system - a sheer exploitation. If you have a SERIOUS law suit, do not go to Henry Lung. This is the office where great law suits come to get delayed and post-poned until a real law firm takes over. I regret ever doing business with this firm - it cost me THOUSANDS of dollars before I realized what I was dealing with and I am still trying to recoup. Finally, Henry Lung's standing with the New York State BAR Committee for registered attorneys is poor due to NUMEROUS SANCTIONS for a variety of ethical violations. I anticipate Henry Lung will beg to differ- that the Court transcript doesn't match what he really did - and this is completely false. Do not be fooled by this professional con artist. He lent his notary stamp to debt collectors who ran off with client funds, and denied all accountability for his negligence. It is remarkable someone like him can still practice law, and it leaves little faith for those aspiring to practice. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS ENTITY.

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