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Julie Mullaney, Immigration Attorney
69 South Moger Avenue, Suite 204, Mount Kisco, NY 10549
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Gustavo VilaYorktown Heights, NY7.05M
Amanda MarreroHawthorne, NY8.59M
Richard AltmanHawthorne, NY8.59M
Jay ShermanElmsford, NY11.01M
Karyn SchillerWhite Plains, NY11.96M
Susan HennerWhite Plains, NY11.96M
Donald WolfsonWhite Plains, NY11.96M
Harry KaufmanWhite Plains, NY11.96M
Louis MeltzWhite Plains, NY11.96M
Theresa MurphyWhite Plains, NY11.96M
Robin BikkalWhite Plains, NY11.96M
Annie WangWhite Plains, NY11.96M

The above table lists immigration attorneys near the attorney office of Julie Mullaney, sorted by distance. The distance is not walking distance or driving distance. It is the direct line distance on map calculated by longitude and latitude. The longitude and latitude are usually the center point of the city or zip code, not the exact location of the attorney office. So if two immigration attorneys locate in the same city or zip code, the distance between them might be reported as zero.

For example, Gustavo Vila is located at 1820 Commerce Street Yorktown Heights, NY, 7.05 miles away from Julie Mullaney. Richard Altman is located at 151 Broadway Hawthorne, NY, 8.59 miles away from Julie Mullaney. Karyn Schiller is located at 151 East Post Road White Plains, NY, 11.96 miles away from Julie Mullaney. Donald Wolfson is located at 399 Knollwood Road, North White Plains Station, P.O. Box 307 White Plains, NY, 11.96 miles away from Julie Mullaney. Louis Meltz is located at The Westchester Financial Center, 11 Martine Avenue, Suite 1450 White Plains, NY, 11.96 miles away from Julie Mullaney. Robin Bikkal is located at 81 Main Street, Suite 300 White Plains, NY, 11.96 miles away from Julie Mullaney.

If the above table does not have your attorney office listed or any immigration attorneys you believe should be listed, please Contact Us to Add Immigration Attorney.

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