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John Lindsey, Immigration Attorney
Suite 200, Generation Plaza, 1822 N.C. Highway 54 East, P.O. Drawer 12218, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2218
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Martha SouleDurham, NC2.65M
Kevin ButterfieldDurham, NC2.65M
Robert Maitland, IIChapel Hill, NC10.91M
Alice GloverChapel Hill, NC10.91M
Robert Maitland IIChapel Hill, NC10.91M
Lisa BrenmanChapel Hill, NC10.91M
Nicola Ai Ling PrallCary, NC12.77M
Jorgelina AranedaCary, NC12.77M
Sarah FordRaleigh, NC16.8M
Andrew BrauerRaleigh, NC16.8M
Laura EdgertonRaleigh, NC16.8M
Arthur SerratelliRaleigh, NC16.8M

The above table lists immigration attorneys near the attorney office of John Lindsey, sorted by distance. The distance is not walking distance or driving distance. It is the direct line distance on map calculated by longitude and latitude. The longitude and latitude are usually the center point of the city or zip code, not the exact location of the attorney office. So if two immigration attorneys locate in the same city or zip code, the distance between them might be reported as zero.

For example, Martha Soule is located at 3511 Shannon Road, Suite 200 Durham, NC, 2.65 miles away from John Lindsey. Robert Maitland, II is located at Maitland Law Building 2 Couch Road Chapel Hill, NC, 10.91 miles away from John Lindsey. Robert Maitland II is located at 214 West Cameron Avenue Chapel Hill, NC, 10.91 miles away from John Lindsey. Nicola Ai Ling Prall is located at 1400 Crescent Green, Suite 320 Cary, NC, 12.77 miles away from John Lindsey. Sarah Ford is located at Wachovia Capitol Center 150 Fayetteville Street, Suite 1400 P.O. Box 389 Raleigh, NC, 16.8 miles away from John Lindsey. Laura Edgerton is located at Capital Bank Building 333 Fayetteville Street, Suite 500 Raleigh, NC, 16.8 miles away from John Lindsey.

If the above table does not have your attorney office listed or any immigration attorneys you believe should be listed, please Contact Us to Add Immigration Attorney.

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